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Share this Rating. Title: What Did Zoey Say? (2015- ). Zoey buried her emotions for Chase in a time pill video for varsity that he may watch in 10 years. Luckily for him, his friend Michael saved track of time and retrieved the DVD to let him know Zoey's true feelings.Zoey mentioned, recognising her. She recognised the dirty Santa guy too, although his beard and his tummy were a lot smaller within the photo. What did you bring to mind the primary chapter? If you are taking part in it, please don't disregard to click the star to vote :) Continue studying subsequent part.Part 2 **FAN FICTION** Upload, share, download and embed your movies. Watch top rate and reliable movies loose on-line. Download (*2*) Of Videos Online. The latest track movies, brief movies, tv displays, humorous and excessive videos. Discover our featured content.What Did Zoey Say? (from Dan (*2*)) Подробнее. Top 10 Unforgettable Zoey & Chase Moments on Zoey one hundred and one Подробнее. What Did Zoey Say? Part 2-- Sean Flynn (Chase) Shows Support for UCLA Student Elections Подробнее.What Did Zoey Say? (from Dan Schneider). 10 years in the past, Zoey buried her emotions for Chase in the PCA Time Capsule. Today, precisely 10 years later, we be told what Zoey

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So what did Zoey say? "And now, I wanna inform you about one of the particular folks I've ever met. His title is Chase Matthews. 'Justice League' Investigator Says Walter Hamada Did Not Interfere as WarnerMedia Defends Exec From Ray Fisher Allegations.what did zoey say? time capsule. 10 years later. Zoey one zero one backstage with Kyle Massey. added via Sazza. Here is a backstage part with michael speaking about his Kiss with lisa."what was that mark" zoey said abruptly keeping directly to marks arm "it's just an owl you don't have to get scared" "ohh okay" "you know your stronger than you look" "why do you say that" "because your squishing my arm" "ohh I'm sorry I got a little scared" mentioned zoey leting cross of his heat arm "its good enough you.What Did Zoey Say From Dan Schneider. Gta 5 Online Trolling Car Meet S 1 Part 1. Кавер Выше Головы Полины Гагариной By Artemy. Музика Ишки Сиеху Сафед.

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Last September, Zoey 101 creator Dan Schneider gave enthusiasts the solution to the query they have been ready 10 years for: What did Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) say in her time capsule video? In a video uploaded to YouTube titled "What Did Zoey Say?," lovers were given to meet up with Chase...10 years ago, Zoey buried her emotions for Chase in the PCA Time Capsule. Today, precisely 10 years later, we be told what Zoey mentioned :).Are we ever going to determine what Zoey mentioned a few Chase in the time pill?? #WhatDidZoeySay. i am taking it upon myself to remind everyone that we still have not gotten part two of #whatdidzoeysay & i will be able to't be the only one that's upset https...Published on Sep 18, 2015 10 years ago, Zoey buried her feelings for Chase within the PCA Time Capsule. Today, precisely 10 years later, we be told what Zoey stated5.1 What Did Zoey Say? Part 2. 6 (*2*) Reboot. 7 Banda sonora. El 4 de mayo de 2016, mediante los angeles cuenta de YouTube de Sara Zaghi, fue subida l. a. segunda parte de What Did Zoey Say?, donde Chase aparece en PCA buscando a Zoey mientras pregunta a los residentes.[10] Finalmente...

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ZOEY [Featured Story] - I - Page 2

'Lisa! Mark? Open Up!' The hammering started again, and the person mentioned some angry-sounding words that Zoey did not understand. 'I'm coming in, k?'

There was once silence for a second, then the spoil of breaking glass. Zoey knew that was once a foul sound. Once, Daddy had dropped certainly one of Mummy's favorite glasses and it sounded similar to that. Mummy had shouted at Daddy, after which Daddy shouted again at Mummy, after which they didn't talk to one another for a very long time. She were very anxious then, too, but this time it used to be worse.

The entrance door clicked, then flew open with a bang, and heavy boots had been stomping through the house. Zoey hid in the back of the curtain.


The footsteps went right down to Mummy's room and stopped. It used to be quiet for a while. Then came an extended scream, like a dog's howl blended with a bear's roar, and Zoey drew the curtain tightly round her as her insides trembled.

Something crashed. It appeared like the man had picked up a chair and used to be slamming it time and again into the walls and floor, shouting with each crash. 'Son. Of. A...' The remaining word was drowned out by a terrible shattering, as he threw something in the course of the large window in Mummy's room.

Zoey scrunched her eyes closed and pressed her palms to her ears. For some time it used to be quiet again, but when she lowered her palms, she could hear an occasional loud sniff or a sob.

'Nooo!' The man shouted, taking to himself once more. 'I may not do it! Not once more! Not Lisa...'

The bed room door clicked gently close, and the footsteps came back off the corridor in opposition to her. She used to be most effective partly concealed by way of the curtain when the person entered the room, but he nonetheless did not see her. His steps have been gradual and his eyes solid to the ground.

Zoey concept he seemed like a grimy Santa Claus, wearing black. He wore a leather vest over a stained, white t-shirt that had an image of a cranium on it and was stretched to its prohibit over his bulging belly. His palms were thick, bushy, and coated with drawings, and while Santa's beard was fluffy and white, this guy's was once a greyish brown and looked as scratchy as steel wool.

The guy leaned his again towards the wall and slid closely right down to the carpet where he pressed his head in opposition to his raised knees.

Zoey stood and watched him for a long time. She nonetheless didn't know who he was once, but come what may he didn't seem as scary anymore. His body shook silently as he wept.

Slowly, she stepped out from behind the curtain, and felt round for Hopkins, while retaining her eyes at the dirty Santa. She took a couple of steps towards him, but he didn't glance up. It was once handiest when she was once proper beside him that he gave the impression to understand her. When he raised his head to take a look at her, his face was expressionless. Slowly, slowly, a glance of confusion washed over him. It used to be sooner or later changed by means of realisation and his body perceived to slump down further.

Zoey held Hopkins out to the man. When she used to be feeling unhappy, Hopkins may at all times help to cheer her up. The man took the rabbit and grew to become his puffy, bloodshot eyes from it to her and again once more. Then he stated another phrase that Zoey did not understand.

'You must be Zoey,' he stated. 'You've grown a little bit since I saw you last. Heck, you had been just a few days old then.'

Zoey stared back at him with her large, dark eyes.

'I'm your uncle Barry, however everybody calls me Bear. You can too, I assume.'

He held out an enormous, brown hand for her to shake, however she just endured to stare at him until he reduced it once more.

'Guess your mum instructed you not to talk to strangers. Good lady. Here, let me display you something.'

He leaned to one facet and pulled his pockets out of his back pocket. From the distance in the center, he took a small, folded photo.

'See, that is me, and your mum, and your uncle Jay.' He tapped the picture a couple of occasions.

'Mummy...' Zoey stated, recognising her. She recognised the grimy Santa guy too, even though his beard and his tummy were much smaller within the picture. Standing between them, with an arm draped around each of their necks was another guy. He was even larger than this guy, but his face was once most commonly hidden by way of the white, crumbling fold down the center.

She regarded up at Bear. She did not know what 'uncle' meant, however he knew her Mummy, and he seemed nice.

'I'm hungry,' she mentioned.

Bear smiled and passed Hopkins back to her.

'Are ya? Me too. Let's see what we can find, eh?'

With one remaining nice sniff, and really extensive effort, he stood up. As he started to walk to the kitchen, Zoey spoke up again.

'Do we need to...cross now? Mummy mentioned...it was once almost time to move.'

Bear stopped in his tracks, and his head drooped again. He shook it, sadly.

'You're smart, just like Lisa. That's right, little miss. We'll pass quickly, however let's consume one thing first, ok?'

Zoey nodded and followed him into the kitchen.


'Sorry, I haven't got a kiddie seat or anything else,' Bear stated as he stuffed handfuls of her clothes into the pouches on the aspect of the motorbike. Then he hoisted her onto the seat. Shiny handlebars stretched over her head just like the tusks of a silver elephant. The plastic clip of her red motorbike helmet pressed uncomfortably into her chin, however she didn't bitch.

The motorbike dipped as he reduced his weight onto it. He placed a sofa cushion between them for her to lean in opposition to. 'Comfy?' he asked her.

She nodded and squeezed Hopkins tightly in opposition to her chest.

'Let's see...seat belt...' He squirmed at the back of her, doing away with his belt, which he then wrapped around her waist and threaded again in the course of the loops at the entrance of his jeans. Zoey was once pulled again somewhat into the cushion as he secured the buckle.

'This'll must do for now,' Bear mumbled. 'Stevo's Road King has a side automobile...not too a ways...should make it. Would've been better to stick right here till morning, but by then Lisa might be...'

He sniffed once more as he appeared up at the house. Then he switched one thing on the side of the bike and became the key. The engine roared to lifestyles.

Zoey had forgotten how loud it used to be, and the shock nearly sent her tumbling off onto the lawn, however the belt and considered one of Bear's large, furry palms held her there.

The motorbike rolled slowly backwards as he walked it down the driveway and into the street. Zoey's eyes never left her house. Fragments of glass at the ground outdoor her parents' bedroom twinkled because the headlight swept across the garden.

Mummy got here to the window and watched them go. She appeared to be smiling, clicking her teeth together slowly, and jerking her head up every so often. She wobbled from side to side the way she every now and then did when she was once getting 'juiced' as Daddy known as it. Zoey had tried Mummy's juice one day when Mummy fell asleep and left a tumbler at the coffee table. It gave her a headache and made her feel very sleepy, so she may just perceive why Mummy was always taking naps right through the day.

Zoey wanted to jump down and run to her side, but she knew she could not do this. Mummy was once all the time cranky when she woke up from her naps, so instead Zoey simply raised her hand and waved. Mummy did not wave again.

Bear swung the motorbike slowly out into the road, threading his approach throughout the abandoned cars, as they broke their means, rumbling and stuttering, in the course of the silent streets.

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