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I used to be driving on Morningside Avenue ultimate Thursday after I spotted huge red blocks painted along the curb lane in several sections north of Kingston Road, that weren't there earlier in the week.Submit a request for Driveway Red Zone. Report illegally painted Color Curb. Driveway Red Zone, for extra clearance next to driveway curb cuts. Driveway red zones are put in subsequent to active driveways to provide additional clearance for cars getting access to an off-street parking zone.Knowing the which means of different colored curb zones is crucial part to being a responsible driving force. And, as with any rules of the road, it's critical that you just no longer simplest know the curb zone rules, but apply them as neatly.If you park in entrance of a curb that you are not allowed to park in entrance of, you may block get right of entry to for other drivers who are entitled to that spot, maximum notably emergency vehicles.A curb painted red means: A) Parking is for emergency vehicles simplest B) Parking is for disabled individuals most effective C) Stopping or parking is not allowed (except for buses)Color Curb Hearings Public hearings are held once a month at City Hall to legislate the set up of new Color Curb Zones or make adjustments to existing ones. The zones most often really helpful for this process are blue, green, white and yellow.

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A red painted curb means that you are not allowed to forestall, stand, or park within the area. It could also be a hearth zone, for example. Again, the precise laws can vary based in town or town. Other parking rules to rememberA curb painted red means you cannot park OR forestall there, despite the fact that you're in the automobile when it is working. I've won a parking price ticket for dropping any individual off at a red curb (unknowingly) - it was once recorded from the digital camera on a parking enforcement automobile from 50 yards behind me. I did not know until it arrived within the mail a month later.Red curbs are in most cases reserved for emergency vehicles and are incessantly found in front of fireplace hydrants. What does it imply when a curb is painted white? A white painted curb means no preventing, standing or parking for any objective as opposed to loading or unloading passengers, which shall no longer exceed 3 mins; 4.Red zones are most often for emergency automobiles simplest, in addition to hearth hydrants. You can not park in front or, or block, a hearth hydrant. Buses might prevent at a red curb if it is marked OK for buses to

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So even if the curb is not painted, the indicators are what it's important to obey. Example: the curb in front oif a fire hydrant is in most cases painted red (or some colour of red). It means that you can not parkRules of the Road Colored Curb ParkingCurbs painted in red mean that there is no stopping, status, or parking at all. These are steadily fireplace lanes, but they do not have to be a hearth lane to be red. Buses are the one car that's allowed to prevent at red zones marked in particular for buses. Click to peer complete solutionWhat does it mean when a curb is painted red? It is a red zone and is used for fireplace trucks in using an emergency. Parking in one is highly illegal and you'll be able to get a pricey price ticket, so steer clear of...A white curb can mean a number of issues comparable to a: Passenger Load/Unload Zone: This is one of those load zone that gives a place to load and sell off passengers for adjacent dwellings and companies. These are intended for quick passenger drop-offs and pick-ups, and will have to no longer be used for loading or unloading pieces from a vehicle.

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To observe for a brand new Color Curb Zone (Driveway Red Zones, Blue, Green, White or Yellow zones) please practice probably the most corresponding hyperlinks underneath.  Please remember that requests for Driveway Red Zones (including previously painted) in addition to Green and White Zones require application and installation charges.  All applications as opposed to for Blue and Yellow Zones are reviewed or treated most effective after the applying charges were won. Application fees are non-refundable as they're going to quilt the cost of the survey review and legislature (if needed). Site surveys are performed within 30 days and candidates are notified by way of mail or email about the recommendation, please electronic mail [email protected] if in case you have not gained any correspondence 30 days after the appliance fee has been paid. Please make sure you perceive the aim of every zone as well as the overall standards for setting up them. Please email [email protected] in case you have a novel situation that isn't covered below, before you submit the your utility. 

Online Payment:  Credit/Debit Card and/or Electronic Checking Account simplest (If you do not have on-line fee accessibilty, please consult with SFMTA - Color Curb Program at 1 South Van Ness, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA  94103 and whole an utility form and post along with cost.  We can take both non-public test, cashier's check, and/or cash order as an alternative cost method).  Current price agenda effective January 5, 2021 thru June 30, 2021

Submit a request for Blue, Green, White or Yellow Color Curbs.

Submit a request for Driveway Red Zone.

Report illegally painted Color Curb.

Driveway Red Zone, for additional clearance next to driveway curb cuts.

Driveway red zones are installed subsequent to energetic driveways to supply further clearance for automobiles getting access to an off-street parking lot. They are generally 2-foot long and installed on each facet of the driveway, except there are overriding cases.  Please remember that requests for Driveway Red Zones require software and installation fees. Some Driveway Red Zones will not be approved for numerous causes, including, but now not limited to: the loss of respectable parking spaces (for instance, the place a 15-feet to 19-feet space exists between driveways on streets with parallel parking) or over-wide, abandoned, broken or improperly built driveways. Because software charges are non-refundable, assessing your particular driveway prior to making use of for driveway red zones is advised. Why a Driveway Red Zone may be denied. Each site is surveyed inside of 30 days after the applying fee is paid. The surveyor recommendation is shipped to the applicant along with the paint fee invoice. Please make sure you learn and perceive the description of the proposed Driveway Red Zone -- by way of filing your paint price cost you agree to paint the zone precisely as described. Please you'll want to agree to additional conditions of approval if they are integrated with the advice.

  Application Fee Paint Fee Red Zone 0 for one or two adjacent driveways 5 per each 6-foot increment The software charge is due with the applying for the red zone even if a red zone has been paid at this location prior to now. The paint rate is due only when and if the appliance has been authorized, please don't combine it with the appliance rate, you are going to be invoiced for the paint rate one by one. Repaints for driveway red zones are treated as a brand new request; software fees and paint fees are required every time. Driveway Red Zones software fees don't seem to be required in spaces with metered parking.

Submit a Driveway Red Zone request.

White Zones, Passenger Loading Only

A white zone is for passenger loading and unloading most effective, now not exceeding 5 minutes. The efficient time of white zones range and are indicated by indicators or by way of stencils at the curb. The driver must stay with the vehicle all the time (limited exceptions practice at preschools and hospitals).

White zones are now not meant for personal parking. Such zones are intended for establishments that experience lively passenger loading and unloading needs. Typical establishments that can qualify for a white zone are hospitals, senior centers, scientific workplaces with 5 or more practitioners, restaurants with a one hundred or more seats or valet parking, lodges, condominium or condo buildings with over 50 units, theaters, churches or other massive puts of worship or assembly, faculties and executive buildings. Other institutions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Among other causes, white zone requests is also denied if personal off-street parking is to be had, seating or unit necessities don't seem to be met, or if there are adjoining passenger loading zones close by.

A non-refundable processing fee is needed for white zones. If approved at the public hearing, white zones are required to be renewed each and every two years. When making use of, please do not combine processing and paint/installation fees. Please send only the processing charge along with your utility, you'll be invoiced for the paint price separately.

Zone Length  Application Fee Installation / Renewal Fee, paid inside of 30 Days Installation / Renewal Fee, paid after 30 Days Late Fee 1 to 22 toes 0 0 3 23 to 44 ft 0 1,000 1,105 5 45 to 66 ft 0 1,500 1,658 8 Over Sixty six toes  0






,210 0


The application fee is due with the utility for the white zone. Government Agencies providing public services and products, and non-profits that supply loose products and services exclusively to seniors and people with disabilities are the one entities exempt from fees. The installation charge is due handiest when and if the applying has been authorized, please do not combine it with the application charge, you're going to be invoiced for the paint charge separately. Renewals for white and green zones are invoiced by way of the Color Curb Program every two years; if your corporation is closed due to COVID-19, please email [email protected] to postpone the renewal or revoke the zone. All past due fees are temporarily waived.

Submit a request for a White Zone.

Green Zones, Short-Term Parking

A green zone is for short time period parking (normally not up to 10 mins).  In non-metered spaces, green zones are indicated by way of a green curb marking with a ten-minute cut-off date. Standard effective hours are 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., Monday via Saturday. 

In metered spaces, non permanent parking will also be designated via a inexperienced meter with either a 15- or 30-minute point in time, in lieu of a painted curb. The efficient hours for inexperienced meters are the same hours of operation as adjoining meters. Green zones and green meters are for public use and are not reserved for explicit establishments. Please also word that cars bearing disabled placards or plates are exempt from the deadlines for inexperienced zones or inexperienced meters.

Green zones or restricted time meters are not intended for personal parking. Such zones are meant for establishments the place transactions are predominantly non permanent - 10 mins - in nature. Typical establishments that can qualify for a green zone are dry cleaners, florists, small community grocery/deli comfort stores, audio-visual repair shops, shoe restore retail outlets, postal delivery facilities, and hardware retail outlets. Other institutions are reviewed on a case-by case basis. Among other causes, inexperienced zone requests could also be denied if non-public off-street parking is to be had, there are adjoining restricted time zones nearby, or the establishment’s transactions are not predominantly non permanent in nature. 

A non-refundable processing price is required for inexperienced zones. If licensed on the public hearing, inexperienced zones are required to be renewed every two years. When applying, please don't mix processing and paint/installation charges. Please ship most effective the processing price with your software, you are going to be invoiced for the paint price one at a time.

Zone Length  Application Fee Installation / Renewal Fee, paid inside of 30 Days Installation / Renewal Fee, paid after 30 Days Late Fee 1 to 22 toes 0 0 3 23 to 44 ft 0 1,000 1,105 5 45 to Sixty six ft 0 1,500 1,658 8 Over Sixty six feet  0






,210 0 The application charge is due on software for the white or inexperienced zone.  The paint price is due best when and if the application has been authorized, please don't combine it with the applying charge, you are going to be invoiced for the paint fee one at a time. Renewals for white and green zones are invoiced via the Color Curb Program each and every two years; if your corporation is closed because of COVID-19, please electronic mail [email protected] to put off the renewal or revoke the zone. All overdue fees are quickly waived.

Submit request for a Green Zone or Green Meter

Yellow / Blue Zones

Yellow zones are for active freight loading and unloading handiest through commercial vehicles.  Yellow zones are not supposed for long-term parking of automobiles with commercial license plates. The effective instances of yellow zones vary and are indicated by means of indicators at the meter and/or through stencils on the curb. Non-commercial automobiles (the ones with out a advertisement license plate) parked in a yellow zone will probably be cited and can be towed if the sign specifies this is a tow zone. Six-Wheel Truck Loading Zones are indicated by indicators best. When signed for six wheels or extra, such vans can use the zone. Six wheel loading zones can normally be distinguished by way of their red-capped meters in metered areas. There is no price for establishing yellow zones.

A blue zone designates parking spaces for individuals with a valid disabled parking permit.  Blue zones are most often situated in areas with prime public use, equivalent to in dense advertisement areas, and near public parks and playgrounds, where the blue zones can serve a large number of individuals. (Blue zones don't seem to be established for a particular particular person or a small choose team of people at a specific location.) There is no rate for establishing blue zones.

There is not any charge for establishing blue or yellow zones. Submit a request for Blue or Yellow Zone

Color Curb Hearings

Public hearings are held once a month at City Hall Room 416 to legislate the status quo of new Color Curb Zones, or to make significant adjustments to present ones. Driveway Red Zones do not require a public hearing, Blue Zones require an SFMTA Board meeting along with the Color Curb Hearing. Requestors are notified via mail or e-mail of the listening to date, time and location. Postings for proposed adjustments are posted within the vicinity of the proposed zone 10 days before the real hearing date.

The objective of the hearing is for citizens to express their issues referring to proposed adjustments affecting their streets. All interested parties are encouraged to wait. Once the all enter is accrued, it's submitted to the City Traffic Engineer who has an authority to make a final choice. Upon approval and fee of any applicable installation fees, zones can be installed as soon as scheduling allows.

Never Paint The Curbs Yourself or Install Unauthorized Signs

The unauthorized painting of any Curb Zone is a contravention of the regulation. Any such portray or repainting shall lead to immediate revocation of the zone. The bills incurred in the removal of such shall be the weight of the abutting assets proprietor. If your colour curb has been illegally altered, it is your accountability to inform SFMTA. Do not set up any indicators within the public right-of-way, removal of such signal is a condition to obtain official SFMTA color curb markings. Report illegally painted Color Curb.

Beware of Color Curb Scams!

The SFMTA has won calls from citizens regarding people who are painting deal with numbers on the curb in front of citizens’ assets and framing it as an important carrier for emergency personnel. These people then call for cash for their services and products. Please notice that that is an ILLEGAL rip-off and is NOT counseled by way of the SFMTA (The SFMTA’s policy is NOT to color cope with numbers at the curb). In addition, the SFMTA Color Curb painting group will NEVER call for cost at the spot or to be left at your front door to gather.

The scammers have been going beneath the identify of “Community Services”, “Community Address Painting Service” or an identical names. The declare that they're a valid carrier is FALSE. Please chorus from giving money to these folks, and phone 911 if threatened.  

Mail or Visit:

Please send all correspondence to SFMTA Color Curb Program, 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103

Walk-ins are welcome, however to ensure someone is available to meet you when you visit, please e-mail [email protected] upfront if conceivable.

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