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Feb 9, 2021 - Explore Barbara's board "D&D Battle Maps", adopted via 694 other people on Pinterest. See extra ideas about dungeon maps, fantasy map, tabletop rpg maps.DnD Maps is unofficial Fan Content accredited beneath the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/recommended by means of Wizards. Portions of the fabrics used are assets of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.DnD Maps is unofficial Fan Content accepted underneath the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/counseled by means of Wizards. Portions of the fabrics used are belongings of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.Feb 24, 2019 - Discover the magic of the web at Imgur, a neighborhood powered leisure vacation spot. Lift your spirits with humorous jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring tales, viral videos, and so much more.Trollskull Alley Map Jeremiah Britt on January 26, 2021. LEGEND. 1: Frewn's Brews. At the north front to Trollskull Alley sits a three-story building that includes a big beer stein on signal that reads "Frewn's Brews". The building appears moderately squatty compared to its neighbors for the reason that major floor drops under the level of the street

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I whipped up a map for Blue Alley and idea I'd proportion it with you guys. Also included are some paper minis in accordance with the encounters in the module. The map is most commonly for speedy reference and no longer so much for digital or exact tabletop use (the name of the game doorways are visual). I made it in Arkenforge, and if anyone is in the map record I may justJan 28, 2021 - MAPSETS ANIMATED DUNGEONDRAFT DUNGEONDRAW FRAGMENTED DUNGEON ORIGINALS ANIMATED Featuring animated 2D battlemaps that had been handdrawn and then animated in After Effects. I've deconstructed these animations into layers so they are able to be repurposed to construct custom animated maps in mixtures with my DungeonDraft belongings. DUNGEONDRAFT Featuring battlemaps that had been handdrawn inI made a greater hi-res map for Blue Alley! Please be happy to use it should you like. It's now not very best and I modified a couple of issues. I do know the map were given lately up to date, however I nonetheless want mine. It's hi-res, so roll 20 and delusion grounds may get pissed off with it as well so you might wish to resize it.Sep 15, 2016 - RPG Streets and Buildings Battlemaps. See extra ideas about tabletop rpg maps, dungeon maps, myth map.

DnD Maps - Collection of maps for DnD

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DnD Maps is unofficial Fan Content authorized below the Fan Content Policy. Not licensed/endorsed through Wizards. Portions of the fabrics used are belongings of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.Created, it kind of feels, slightly explicitly to accompany Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Blue Alley is a funhouse dungeon for an APL 2 celebration in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Headlined through creator M.T. Black, it options quite a lot of DM's Guild luminaries who've, at this level, received some sporadic credit writing for reputable Wizards of the Coast"If you see blue tiles, turn around and walk away before it is too late."Blue Alley lies hidden within the middle of Waterdeep. Rumor has it the alley is a magic maze filled with methods, traps, odd monsters, and wealthy treasure. More than one course leads into the Blue Alley, as this position is understood, but there are treasured few techniques out. Countless adventurers have ventured inside of to test their braveryView More Waterdeep Dragonheist recreations - TrollSkull Alley + Manor 25×35 via Rayleigh101. July 29, 2020 . Waterdeep Dragonheist recreations - Xanathar's Hideout 25×35 through Rayleigh101 View More Forest Frost Encounter 40×40 via DnD-Maps. April 5, 2020 . Malazan send 16×30 via Lucaci32u4 . View More Malazan ship 16×30 by way of Lucaci32u4Different Types of Maps. Maps are available many flavors in DnD. Dungeons and Dragons maps get pleasure from being broken into categories in response to their use. Typically, and widely talking, we've got maps for the over-world showing continents, towns, and kingdoms; for the adventure, showing cities, dungeons, or areas of exploration; and maps for struggle.

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The Best DnD Map Makers

Table of Contents

The two forms of D&D maps

Because this is a tabletop game, many of the visualization in D&D is left up to the creativeness. Some teams might depend at the DM’s descriptions of the locations they to find themselves in, whilst other teams use maps. Whether you play in-person or on-line and without or with battlemaps, chances are high that you will be creating a map for one thing whilst playing D&D.

There are two primary types of maps used repeatedly in D&D: regional maps and battlemaps.

Regional Maps

These maps are in most cases on a larger scale than battlemaps. They display the area from a hen’s-eye view. These maps may also be anything else from a world map, provincial map, or town map.

If used for exploration, then these maps can comprise a grid. This form of exploration is generally known as a “hex move slowly” and is addressed intensive within the D&D Adventure Tomb of Annihilation.


These maps are usually on a smaller scale than regional maps. Typically, they are self-contained for a unmarried stumble upon, despite the fact that they can grow to display the whole lot of a dungeon or building that avid gamers are running their approach thru.

Battlemaps are most often overlaid via an ordinary 5-foot via 5-foot grid to make player motion and scaling consistent.

How to make D&D maps

There are two number one techniques to make maps; they may be able to be hand-drawn or made the usage of online instrument. Hand-drawn maps have been around for the reason that inception of D&D. These maps, most repeatedly used for in-person games, will also be blended with terrain items or miniatures.

Hand-drawn maps can also be drawn on anything else from a piece of printer paper to whiteboards, but in recent times, wet-erase grid maps have grow to be the crème de la crème solution.

Mapmaking tool, due to the sheer collection of choices, is a much less straightforward answer. In this text, we will discover which device is easiest for which purposes while making D&D maps.

The Best DnD Map Making Software

There will never be a straight-up “absolute best” D&D map maker. The below-featured map makers will list the professionals and cons of each software, as well as their absolute best use case.


Inkarnate is definitely the most efficient fable map making instrument on the market. It’s were given a slick UI, lots of assets, and can create detailed maps in an issue of minutes.


Easily essentially the most fleshed out, flexible map construction possibility Completely online, no instrument download or install UI is thorough enough to create wonderful maps however streamlined sufficient to construct maps quickly Free and Pro versions Can import customized belongings Pro model lets in for advertisement sale of maps


Subscription model, now not a one time acquire UI can get gradual on giant maps with plenty of assets or slow internet connection

Use Case

Inkarnate can be utilized to create regional maps and battlemaps. I have found myself achieving for Inkarnate most of the time I am growing a straightforward battlemap. Because I try to stay my consultation prep to underneath two hours, it’s extraordinarily nice so as to punch out a detailed map in five to 10 mins.

Inkarnate’s regional map maker may be a useful tool, despite the fact that I have a tendency to use it much much less steadily.

I do have to mention that making a map with numerous rooms, equivalent to a dungeon or huge construction, is just a little of a grind with Inkarnate merely due to the extent of detail they require.

Check out the free or pro version at inkarnate.com


Wonderdraft is a fable map-making tool that focuses specifically on regional maps.


Regional map-making tools are unrivaled One time purchase


Software obtain, no in-browser possibility While battlemaps can be created the use of the software, it's not at all supposed for this application No loose choice

Use Case

Wonderdraft is unrivaled in its skill to create regional maps. While Inkarnate is a detailed 2nd, the only time purchase, massive array of belongings, and streamlined UI make this the most efficient solution for larger-scale maps.

Buy Wonderdraft for .99 at wonderdraft.internet

Dungeon Scrawl

Dungeon Scrawl is a web based map builder designed to create simple maps with a hand-drawn feel.


Import from DonJon Random Dungeon generator The UI may be very blank and easy to make use of The simplified goal of the software lets in the introduction of advanced structures or intricate tunnels very quickly Free to make use of Tons of limitless pixel exportable options that may combine with Photoshop or Illustrator to further populate maps Assets via Two Minute Tabletop (for non-commercial use handiest)


Maps can't mimic real-world textures like Inkarnate or Dungeon Fog Battlemaps most effective, no regional map options

Use Case

Dungeon Scrawl is supposed to do something in reality neatly, create intricate dungeons. Whether you're growing a large construction with a couple of rooms and flooring, or a cavern that twists and turns below the bottom, Dungeon Scrawl is the most suitable choice to create them briefly and effectively.

If you prefer to your dungeon to be populated with intricate options, Inkarnate is a better wager but it's going to take much longer to provide a top quality consequence.

You can take a look at Dungeon Scrawl totally free at probabletrain.itch.io/dungeon-scrawl. If you adore it, please reinforce the builders 🙂

Dungeon Fog

Dungeon Fog is very similar to Inkarnate. It is a web-based builder that has heaps of property and textures with a freemium fashion.


Can arrange maps into teams or “floors” in addition to into campaigns Door and home windows snap to walls taking into account easier creation of a couple of rooms Better group of belongings than Inkarnate Can be used to make regional maps and battlemaps


Much dearer than Inkarnate Less free assets than Inkarnate UI isn’t very easy to navigate Very exhausting to seek out which belongings can be utilized for free users

Use Case

Dungeon Fog is a competitor with Inkarnate, but individually, it's dearer with a less user-friendly interface and limited capability.

The largest advantage Dungeon Fog has over Inkarnate is the power to quickly make dungeons or massive structures with interconnecting rooms.

You can check out Dungeon Fog at dungeonfog.com

Dungeon Builder by Hobbyte

Hobbyte is a downloadable map builder that makes a speciality of isometric (3-d) dungeons.


Extremely unique and cool approach of displaying maps Commercial choices to be had Can make small regional maps and dungeon maps Easy to mod belongings You can roll cube, open doorways, reveal traps, and progressively provide your maps manually or the use of their fog of conflict feature. This is necessary because those maps could be extremely tough to make use of in a normal on-line platform like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds. Scalable exporting to suit any answer


The loose model is more of a demo than a viable map maker Commercial licenses are a lot more dear than Inkarnate Maps can also be confusing to have a look at No on-line answer

Use Case

Hobbyte is the best option for isometric D&D maps. Not everyone might be looking for a solution to make isometric maps, however if you're this is the best option.

You can check out the loose verion of Hobbyte here and buy the Dungeon Builder and commercial licenses here.

RPG Map Editor 2

RPG Map Editor 2 is an internet and downloadable D&D map maker that specializes in pixel-style maps.


The best factor about this instrument, individually, is its integration with the Watabou One Page Dungeons device and the DonJon Random Dungeon Generator. Both of these equipment are stellar begins to creating a dungeon, and being able to manipulate them with RPG Map Editor 2 actually brings it house. Completely unfastened (even commercial use) Cool, pixel-style aesthetic Maps may also be exported to add to Roll20 or other virtual tabletops


There aren’t a ton of property or textures but you can customized import icons Focuses principally on dungeons, fairly than other varieties of maps

Use Case

RPG Map Editor 2 is a great tool for developing simpler dungeons. I take advantage of it once I wish to pre-generate the dungeon the use of Watabou or DonJon after which make edits to the format with RPG Map Editor.

You can RPG Map Editor 2 without cost here. If you enjoy the use of it, please fortify the devs 🙂


There you might have it! We’ve looked at the best D&D map makers, their pros, their cons, and the use case for each.

Do you've gotten a favorite method to make D&D maps that weren’t mentioned here? Let us know within the comments under!

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