Makro:/dismount [mounted]/wirken Erschütternder Schuss/stopattack/stopattack/benutzen GoblingleiterbausatzBan'Thalos, is it phased? Unread post by means of Tsaikojen » Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:22 am Was flying around Hyjal on the lookout for this man on my hunter, who has done not one of the 4.2 quests.Tried to tame ban'thalos, by accident one-shotted him Sorry if this is not allowed, I figured this would fall under the one-personal-post-per-week rule, however be at liberty to delete it if it's in opposition to. Anyway, as a level one hundred BM hunter, I tried to tame Ban'Thalos, the spectral owl rare spawn flying above mount Hyjal.ESPN+ is the new home of the Bundesliga. Stream every unmarried match this season. More than three hundred top-flight German football suits on ESPN+Ban'thalos is one of the many challenge tames added again in patch 4.2. This stage 85 spirit beast will also be found in Hyjal, circling prime above the Sanctuary of Malorne (round 28,62). The challenge to this tame is the sheer height Ban'thalos spawns at. You want to be able to get aggro and land on solid flooring with out killing your self.

Ban'Thalos, is it phased? - WoW Petopia Community

Hello hunters, I come searching for assist in taming Ban'thalos. Been tenting for days an will have to stay lacking him. Is anyone able to lend a hand see if he's up on their realms? Ban'thalos. Classes. Hunter. Maronax-draenor July 3, 2020, 5:03pm #1. Hello hunters, I come looking for lend a hand in taming Ban'thalos. Been tenting for days an must stay missing him.Ban'thalos also confirmed up for me having carried out the similar quests. Be aware of the elementals when positioning your self for the tame, it's not simple being bare if they aggro. Comment by way of ellymae58 Just tamed her on Kilrogg (US), roughly 4:30 p.m. server time.-Ban'thalos is an extraordinary spawn Spirit Beast Owl that spawns each and every 12 hours with an extra 1 second to 5 mins in Mount Hyjal, Kalimdor. He is one of the most popular spirit beasts that has cool effects on his frame.Ban'Thalos is without doubt one of the new "Challenge Tames" introduced in patch 4.2, and it has the added benefit of being a spirit beast, making it best available to BM specced hunters. Ban'Thalos is among the maximum desirable Spirit Beasts on my realm, and is the favorite of my collection.

Ban'Thalos, is it phased? - WoW Petopia Community

Tried to tame ban'thalos, accidentally one-shotted him : wow

banthalos articles, tales, news and information.Ban'thalos is a degree 32-37 Rare creature in the Spirit Beast circle of relatives. It will also be tamed via hunters. Location & Notes: Located in Mount Hyjal. Flies very, very high. Image courtesy of Sasrei.Der Titel sagt alles :)Stimmen: Dirk, AndyBan-thalos. Patch 4.2: Skarr and Karkin are hunters' newest pet taming demanding situations. By M. McCurley, 06.09.2011. Twitter Facebook Reddit Mail. Share. Patch 4.2 New Hunter Pets: All 8 rares found.Ban'thalos Beast (Spirit Beast) Level ?? (Rare) Reaction: A H. Additional Information. Drops (1) Casts (1) Comments; Screenshots; Name Level Req. Level Slot % Crystalline Tear of Loyalty: 1: 99% out of 329 Social Media

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I've finished this a couple of occasions. I thought I would percentage my means for anyone who needs it.

At max level you're going to one shot this Spirit beast chicken. The very first thing it's important to do is take off your whole armor and the rest that may hurt the chook. Kill yourself. The debuff reduces your entire stats and your damage. Have a puppy with you that can solid the updraft talent. Its a gradual fall impact. use a low level weapon. You can find them at the public sale house. I used a level 19 white gun I discovered. Stand on the mountain behind this bird and cast the updraft ability on your self. push aside that puppy. Mount up and fly against Ban’thalos.6 . dismount in the air with reference to Ban’thalos and attack it with the low level gun or bow you purchased. You have to try this while the res in poor health is lively and whilst the updraft ability continues to be on you. You can stay in battle and keep attacking all of the approach to the ground. Once on the flooring simply tame as standard.

Easier approach:

/who hyjal invite some random activate birthday party sync procee as writeen above

Another manner: I consider the usage of an previous macro via Garwulf from the Huntsman’s Lodge.

/dismount/forged Concussive Shot/stopattack/stopattack/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Dismount next to Ban’thalos. Hit him with Concussive Shot. Fall against floor and hit disengage earlier than touchdown. Cast Tame Beast.

What Razzia stated EXCEPT get bare and throw a fruit basket at him. It grabs aggro and does no injury. Disengage sooner than impact; tame as commonplace. Works best to take hold of aggro near the hills so less falling distance. If cross to low level will drop aggro when get to ground because pulled too a ways.

The most effective explanation why to get bare is to insure not anything procs out of your armor.

Get bare and throw a fruit basket! That’s hilarious (and effective).

Did they alter it the place you cant simply stand on the tree anymore until he’s in range?

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