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Run (Yandere Byakuya x reader) Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. Comment. By Rukia2011 Watch. 258 Favourites. 39 Comments. 25K Views. So a ways ur tale is the only one I can find with him and forced lemon. It's great. Too bad there wasn't more forced smut tho lol. Reply. Dead-Rotting-Hood Jun 12, 2017. Woe. Reply. Rukia2011 Jun 19, 2017Do you're feeling higher? - Yandere!Dabi x fem!reader @thirsthourdemon, day 20 of @yandere-sins' Yantober checklist is here! I decided to jot down just a little extra for Dabi, however more importantly, of his cushy side. I'm...Literal Armin Trash-- — Yandere!Armin x Reader. 1.5M rankings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is easiest for. Sounds best Wahhhh, I don't wanna Armin grinned at the sobs and how their body trembled every time one forced their way past their lips. He slowly wrapped his arms around them, his grin widening at how they flinchedYandere Imposter x Reader . Clank clank clank clank. The sounds of your footsteps in opposition to the metal ground was the only factor that rang during the hallways by means of the decrease engine. It was the one thing that used to be distracting you from how completely and completely terrified you had been right now. But what was causing your worry?Read yandere claude x reader forced lemon modern day from the story anime His thrust have been slow but tough making me cry and whine in pleasure he started Yandere!Silva x Reader Lemon Dec 15, 2020 Silva x Reader Lemon (forced) section Three I am again dears! A comfortable growl of need rumbled thru his chest, his tough palms pushing her most sensible up

Do you feel better? - Yandere!Dabi x fem!reader

Latest News. Deputy PM Richards items $8000 in Scholarship to 30 scholars; City Teen Center unveils paintings created by way of Salina Central scholar; Mulungu aliko zoona, Shibuyunji farmer celebrates after daughter receives Mutale Mwanza scholarshipBro or yandere!john x reader please handiest if you're comfortable even though!!! yandere-- caught Death Note: L: Yandere!Light x Reader- Lemon Forced NSFW. Queen of Imagines — Hello pricey! If requests are open would possibly I've. Mar 31, 2021 Light Yagami is a Manipulative Yandere. Mikami is a terrifying yandere and can kill his darling, if they don't FemaleLEVI X READER (sorry in point of fact short chapter one of these chapters within the story regardless that might be a forced lemon as a result of each single yandere levi stoey i have learn had a forced lemon by levi so yea ill do it in some chapter thanku remark like do what ever and feature a excellent day) Read 🍋Yandere!Dabi x F!reader🍋 from the tale Bnha x reader lemonsYandere x reader lemon forced wattpad Yandere Dabi x shy virgin f!Reader (Mar 30, 2021) Shy Little Thing - Yandere Dabi x shy virgin f!Reader. image warnings & tags for yandere/obsessive habits including stalking, non/con, grimy with all of his weight and the other taking your chin and forcing you right into a kiss. yandere lemon i dunno i to find it

Do you feel better? - Yandere!Dabi x fem!reader

Literal Armin Trash-- — Yandere!Armin x Reader

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@thirsthourdemon, day 20 of @yandere-sins‘ Yantober record is right here! I determined to write down a bit extra for Dabi, but more importantly, of his comfortable aspect. I am completely satisfied he will be the easiest and the sweetest with aftercare. I hope you enjoy what I wrote for urged 20: tight

Warnings: mentions of slapping, burning, and whipping, y/n is hung from a hook bare, bad mindset, form of stockholm syndrome?, fluffy aftercare (yes I once once more indulged lolol)

Word rely: 725

(Y/N) used to be feeling dizzy and exhausted. She didn’t have in mind how long she’s been tied up for, forced to stand on her tippy toes for no less than a couple of hours. The whole time, Dabi had stalked around her like a predator, once in a while slapping her face, now and again burning the hairs on her skin, other times the usage of a whip on her naked back. By now, her skin used to be affected by bruises, burns and cuts. Her cries of ache had stopped a while in the past; all she felt now was once a lifeless ache in every single place her frame, which she suffered via silently.

It was unattainable to think about the reason why she was tied up here. Dabi had done this before, taking (Y/N) into this darkish room, undressing her, tying her wrists in combination and striking her on a hook in the middle of the room. She may never expect when he would do this; it wasn’t like she did anything unsuitable to deserve punishment. In reality, she’d been pretty just right the previous few days. So why?

The chilly air against her naked pores and skin made her shiver. She couldn’t feel her hands anymore and her legs had been protesting after standing for see you later. She let her head cling down, too drained to keep her neck up immediately anymore.

Dabi slowly walked round her once more, sooner than abruptly preventing right in front of her. With his tough hands, he grabbed her chin and forced her to look up. A wince escaped (Y/N) and she looked at him with drained eyes.

Dabi lifted the whip in his fingers, threatening to hit her, but (Y/N) just checked out it, exhausted. He launched his dangle on her chin, allowing her to slump back down.

He threw the whip in some corner of the room, prior to standing shut enough to (Y/N) that she may just leisure her head on him. With one hand, he pushed her body towards his, while with the other he undid the ropes tying her palms together.

The moment the knot was once undone, (Y/N)’s hands fell down and her knees gave in to her weight. With a sigh, (Y/N) allowed herself to be caught in Dabi’s hands. She was too drained to care anymore.  

Before she knew it, she used to be carried bridal style to her room, where she used to be stored via him. He made her sit down at the mattress, prior to bringing a pitcher of water to her lips.

“Drink,” Dabi commanded.

(Y/N) did as she used to be instructed and parted her lips. The moment the liquid touched her tongue, it was once as though some intuition was woke up in (Y/N). With loud gulps, she emptied the glass inside of mere seconds, as if she hadn’t had water for weeks. Her head right away felt clearer and he or she felt grateful so as to relieve her parched throat.

She felt a hand pat the highest of her head. With a sort voice, Dabi requested: “Do you feel higher?”

(Y/N) nodded.

Dabi’s hands then slithered around her waist, making her lie down on the mattress. He first threw the covers over her, ensuring she was once warm and tucked in, ahead of crawling in himself. With one hand he led her head to leisure on his chest, whilst with the other he pulled her just about him.

After being so cold, it was virtually a blessing to feel his body warmth radiating off his skin. His warm hand traced comforting circles on her again, making (Y/N) really feel secure and cared for.

All the whilst, Dabi used to be whispering sweet issues to her, sometimes pausing to press a kiss on her forehead. “You did so neatly nowadays. You’re wonderful, princess. I like you such a lot.”

(Y/N) was once about in a position to soften into him with how sweet and mild he used to be being. She knew from the ground of her heart that this wasn’t proper, that it’s not normal for your lover to beat you half to loss of life after which faux like they’re your caretaker after they’re done. But by hook or by crook, the way he held her, the way in which he pressed his lips on her pores and skin, made her really feel like he’s now not all that unhealthy. He still beloved her, why else would he cling her like this?

(Y/N) shifted her head to have a look at Dabi’s face. He returned her gaze with a type smile and a kiss on her forehead.

Maybe he wasn’t so dangerous in the end.

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