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island king dark cloud wiki fandom, dark cloud 2 png dark cloud 2 weapon chart, dark cloud ntsc u glitch early chronicle 2 sword, maximilian dark cloud wiki fandom, destiny 2s best boss dps guns Dark Cloud 2 Dark Cloud Wiki Fandom . Dark Cloud 2 Max (*2*) Chart Floattrck .Weapon attributes are the stats that govern every weapon's effectiveness in combat in the Dark Cloud collection. Attributes usually are available in three forms, those that govern the bottom stats of every weapon, those that impact elemental harm, and people who have an effect on harm towards particular monster sorts.Dark Cloud 2 Hints. PS2 | Submitted by way of mitch. Best (*2*) Free! Get 40 medals and cross to Mayor Need and money your medals in for a rename card. GORDON: location: outside of max's house.to get him you have to revive jurak, then return to palm brinks, (at max's space) and provides him holy water...(C) 2003 - Dark Cloud 2 FAQ / Walkthrough through Aaron Busch. All rights reserved. Created By: Aaron18 AKA ChaosGate. Floor 17 (*2*) - Time Limit to Defeat All Monsters:08:00 - Spheda - Attack and defeat all enemies the use of best MAX'S RIGHT-HAND WEAPON.Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a group powered entertainment vacation spot. Lift your spirits with humorous jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so a lot more.

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For discussions, art, and anything else in terms of Level 5's Dark Cloud collection. The dungeon-crawling, world-building, time-traveling RPG! I'm playing through DC2 again and wanted some decent-looking charts to have a look at as I improve my weapons. They are intended for phone/pill/computer viewing, no longer...Dark (*2*) 2 - Guides and FAQs. PlayStation 2.dark blue. > Some guns come with a Special Weapon Effects icon already in position when Max receives them. >> The path to the DARK CLOUD sword, begins with the Gladius. >> An further trail: the Ama no In the chart beneath, guns are listed within the order of. expanding attack energy. >>Toan's Weapons Xiao's Weapons Goro's Weapons Ruby's Weapons Ungaga's Weapons Osmond's Weapons. (Note: The Mardan Eins can simplest be acquired thru fishing. It becomes available at the FP exchange chart once you have caught a Mardan Garayan.

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Including guns, there are round two hundred different items to be found in Dark Cloud. Fortunately the sport teams those for you, simply press square at the related item display screen. Value is what you can get for the thing at retail outlets. Shops rate a 100% markup, so the item will price two times as a lot if you buy it.Experience Dark Cloud™ 2 for PS2™ system with 1080p up-rendering and Trophies. Additional enhanced features include Shareplay, Remote Play, Activity Feeds and Second Screen reinforce for recreation manuals with PS Vita or PS App Dark Cloud™ 2. Sony (*2*) Entertainment. PS4.that is Monica's weapon chart: This is Max's There are a number of ways to acquire holy stones in Dark Cloud 2. (*2*) a level in Ocean's Roar that has a repeat Spheda Prize of 2 Holy Stones and at Mount Gundor there's a degree with 4 holy gundrons in it, who will sometimes drop holy stones as they are...Dark Cloud 2 100% (*2*). Medals All 386 [none spent] Time Trial 127 Wipe Out 127 Fishing 23 Spheda 119. Support Characters All 24 [residing in houses]. Georama 100% in all georama spaces [with max tradition points]. Weapons All 17 Final Form Weapons [One of every uncommon Weapon] All 5 Spheda...Dark Cloud 2 Max (*2*) Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U) This web page contains the entire CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Dark Cloud 2. If · Dark Cloud 2 Max (*2*) Build-Up Chart for PlayStation 2 through Valken - GameFAQs Monica: Island King Five-Star Armlet Dark Cloud 2 Monica (*2*)...

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Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ Corey Feldman Interview Easy pieces

To get health and fight pieces easily, move round and gather more folks to place at the teach. Then cross on the teach and make them join your party. Use them to make things reminiscent of Cheese, Roasted Chicken and Improved Bombs.

To swindle some unfastened pieces, get Polly and/or Ferdinand to accompany you for your adventure. When you are at the teach, upload them in your birthday celebration. Press Triangle and cross to persona. Go to them and use their talent to realize unfastened pieces. Parn is also a excellent persona to get. Put him to your celebration, and in case your higher persona dies, use his special talent to depart a dungeon for free.

Easy degree up

Take one of your robust characters (i.e., maximum well being, strongest weapon) but no longer the Ridepod, and move to a dungeon that you'll get minimum injury performed to you. Kill the enemy along with your strong individual, and instantly afterwards, press L3 to switch characters or R3 to switch to the Ridepod. This is particularly useful when seeking to build up the Ridepod since he loses gasoline easily. This makes it so he does not transfer or get hurt.

To level up your guns sooner, trade your characters. Press L3 instantly after defeating an enemy. The ABS points will then get allotted evenly between your right- and left-handed guns. This method, you do not need to in fact use your gun/armband to level them up.

Easy cash

When you get Erik in Chapter 2, move as much as him and upload him on your party. Press Triangle to go to the menu and select "Character". Select Erik and use his skill to make bombs. Then, send him again to the educate and promote them. Keep going again to him when his ability issues increase. Do this repeatedly. Each of his bombs price 150 Gilda.

Go into the first ground of the underground channel. In lots of the treasure chests, you'll in finding as much as about four Attribute Crystals (Flame,Cyclone, Chill, and so forth.). Each crystal sells for 75 Gilda apiece, which is 300 Gilda according to chest.

Invent the "Turkey" Spheda Club the usage of Special Peking Duck, Tree, and Windmill Feather. Then, get at least three Rolling Logs and three Scrap Metal. The total price is 90 Gilda. Make one and sell it for 230 Gilda.

Equip the Lure Rod to Max and put on one trap of any sort. Make sure you've got some other entice of the similar sort with you. Go to the Lure Rod status screen. Go to the additional trap and equip it. At this level, it will have to have made a noise and also you should nonetheless have an identical quantity of lures on your stock. You can do this as time and again as needed till you've got as much as 998 lures in your rod (no longer including the one for your inventory). Select the lures with Triangle and move them into your inventory. You can now sell them for A hundred and fifty gilda each and every, for nearly 150,000 gilda general.


Once you gain the power to have a third party member, cross to Erik and feature him make bombs for you. Then, switch to somebody who is more useful within the field into your birthday celebration. When you go back from preventing, see Erik again and have him make more bombs for you if he has recharged enough ability issues. You too can promote Erik's bombs for speedy cash.

Easy pictures

Spin around the room or space you're in to search out all the pictures you want.

Knight Boots

The highest invention is Belt, Shield, and Moon. This is the Knight Boots. They are already provided to Monica, but they can spectrumize into two assault points for guns. You can get it at the beginning of the game. Sell the Attack Spheres for money. You have already got the Belt. The Moon is within the sky, at night. The Shield is within the weapon store.

Laser Arm Four for Ridepod

To make the Laser Arm Four for the Ridepod, you wish to have the Legend Of The Moon, Blue Lantern, and Energy Pipe.

Low sword value

Try to sell the sword Seventh Heaven on the Wise Owl shop to learn that it is only price 1 Gilda.

Lure Rod

To make a Lure Rod, the entire footage you need are Fish, River, and the Lafrescia Stem.

Saving money

Use the following trick to save Money when escaping dungeons. When you've 1000 Gilda or extra, you'll want to talk to Conda and purchase as many gold bars as possible. Since they purchase/promote for the same worth, you can get your a refund every time wanted. If you run out of Escape Powder, you'll escape the dungeons and lose a lot less money.

Save Ridepod fuel

To save Ridepod gasoline on levels with Ridepod Only medals, run across the ranges as Max. When you spot an enemy, press L3 to defeat it, then press L3 once more to go back to Max and now not waste fuel.


Enter Max's space and communicate to Adel. She will want to get pieces to make new garments for you. Get the items and provides them to her. Leave the room, return in, and talk to her.

Borneo and Erik

Borneo and Erik grow to be to be had to transport into the houses you construct in the Georama area in chapter 5.


As the game progresses, Cedric starts to get extra parts for the Ridepod in each new bankruptcy.


Play a sport and Hide and Seek with her. Find her each instances, and she or he joins you. She is in Max's room and the higher hall in Claire's house.


You wish to buy an (*2*) and Dark Coin. Give them to Donny and he's going to sign up for you.


To recruit Ferdinand, you should lend a hand him entire his recipe by way of giving him a Roasted Chestnut.


If you keep in mind correctly, Max's Dad gives Max a gun. Level this gun up twice into the Bell Gun. Max's Dad should sign up for you after returning the gun to him.

The Mayor

Enter City Hall and cross upstairs. Talk to the Mayor. He will desire a code for his protected. The code is "1221".


Talk to Mina and she will say that she is feeling ill. This will get started several rounds of Spheda. Compete in ten rounds of Spheda.


Finish in first place in any of the classes of the Finny Frenzy.

Defeating Bats

In a degree the place you have to defeat all enemies with best Max's wrench or Monica's sword for a medal, you'll kill the Bats simply via the usage of Max's or Monica's price up attacks.

Defeating Mimics

Use the following trick to simply defeat Mimics and enemies that fee. Hold R1 as the enemies rate at you. Press X button to select them up, then toss them at a wall or every other enemy to make then dizzy. Slash two times, then repeat through picking them up before they rate at you once more. This works smartly with Mimics. Mimics are highest approached from behind. This works neatly with the ones exhausting to hit Gemrons. It is far more straightforward to select them up and toss them at some other enemy, and attack while they are puzzled.

Avoiding Mimics

When opening a treasure chest, open it from the back. If it is a Mimic, it is possible for you to to get some just right hits on it and might kill it ahead of it may possibly flip round. Also, should you select up a Mimic (you cannot select up a King Mimic) and throw it, it's going to stall a rather, permitting you to run in and hit it one or two instances.

Fishing for Giant Kaji

Fish on the location where the Shigura have been at the usage of the Lure Rod and the Minnow.

Fish stats

The following stat explanations are helpful when you're seeking to win the Finny Festival or Fish Races:


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