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Amid the continuing allegations made towards David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad, Twitter is buzzing that former workforce member Gabbie Hanna might be the following particular person to talk out.. On March 23, David addressed his YouTube fans by means of liberating a 2nd apology video. The content material writer spoke concerning the sexual assault allegations that have been made towards former Vlog Squad member Durte Dom.According to Insider, Zeglaitis recruited Hannah and pals to seem in a Vlog Squad manufacturing starring Zeglaitis as a intercourse addict. Dobrik shot the video at Zeglaitis' apartment, where theDavid Dobrik's YouTube empire of Vlog Squad participants led to a rape allegation in opposition to Durte Dom. went with a bunch of pals to an apartment to film a video with the crew, and whatWelcome To LA → David Dobrik (/Vlogsquad) (Pt. ½) Plot: the reader is within the strategy of shifting into her personal apartment in LA, when she stumbles upon Trisha Paytas as she's getting espresso. They temporarily develop into pals and Trisha introduces her to the rest of her friendgroup.YouTuber and Vlog Squad member David Dobrik dropped $9.five million on a brand new mansion within the valley of L.A. , after dwelling in a widely-recognized home in Studio City.

David Dobrik apologizes again in Durte Dom controversy

David Dobrik, a YouTube author with over 18 million subscribers best recognized for forming the Vlog Squad, has not too long ago been dropped by way of more than one sponsors and demonetized by means of YouTube. These repercussions followed rape allegations that have been made in opposition to former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, better referred to as Durte Dom.Stockton, CA (KTXL) —A man was once shot deadly in his apartment in Stockton on Easter Sunday morning. According to Stockton police, the capturing came about around 10:30 am in a Mariners Drive apartment complex north of West Hammer Lane. When police arrived, they discovered a 28-year-old guy who used to be shot and later declared dead by means of …Photo Illustration by way of Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyIt's rarely a shock when mega-famous YouTubers face public scrutiny in this day and age. From Jeffree Star to James Charles to Nikita Dragun to Jake and Logan Paul, the platform's greatest stars routinely seem out and in of the inside track cycle for tasteless movies, old, offensive tweets and their very own beefs with different YouTubers. The amount ofDavid Dobrik's Vlog squad member Durte Dom allegedly accused of protecting 'Sexual consent' bureaucracy at his apartment Vlog squad member and longtime buddy of David Dobrik, Durte Dom, has not too long ago been...

David Dobrik apologizes again in Durte Dom controversy

What did David Dobrik do? YouTube's Vlog Squad rape

David Dobrik is a wealthy person with over 18.5 million subscribers on YouTube who has constructed an empire through creating comedic content that pokes fun at racial problems, sexual assault, disabilities, religions and more. If it's not something you will have to chortle about, Dobrik and his squad have. Business Insider just lately revealed a piece of writing explaining an evening...Idk if it's simply me but i'm puzzled if the opposite girl in 3some (her friend) noticed hannah was once under the influence of alcohol, why did she have sx with dom??If hannah was once too under the influence of alcohol to consent at the starting itself and folks assume out of doors other folks should have recognized, the 3some girl should have identified that too.David Dobrik is celebrating four years on YouTube this week. It's an abnormal anniversary, however the celebration taking place presently on Twitter and Instagram is an acknowledgment of ways a lot influenceFor David Dobrik although, she and a group of friends were invited by means of Zeglaitis, often referred to as Durte Dom, to fulfill him and Dobrik at an apartment the place she was illegally given alcohol. DobrikShe's like I've a boyfriend. fun truth. This is how the girlfriends'. But in a couple of days, you need to move her into a bathtub cuz she's gonna get so big. Alex. What the fuck I wish to use the bathe. She's nonetheless growing. It's been 3 days. That's right. It's thank you for looking at and you'll want to like and subscribe Tweet me at David

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History of 'Durte Dom' Character Accused of Rape

Dominykas Zeglaitis, known online as Durte Dom, has seemed in dozens of David Dobrik's vlogs. The Durte Dom persona, a blend of fiction and fact, seems misogynistic and sex-obsessed. It's unclear when Zeglaitis plays it up for the digital camera or is enjoying just a little for the vlog. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

"I'm uncancelable," Dominykas Zeglaitis stated in an October 2020 interview. 

Five months later, an Insider investigation by reporter Kat Tenbarge unearthed an allegation of rape against the content author known as "Durte Dom" online. Zeglaitis has all but disappeared from the web within the wake of Insider's reporting. 

Given a platform through his formative years good friend and YouTube superstar David Dobrik, Zeglaitis, 25, has an extended historical past of misogyny and arguable habits, all documented in vlogs. 

The Durte Dom character evolved over the four years he seemed as a normal in Dobrik's so-called Vlog Squad movies, which feature a rotating choice of standard YouTubers and former Viners in Dobrik's orbit. Eventually, Zeglaitis' Durte Dom function turned into an amalgam of Hugh Hefner and an overzealous sex-obsessed 20-something.

Dobrik's vlogs are a mix of comic strip and truth, blurring the road between what's real and what's manufactured for clickbait. In the handfuls of movies Zeglaitis appears in on Dobrik's channel, it is unclear when he is taking part in it up for the digicam and when he's in fact being himself. 

Read more: A lady featured on YouTube famous person David Dobrik's channel says she was raped by way of a Vlog Squad member in 2018 the night they filmed a video about crew sex

Reviewing YouTube videos that includes Zeglaitis in the wake of sexual-assault allegations paints an image of a group that used to be so keen on growing content material that they left out possible red flags along the way in which.

Zeglaitis attempting on a speedo in a 2019 vlog. YouTube/David Dobrik

Durte Dom was once there from the start but developed with the Vlog Squad

Zeglaitis is one in every of Dobrik's oldest formative years buddies from Vernon Hills, Illinois, and can be seen within the first movies on his channel in 2015.

There's "Cool Intro" and "Drove Cross Country for In-N-Out" that have been created ahead of the vlogs formally began, that includes Zeglaitis as himself, with out the crimson bandana or sexual innuendos he would soon change into recognized for on Dobrik's channel.

By the 3rd video, "Epic Roommate Prank," the pair had moved to LA and the persona began to take form. In the video, Dobrik dons a long-haired wig and pretends to present fellatio to Zeglaitis of their roommate's mattress so that you can prank her. 

[embedded content material]

Zeglaitis quickly become a key participant in the Vlog Squad, continuously appearing in the 4-minute-and-20-second vlogs posted multiple instances weekly on Dobrik's channel.  

After appearing a half-dozen times as Zeglaitis, his character, "Durte Dom," becomes outlined as a drug dealer. In multiple vlogs during 2015, he made jokes about his phony career, with claims that he "just got back from prison" and that "drugs are the key to life."

The persona used to be extraordinarily important to Dobrik's vlogs, with a number of of his own Vlog Squad inside jokes. In the video "PAPPARAZZI!!?," a operating comic story that would final for years is born, as Dobrik offers Zeglaitis the risk to shout out his social-media handles, simplest to chop him off ahead of the clip finishes.  

2015 vlogs function bits where Zeglaitis yells for "sluts" off his balcony, asks if the latest iPhone can check for "AIDS and Chlamydia," and presentations stacks of cash, whilst Dobrik asks if he earned it from "selling drugs."  

Dobrik stated in another vlog, "HE CALLED THE POLICE!!," that Zeglaitis never drank or did medicine in highschool, but "the second he moved out here he completely changed." 

As the drug-using character developed, the concept Zeglaitis was sex-obsessed turned into essential to his personality. 

In a 2016 vlog, Dobrik asks Zeglaitis the place he "sees himself in 20 years." Roommate Alex Ernst replies, "Probably knocking on his neighbor's door saying, 'Hey, I'm a sexual predator.'"

Later that year, the vlogs become extremely a success, averaging 4 to seven million perspectives a video. Zeglaitis capitalized on his new emblem, dying his hair and speaking about marijuana in each and every scene. 2016's "BEDROOM CAMERA FOOTAGE!!" displays Dobrik and Ernst knocking on Zeglaitis' door. Zeglaitis seems shirtless with a "girl in his room" and says he is appearing her his "birthday cards."

Like many different "Vlog Squad" moments, it isn't transparent whether this bit is staged or if Dobrik actually walked in on his roommate for content material. 

[embedded content]

As Dobrik's vlogs grew, so did Durte Dom and his emblem

By past due 2016, the Durte Dom persona had fully shaped and Zeglaitis had created his own YouTube channel.  Now provided with bright-blonde (then crimson) hair, he posted pranks and his personal vlogs sometimes that includes Dobrik and different participants of the Vlog Squad.

Views at the channel had been persistently in the six-figure vary. Zeglaitis used movies of himself kissing women — together with famous person cameo Kylie Jenner and Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf — as clickbait, which brought about view surges. He would also try publicity stunts, like asking his lovers to pay



,000 to take him to prom. 

—DURTE DOM (@durtedom) April 1, 2017

May 2017's "WHO IS HIS NEW GIRL!!?" featured slightly the place Dobrik walks into a room of two-dozen other people, which Dobrik says is "all of the girls Dom has hooked up with" at UCLA. This vlog then features interviews with two women who claimed to have in truth "hooked up" with Zeglaitis.

"It wasn't my choice, honestly," one says, prompting Dobrik to reply, "That's what every girl says when they hook up with Dom." Dobrik then asks the opposite lady "What about Dom turns you on?" and she or he says, "He was straight forward" after which after an enhancing lower says, "He just came up and did what he wanted."

While posting on his own channel, Zeglaitis nonetheless gave the impression in a lot of Dobrik's vlogs. One March 2017 video featured a room full of children in their shared apartment, as the youngsters chanted for Ernst to take his shirt off. Zeglaitis requested if any of their mothers may just come upstairs, and mentioned that he may just "out smoke" the entire kids.

[embedded content material]

The channel uploaded movies often during 2017, pausing in brief in June of that year after Zeglaitis used to be accused of sexual misconduct through YouTuber Elijah Daniel. But by the following month, he used to be back to posting vlogs with Dobrik in their hometown.

Durte Dom followed grander gestures to get into Dobrik's vlogs

In 2018 and 2019, Zeglaitis persevered to make appearances.

In 2018's "CRINGEY BLINDFOLDED MAKEOUT!! (SURPRISE)"— which has since been made personal — Zeglaitis is blindfolded by way of Dobrik and is anticipating to kiss two women, but on the closing second, one is switched out for a person. In some other vlog that has since been deleted from November, Zeglaitis has a threesome with two women. (In March 2021, one of those women came forward and told Insider that she was once raped by Zeglaitis that night time.)

By the time 2019 arrived, Zeglaitis was getting more ingenious with his cameos. He started dressed in a purple bandana, appearing off his pet (named "Dirty Dog"), and proceeding to push his eccentric persona. In March, he put slightly person in a suitcase to steal from a shop, and in April, Dobrik proficient him a new iMac in a video.

In other movies, he displays off a hickey, tells Dobrik's assistant Nathalie to "shake her f---ing ass on camera and get your t--s out" and visits a weed growery.

Zeglaitis' attempts to get featured were changing into higher. He'd put on speedos for clickbait, arrange a "private club" in his kitchen, and throw a large birthday party in his own apartment to get featured within the vlog. Honoring Dobrik was a very easy technique to get within the vlog — he rode a tour bus by Dobrik's house, set up staged apartment excursions the place they lived in combination, and paid a chorus line to bop out of doors his window.

Dobrik and Zeglaitis from a 2019 video on the Durte Dom channel. YouTube/DURTE DOM

During this time, Dobrik become more standard than ever. He made a guest cameo in the 2019 film "Angry Birds 2," gave away cars, and partnered with major manufacturers like EA Sports. (Many brands have since distanced themselves from Dobrik following allegations towards Zeglaitis, including EA Sports.)

Zeglaitis' closing cameo in the vlog — which is still up on Dobrik's channel — is from September 2019. He is requested why he at all times flirts with Vlog Squad member Carly Incontro. "Y'know what they say about girls when they are single, they give off more pheromones," he says within the clip.

Though Zeglaitis continues to submit on his personal channel, sharing an interview with Vlog Squad's Scotty Sire, the group has looked as if it would distance themselves from him.

"It's really cool to be a part of the Vlog Squad, such a large entity, but at the same time we have to differentiate and move past that," Zeglaitis stated in a November 2019 podcast about his go away of absence from the vlogs. 

Throughout 2020, Zeglaitis posted sporadically on his own YouTube channel, as an alternative hanging most of his content on TikTok where he has 2.7 million fans. 

On March 22, 2021, Dobrik released a new apology video pronouncing that he "could not wrap my head around a childhood friend doing this to people and actually hurting people" and that he "made the decision  to no longer film with Dom in 2019."

Insider reached out to Zeglaitis about his previous habits on YouTube, but did not pay attention again on the time of newsletter.

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