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Old Citadel Paint to New Citadel Paint Conversion Chart - Alphabetical. The first chart is a convenient alphabetical list of the entire old citadel paint colors and their corresponding new colours. Click on the chart to magnify it. If you'd like to obtain a PDF model that you can print out, you'll download it by clicking right here.Citadel Air Paint New - All Paint in Stock - 24ml Warhammer 40k AOS. $7.80 + $1.49 transport. Seller 99% certain. Citadel Dice Cube NIB All Colors in Stock Warhammer 40k AOS. $9.00 + $2.99 shipping. Almost long past. Games Workshop Citadel Plastic Glue NIB Warhammer 40k AOS. $8.25 + $2.50 shipping.Waaagh! Flesh - $3.87 Castellan Green - $3.87 Death World Forest - $3.87 Zandri Dust - $3.87 Steel Legion Drab - $3.87 Bugman's Glow - $3.87 Ratskin Flesh - $3.87 Rhinox Hide - $3.87 Dryad Bark - $3.87 Mechanicus Standard Grey - $3.87 XV-88 - $3.87 Abaddon Black - $3.87 Ceramite White (Out of Print) - $3.87 Celestra Grey - $3.87 Averland Sunset - $3.87 Jokaero Orange - $3.87Citadel Colour Warhammer World Investor Relations Jobs Retailers Golden Demon Armies on Parade Licensed Products Warhammer Alliance Press Room Warhammer Merchandise Subscribe to our publication. Enter your e-mail to get the very latest - information, promotions, hobby tips and extra from Games Workshop. You can unsubscribe at any time.Complete List of Contrast, New & Discontinued Citadel Paints By Wesley Floyd | 2019-05-30T10:13:40-04:00 May thirtieth, 2019 | Categories: Citadel Color Contrast , Citadel Paint , Games Workshop , News / Rumors |

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Citadel Paint List: Now with inventory control and technical paint examples Hobby After having a look round for an up-to-date list of all of the Citadel Paints, in a kind that I could adjust for my own use, I was left empty-handed, so I stopped up hanging something in combination myself.Find Deals on Citadel Model Paint in Toys & Games on Amazon.Citadel Contrast Paints are meant to level the taking part in box for miniature painters throughout a wide spectrum of ability and motivation. What is universal throughout all miniature painters (and hobby-gamers) is the need to have amusing. And, playing or collecting miniatures with paint on them is far more fun.Citadel Contrast Paints - Release Date. The unencumber date has now been announced via Warhammer Community Website. The paints can be available to preorder on June eighth 2019 and will be that can be purchased on June fifteenth 2019. Also, the image underneath is from the Warhammer Community group (so please prevent digging at me for my typos)!

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Shop online for board games, Magic The Gathering, table most sensible video games, miniatures, position enjoying video games and gaming supplies. Free delivery on orders over $99!Games Workshop/Citadel Paints. 505 likes ยท 1 speaking about this. Hello Guys i personal a small model shop in Exmouth Devon i am suffering to promote these products and feature set this web page as much as helpIn 2012, paint was reborn - and the Citadel Paint system devised. The new vary saved the foundations of the classic Foundation and Shade paints, and added a couple of more sorts. Layers had been devised to be thinner for easy layering (therefore the name), and in addition presented painters a whole lot of colour alternatives with no need to mix paints.1-Sixteen of over 1,000 effects for "citadel paints" Price and different details may vary in accordance with dimension and colour. Game Injection Citadel Build-Your-Own Assortment - Choose Five or More Paints or Accessories (Most Popular) 4.Eight out of five stars 463. $4.55 $ 4. 55. $5.00 delivery. Ages: twelve months and up.You want to allow JavaScript to run this app.

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Unable to find a paint that you simply used to use? Has one thing been discontinued? Want to find the an identical paint in a special vary? Here is the ultimate portray matrix, evaluating the video games workshop Citadel paints with every known equivalent. Please note, hex codes are all approximate - double check earlier than you get a batch of paint made up to fit that colour!

  White Scar Skull White 1 Dead White (001) White (951) Arctic White   Eternal White (1) Pure White (9039) Morrow white White (101) Matt White (WP1102) White Matt FFFFFF   Ceramite White Smelly Primer 1 White Primer (002) Foundation White (919) Arctic White     Brush-on Primer (9108) Morrow white Grey Primer (141)   FFFFFF   Kislev flesh Pallid Flesh 1 Pale Flesh (003) Light Flesh (928) Caramel   Pearly Flesh (31) Rosy Highlight (9069) Ryn Flesh Flesh (213) Kobold Skin Pale Skin Matt EEC8C7   Bestigor Flesh Elf Flesh 1 Elf Skintone (004) Flat Flesh (955)     Craggy Skin (30) Rosy Highlight 2 (9069)   Elven Flesh (123)   F7BD7B   Dorn yellow 2 Bad Moon Yellow 1 Bad Moon Yellow (005) Lemon Yellow (952)       Clear Yellow (9095)   Dusky Yellow (146)   FFF700   Flash Gitz Yellow Sunburst Yellow 1 Sunblast Yellow (006) Flat Yellow Brilliant Yellow IV-29 7 Lahn Yellow (40) Sun Yellow (9008)   Sun Yellow (103) Demonic Yelow (WP1107) FFE700   Yriel Yellow Golden Yellow 1 Gold Yellow (007) Golden Yellow (948)     Royal Yellow (39) Marigold Yellow (9007) Heartfire Golden Yellow (159)   Sol Yellow Matt FFCE00   Tallarn Sand Desert Yellow 1 Desert Yellow (063) Dark Yellow (978)   IV-30 7   Faded Khaki (9129)     Desert Yellow (WP1121) Sahara Yellow Matt 9C8855   Jokaero Orange Macharius Solar Orange 1 Heavy Orange (152) German Orange (805) Sunset Orange IV-17 Phoenix Red (9005)         EE3823   Fire Dragon Bright Fiery Orange 1 Orange Fire (008) Light Orange (911)     Merin's Fire (38) Fire Orange (9006)   Flame Orange (105) Prison Jumpsuit (WP1211 Zombiecide) FF8552   Troll Slayer Orange Blazing Orange 1 Hot Orange (009) Scarlet (817)     Fusion Red (37) Phoenix Red (9005)   Burnt Orange (147) Mythical Orange (WP1442) F46C2E   Mephiston Red Mechrite Red 1 Heavy Red (141) Red (926) Crimson Red IV-07   Clotted Red (9134)     Vampire Red (WP1460) 991115   Evil Sunz Scarlet Blood Red 1 Bloody Red (010) Vermillion (909) Burnt Red IV-27 7 Rackham Red (36) Clear Red (9094)   Blood Red (104) Pure Red (WP1104) Antares Red C21920   Wild Rider Red       Racing Red           Mars Red (WP1436) EB2E28   Wazdakka Red Red Gore 1 Gory Red (011) Cavalry Brown (982)     Natural Leather (34) Carnage Red (9135)   Vampire Red (129) Dragon Red (WP1105) Indian Shadow 940008   Khorne Red Scab Red 1 Scarlett Red (012) Carmine Red (908) Wine Red IV-01 Arcavia Red (35) Deep Red (9002)     Chaotic Red (WP1142) (too darkish/brown) Deep Red Matt 6A0002   Emperor's Children Tentacle Pink 1 Squid Pink (013) Pink (958) Dark Pink   Friend Flesh (33) Pale Violet 2 (9027) Carnal Pink Shocking Pink (144)   EF9CB5   Screamer Pink Warlock Purple 1 Warlord Purple (014) Magenta (945) Dark Maroon   Celestial Pink (46) Pale Violet Red (9027) Murderous Magenta Warlock Purple (157)   Fuchsia Matt 9C004A   Xereus Purple Liche Purple 1 Hexed Lichen (015) Royal Purple (810)   IV-34 7 Divine Purple (6) Clear Plum (9132) Beaten Purple Poison Purple (118) Alien Purple (WP1128) 5A005A   Naggaroth Night Imperial Purple 1 Royal Purple (016) Royal Purple (810) Dark Purple     Deep Amethyst (9079)   Amethest Purple (160)   562F7E     Nauseating Blue 1 Sick Blue (017) Violet 2 (960)       Clear Purple (9099) Bad Bruise Nauseous Blue (162)   412A7A     Storm Blue 1 Stormy Blue (018) Blue (925)     Migol Blue (5) Ritterlich Blue 2 (9115)       27357E     Midnight Blue 1 Night Blue (019) Dark sea blue     Abyssal Blue (3) Ultramarine Shadow (9187)       000031   Kantor Blue Regal Blue 1 Imperial Blue (020) Dark Prussian blue Marianas Blue     Brilliant Blue (9116)   Royal Blue (110) Deep Blue (WP1116) 08085A   Altdorf Guard Blue Ultramarine Blue Ultra Marine Blue (022) Ultramarine (839)   IV-28 7 Wizard Blue 2 (7) Ultramarine Highlight 2 (9189)   Marine Blue (148) Ultramarine Blue (WP1115) 29397B   Macragge Blue Mordian Blue 1 Heavy Blue (143) Prussian Blue (965) Deep Water Blue     Breonne Blue (9055)       Navy Blue Matt 2D567C   Caledor Sky Enchanted Blue 1 Magic Blue (021) Dark Blue (930) Sapphire Blue   Ephren Blue (4) Cyan Blue 2 (9117) Cygnar Blue Highlight Wizard Blue (114) Crystal Blue 31639C   Lothern Blue Ice Blue Ice Blue (095) Azure 2 (902)/ Deep Sky Blue     Glacier Blue (9)       Voidshield Blue (WP1452) Sky Blue 6B9CCE   Teclis Blue Lightning Bolt Blue 1 Electric Blue (023) Sky Blue (961) Bright Blue   Sacred Blue 2 (8) Sky Blue 2 (9018)   High Elf Blue (117) Electric Blue (WP1113) 8BB9DD   Sotek Green Hawk Turquoise Falcon Turquoise (024) Light Turquoise (840)     Precious Blue (12) Marine Teal (9077) Meredius Blue Aquamarine (132) Hydra Turquoise (WP1141) Adriatic Blue Matt 006B5A   Sybarite Green Vile Green 1 Foul Green (025) Park Green Flat (969)     Antique Green (13)         82C59C   Kabalite Green Jade Green 1 Jade Green (026) Emerald (838)       Reptilian Greens Triad 2 (9184/9185/9186) Eldritch Jade Green 2 (158)   069B7D     Scaly Green 1 Scurf/Scurvey Green (027) Emerald (838)     Chitin Green (19) Clear Viridian (9131)       026B67   Caliban Green Dark Angels Green 1 Dark Green (028) Deep Green (970) Military Green IV-15 7 Diisha Green (18) Pine Green 2 (9010) Gnarls Green 2 Dark Elf Green (111) Angel Green (WP1112) 005221   Warpstone Glow Snot Green 1 Sick Green (029) Intermediate Green (891) Grass Green   Avagddu Green (17) Clear Green (9096) Ioson Green Bogey Green (121)   Irati Green 106B21   Warboss Green Goblin Green 1 Goblin Green (030) Pastel Green (885)   IV-13 7 Chasm Green (16) Field Green 2 (9167)   Goblin Green (108) Goblin Green (WP1109) 63B521   Elysian Green Camo Green 1 Camouflage Green (031) Olive Green (967)       Camoflage Green 2 (9177)       Ardenes Green Matt A5A542   Moot Green Scorpion Green 1 Scorpy Green (032) Light Green (942) Lime Green   Quithayran Green (14) Pale Green (9012) Necrotite Green Scorpion Green (152)   Spring Green A5D610     Bilious Green 1 Livery Green (033) Yellow Green 2 (954)     Mystic Green (15) Spring Green 2 (9146)       A9D171   Castellan Green Catachan Green 1 Cayman Green (067) Olive Grey (888) Jungle Green     Muddy Olive (9034)       Boreal Green Matt 455440   Waaagh! Flesh Orkhide Shade 1 Heavy Blackgreen (147) Black Green (980) Pine Green IV-10   Jungle Moss (9082)       Black 384E49   Loren Forest Knarloc Green 1 Heavy Green (146) Luftwaffe Ca. Green (823)   IV-22   Olive Drab (9158)     Army Green (WP1110) 434F38   Deathworld Forest Gretchin Green 1 Heavy Khaki (149) Russian Uniform WW2 (70.924) Savannah Green IV-25   Worn Olive (9159)     Venom Wyrm (WP1461) 5D6732   Straken Green                     628026   Nurgling Green Rotting Flesh 1 Dead Flesh (035) Green sky     Dead Flesh (11) Pale Olive (9036) Jack Bone Putrid Green (125) Necrotic Flesh 849B63|   Ushabti Bone Bleached Bone 1 Bonewhite (034) Buff (976) Dust Brown IV-38 7 Wildcat Gray 2 (42) Yellowed Bone (9143) Menoth White Base Bone (112) Skeleton Bone (WP1125) Golden Skin Matt EFD9A8   Zandri Dust Kommando Khaki 1 Khaki (061) G. Cam.Beige (821) Golden Brown     Terran Khaki (9122)       Thar Brown Matt 9E915C   Pallid Wych Flesh                     CDCEBE   Screaming Skull     Ivory (918)         Menoth White Highlight     White Sands Matt F0F1CE   Bronzed Flesh 1 Bronze Flesh (036) Dark Flesh (927)       Burnt Orange 2 (9111)   Tanned Flesh (115)   F7944A   Tau Light Ochre Vomit Brown 1 Filthy Brown (037) Beige Red 2   IV-11IV-12 7 Tanned Skin (29) Tanned Leather (9031) Rucksack Tan Bilious Brown (130)   DE9408   Ratskin Flesh Dwarf Flesh 1 Dwarf Skin (041) Brown Sand Bronzed Flesh     Rosy Skin (9068)   Dwarven Flesh (124) Barbarian Flesh (WP1126) F78C5A   Bugman's Glow Tanned Flesh 1 Tan (066)   Sunburnt Flesh     Antique Rose (9139) Khardic Flesh   Tanned Flesh (WP1127 ) Kalahari Orange Matt A95C3E     Leprous Brown 1 Scrofulous Brown (038) Gold Brown (877)       Saffron Sunset 2 (9182)   Leprous Brown (156)   D88E2D   Zamesi Desert Bubonic Brown 1 Plague Brown (039) Yellow Ochre (913) Mustard Yellow IV-32 7 Forgotten Gold (25) Palomino Gold (9074) Moldy Ochre Festering Brown (126)   Iroko Matt C68400   Balor Brown Snakebite Leather 1 Cobra Leather /Leather Brown (040) Brown Sand (876)   IV-31 7 Kalliene Yellow (23) Chestnut Gold (9073)   Barbarian Leather (116)2   9C6B08   Balor Brown Tausept Ochre 1 Heavy Ochre (150) Ochre Brown (856)   IV-21   Half Orc Highlight (9204)       976F3C   Skrag Brown Vermin Brown 1 Parasite Brown (042) Orange Brown (981)   IV-14 7 Syhar Soil (24) Chestnut Brown 2 (9071)   Rat Brown (119)   Mars Orange Matt 843910   Rhinox Hide Scorched Brown 1 Charred Brown (045) Burnt Umber (941) 2 Chocolate Brown IV-37 7 Dirty Leather (20) Muddy Brown (9028) Umbral Umber2     Black Leather Matt 390008   Doombull Brown Dark Flesh 1 Dark Fleshtone (044) Mahogany Brown (846)     Beastly Flesh (21) Chestnut Brown (9071)       630808   Baneblade Brown Khemri Brown 1 Heavy Brown (153) Green Brown Bark Brown IV-20   Woodstain Brown (9160)       Arabic Shadow Matt 705E48   Mournfang Brown Bestial Brown 1 Beasty Brown (043) Flat Brown (984) Red Brown   Soil of Avagddu (22) Intense Brown (9138) Bloodtracker Brown Hairy Brown (120)   663300   Mournfang Brown Calthan Brown 1 Heavy Siena (154) Flat Brown (984) Red Brown IV-03   Dark Highlight (9042)       6D5044   XV-88 Terracotta 1 Terracotta (065)   Sandstone Brown     Clotted Red (9134)       793721   Steel Legion Drab Graveyard Earth 1 Earth (062) US field drab Mud Brown IV-36 7   Uniform Brown (9127) Gun Corps Brown   Leather Brown (WP1123) Gobi Brown Matt 655138   Karak Stone Kommando Khaki 1 Khaki (061) German Cam. Beige WWII (821) Dirt Brown     Terran Khaki (9122) Hammerfall Khaki Horse Tone Roan (222)   9B8C7B   Ulthuan gray Ghostly Grey 1 Ghost Grey (046) Flat Aluminum (993)       Ghost White (9063)       C3C6CD   Fenrisian Grey Space Wolves Grey 1 Wolf Grey (047) Pale Greyblue (907) Blue Steel IV-05 7   Snow Shadow (9021) Frostbite Lupin Grey (151)   Bering Blue Matt CEDEE7   The Fang Shadow Grey 1 Sombre Grey (048) Oxford Blue (807) Grey Blue IV-04   Twilight Blue (9020)   Shadow Grey (150) Wolf Grey (WP1119) 4E5067   Administratum Grey Fortress Grey 1 Stonewall Grey (049) Pale Grey Blue (907)   IV-35 7 Sharp Gray (43) Weathered Stone (9087)     Ash Grey (WP1117) Nacar Matt B5B5B5   Dawnstone Codex Grey 1 Cold Grey (050) Basalt Grey (869) Moon Grey   Gray of Darkness (45) Rainy Grey (9038)     Uniform Grey (WP1118) Artic Blue Matt 999999   Mechanicus Standard Grey Adeptus Battlegrey 1 Heavy Grey 2 Russian Unif. (924) Steel Grey IV-18   Military Green 2 Great Coat Grey     7C8286   Celestra Grey Astronomicon Grey 1 Heavy Bluegrey (144) Pale Blue Grey (905) Cool Grey IV-24   Weathered Stone (9087) Underbelly Blue     96A5A9   Abaddon Black Chaos Black 1 Chaos Black / Black (051) Black (950) Obsidian Black   Accursed Black (2) Pure Black (9037) Thamar Black Black (102) Matt Black (WP1101) 000000   Runefang Steel Mithril Silver 1 Mithril Silver / Silver (052) Silver (997)     Polished Silver (49) Polished Silver (9054) Quicksilver Enchanted Silver (106) Shining Silver (WP1129) B5B5BD   Ironbreaker Chainmail 1 Chain Mail (053) Natural Steel (864) Polished Steel     Honed Steel (9053) Cold metal Chainmail (109) Plate Mail Metal (WP1130) 7B737B   Leadbelcher Boltgun Metal 1 Gunmetal / Gunmetal Metal (054) Gunmetal Grey (863)       Shadowed Steel (9052) Pig Iron Gun Metal (142) Machinegun Metal (WP1221) Petroleum Grey 393939   Auric Armour Gold Burnished Gold 1 Glorious Gold (056) Gold (996) Royal Gold     Antique Gold (9050) Brass Balls 2   Bright Gold (WP1231) Dwarven Gold E7BD42   Gehenna's Gold Shining Gold 1 Polished Gold (055) Old Gold (878)       New Gold (9051) Solid Gold Bright Gold (107) Greedy Gold (WP1132) Elven Gold CCCC33   Hashut Copper Dwarf Bronze 1 Bright Bronze (057) Bronze (998)       Ancient Bronze (9049) Molten bronze Dwarven Bronze (143) Weapon Bronze (WP1133) 9C5221   Runelord brass Brazen Brass 1 Brassy Brass (058) Brass (801)       Tarnished Brass 2 (9198)   Brass (131)   Viking Gold 735A21   Brass scorpion Beaten Copper 1 Hammered Copper (059) Copper (999)       Coppery Orange (9102)       73372D   Warplock Bronze Tin Bitz 1 Tinny Tin (060)         Scorched Metal (9125) Deathless Metal Magic Metal (113)   Necro Gold 393121     Black Ink 1 Black Ink (94)                 000000     Dark Green Ink 1 Green Ink (89)                 108473     Flesh Wash 1               Ink Wash - Flesh (133)   CE8C42     Magenta Ink 1                   513D3C     Purple Ink 1 Violet Ink (87)                 842994   Stormvermin Fur Charadon Granite 1 Heavy Charcoal (155) German Grey (995)   IV-02   Pure Black (9103) 2 Bastion grey     Anthartic Grey Matt 4D4A4A   Rakarth Flesh Dheneb Stone 1 Heavy Warmgrey 2(148)   Pale Grey IV-06   Vampiric Shadow (9274)     Drake Tooth (WP1417)? B9ADA1   Daemonette Hide Hormagaunt Purple 1 Heavy Violet (142) Violet (960) Light Purple IV-26   Nightshade Purple (9022)       Violet Blue Matt 4F566C   Averland Sunset Iyanden Darksun 1 Heavy Goldbrown (151) Goldbrown (877) Warm Yellow IV-16   Green Ochre (9128) Sulferic yellow     9C8A53   Cadian Fleshtone Tallarn Flesh 1 Heavy Skintone (140) Brown Rose   IV-19   Leather Brown (9030)       8D736C   Drakenhof Nightshade Asurmen Blue Wash 1 Blue Shade Wash (73207)   Blue Blue         Blue Tone Ink (WP1139) 273E51   Carroburg Crimson Baal Red Wash 1 Red Shade Wash (73206)   Red Red         Red Tone Ink (WP1138) 630808   Nuln Oil Badab Black Wash 1 Black Wash (73201)   Black Black     Armor Wash   Dark Tone Ink (WP1136) 000000   Agrax Earthshade Devlan Mud Wash 1 Umber Shade Wash (73203)   Brown Brown     Muddy Wash   Strong Tone Wash (WP1135) 393121   Seraphim Sepia Gryphonne Sepia Wash 1 Sepia Wash (73200)               Soft Tone Ink (WP1134) 843910   Druchii Violet Leviathan Purple Wash 1 4 Pale Grey Shade Wash (73202)   Purple           Purple Tone Ink (WP1140) 842994   Reikland Fleshshade Ogryn Flesh Wash 1 Fleshtone Shade Wash (73204)   Flesh           Flesh Wash (WP1143) CE8C42   Biel-Tan Green   Green Wash               Green Tone Wash (WP1137) 547757   Baharroth Blue Edge (Edge)               Arcane Blue   Toxic Mist (WP1437) 59C1CE   Gauss Blaster Green (Edge)                     84C2A9   Dorn Yellow (Edge)                     FFF685   Fulgrim Pink (Edge)                     F5AECC   Flayed One Flesh (Edge)                     CDC586   Dechala Lilac (Edge)                   Oozing Purple (WP1445) B69FCD   Kreig Khaki (Edge)                   Necrotic Flesh (WP1108) BFBD82   Blue Horror (Edge)                   Gorgon Hide (WP1428) A4BAD2   Lugganath Orange (Edge)                   Centuar Skin (WP1408) F89E86

( 1) discontinued, ( 2) approximate, ( 3) Coat D'Arms match the OLD citadel colours (pre-1992) so there may well be some distinction. Shining gold has essentially the most noticeable difference, ( 4) Most P3 Paints do not match carefully with the outdated GW range, but an in depth rationalization of each and every paint can also be discovered here: ( 5) GW's new range fits with the old vary are the matches claimed via GW. However, many of the paints don't fit very closely at all and some blending will be required to get as regards to the unique colors. If you are attempting to match outdated GW with new GW, you'd be better simply getting Vallejo sport color or coat d'palms for the nearest match ) (color title) after trying out does not fit GW color (actually a long way) ( 6) 98-99% colour suits, masstone best ( 7) 3rd-Fifth Edition Replicas, same 98-99% matching criteria, masstone only


This desk has been compiled the use of information from the following assets: - also do a range of very similar to Citadel paints, will update when can get probability. has an equivalency chart for Vallejo Game Colour, Vallejo Model Colour and Reaper Master Series paints to the brand new Citadel paint line.

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