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Shihan Van Clief poet/copywriter . About. Events. A multi-faceted creator/presenter with excellent interpersonal and communique skills. I've been rebranding the tales of purchasers for over two decades with innovative ideas, ingenious solutions and innovative methods. I'm constructed to reinforce.Shihan - In Response If there's ever a time you can't find me do not be concerned I'm doing alright I'm almost definitely hiding out someplace counting my blessings mumbling...Shihan The Poet. 10,423 likes · Three talking about this. This page was once set as much as display the enthusiasts of the poet, Shihan, most often identified from HBO's Def Poetry. For the previous 15 years, Shihan has been...Please subscribe to our channel for updates on extra updates on more Videos and likewise follow our discussions on the following social networks:http://www.twitt...The poems in the closing 3rd of this book focus at once on Nye's Palestinian American heritage, as the poet tours the Mideast, inquisitive and pissed off. Drawn from three previous collections, this selection coincides with the newsletter of Red Suitcase, a volume of recent work (BOA Editions, 1994).

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Naomi Shihab Nye was once born on March 12, 1952, in St. Louis, Missouri, to a Palestinian father and an American mother. During her high school years, she lived in Ramallah in Palestine, the Old City in Jerusalem, and San Antonio, Texas, the place she later received her BA in English and global religionsShihan from Def Poetry Jam.Shihan. Produced through Def Jam Poetry. Flashy Words Lyrics. So I closed my eyes and I recited this poem To an target audience of 1 and found general gratification and my undivided attentionShihan is a poet first and an emcee 2d, and The Poet is modeled to mirror that. Low-end production evenly helps Shihan as he champions the 'go back of the phrase'. With few exceptions, The...

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Shihan was once also a core poet at the Grand Marnier backed Slamamerica Bus Tour which toured 30 cities in 30 days. He's been featured all through the United States together with the 2000 Tony Awards after show in NYC and the #1 rated show on Oprah's Oxygen Media ' As She Sees It.' Shihan has been featured all 5 seasons on Russell Simmons items5,142 Followers, 231 Following, 1,061 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Shihan Van Clief (@therealshihan)Shihan, who is a husband and father of 2, has worked with stars corresponding to boyband 'N Sync and has been featured on HBO's "Def Poetry," Oxygen Network and NBC. The poet began writing and acting as a full-time task in 1997 after deciding to visit faculty and develop into a instructor.Groove Gravy Records is proud to provide Shihans legitimate commercial debut "The Poet." The album consists of material that took over Three years to document. 15 tracks shifting from conventional hip-hop to acapela poetry, with Four logo new gemstones, produced via Jazzelicious, including a collaboration with legendary electronica chameleon Ursula Rucker.Shihan. Father's Day Lyrics. But this isn't about poetry or sounding prolific It's about a black man's delight in a global Trying to make things tougher than they already are for him

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The first few instances that I sat down to put in writing this evaluate I felt uneasy about it. All the phrases I’d put down felt awkward, and I couldn’t pin-point what it was once that felt different about Def Poet Shihan’s debut album. The album’s identification used to be escaping me.

What it comes down to is that it’s difficult to judge The Poet within the conventional strictures of hip-hop. Artists with a poetic background like Shihan have an absolutely different strategy to tune than the likes of Kanye, Jay-Z, and even ‘conscious hip-hoppers’ like The Perceptionists. For Shihan, his lyrics are the real art of his work, and are supposed to stand-out so transparent that the track that surrounds them is rendered useless.

That’s not to say that lyrics don't have any significance to any of the artists I previously mentioned, however their work comes from different mindsets. The wide majority of hip-hop artists collect their paintings as a total package deal, with their rhymes working in cohesion with the DJ or producer that supports them. The inventive wonderful thing about an album like A Tribe Called Qwest’s Low-End Theory is not reduced in this sense — simply constructed on a distinct frame.

Shihan is a poet first and an emcee 2d, and The Poet is modeled to replicate that. Low-end production frivolously helps Shihan as he champions the ‘return of the word’. With few exceptions, The Poet carries an excessively organic and free-form really feel to it. Shihan’s make stronger comes principally within the type of beat-boxing, jazz horns, are living percussion, or delicate backup singing, developing a steady and unobtrusive surroundings that provides his phrases room to polish across the 43-minute lengthy album. The feminine vocals and soft percussion on The Poet’s final monitor, “Follow Me”, are an excellent example of this. The vocals create a satin-smooth mattress for Shihan’s lyrics to lie on, providing strengthen where it’s needed and backing out when important.

His lyrics are thoughtful and unpretentious; making a verbal landscape that drips with sincerity and is refreshingly freed from any calls for hip-hop’s rescue from no matter intangible drive that is apparently always pummeling it into submission. The similar sincerity may be the one thing that works in opposition to the album from time to time. Pitted in opposition to tracks with more pronounced and bombastic production like “Give It to Me”, Shihan’s voice sounds awkward and out of its part.

Conversely, the album sports a number of spoken word tracks where Shihan’s poetic background is showcased. “Auction Network” is a satirical jab at stereotypes of African-American tradition and behaviour the place Shihan advertises the sale of a “premium five foot ten young negro greenback brought to you by way of any-ghetto U.S.A.” The spoken word tracks no longer best lend a more private, intimate really feel to the album, but are also a pleasant alternative to using skits to break up a record.

More regularly than no longer, poets that try to add the element of track to their paintings find themselves knee-deep in an experiment that culminates in a product that presentations them to be obviously out in their league. It’s refreshing to look an artist with the herbal rhythm and float to his work that can go beyond creative obstacles whilst closing efficient. While now not best, Shihan’s debut is a daring step forward for the younger poet, and an uplifting change to the hegemonic standards in the realm of ‘mindful hip-hop’ lately.

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Shihan Poems

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Shihan Poems : shihan, poems, Shihan

Shihan Poems

Shihan Poems : shihan, poems, Shihan, Poems

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Shihan Van Clief On Twitter: "These Are The Dopest Group Poems Ever #Aolani #Sy #Ever I Made Them With My Wife #Elsie Http://"

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Jan. 10 - 7 PM - Slam Poetry- Shihan The Poet — Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU) – 2011-12-07

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