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How to Unlock 9 Hidden Animations in Google Hangouts

Man, being a developer at Google will have to be lovely candy. While most of us run round like maniacs looking to maximize the too-few hours now we have in an afternoon, the only precedence for a Google dev is discovering new tactics to refill all those huge expanses of "me-time." We know that is true because those devs appear to have so much unfastened time during which to concoct needlessly intricate pranks and plant little hidden Easter Eggs all over the better Google-verse.

Poke round, they are ev-er-y-where. And so why would we think anything else other from the devs in the back of Google's poly-platform messaging device, Google Hangouts?

Indeed, within Hangouts, users will discover a bevy of hidden (and every so often crudely rendered) animated scenes referencing commonplace IM-speak and apparently nonsensical within jokes. (You'll see what we imply.)

Before we get began, we will have to word that you'll be able to handiest access these little tips in case you are using Google Hangouts via your cellular tool (available on Android and iOS), a browser extension (to be had on Chrome and Firefox), or directly from Gmail.

As long as you will have Gmail, you'll be able to access Hangouts (observe: Gchat is not the similar as Hangouts)—simply click your profile photograph at the top of you chat listing and then click on "Try the new Hangouts." Your browser will refresh and you can be excellent to go. (And do not be disturbed, in the event you hate it for some reason, you are going to have the opportunity to change again.)

Click through our slideshow for (infrequently very specific) video pointers on methods to release all the Hangout animations we had been in a position to seek out.


1. Woot

[embedded content]

Try typing woot and you'll be met with a bit of yellow animated character who crawls up the window within the heart or at the a ways left or some roughly fox creature who seems to be wearing a straw hat with slightly white chicken on top. The urged appears to randomly pick from a pool of 3 different animations.

Also try yay!!. Note: the "yay" will have to be followed by two exclamation marks. Also works with Hooray! (on this case, it will have to be adopted by means of a minimum of one exclamation point). You too can use woohoo or woo hoo.

2. Happy Birthday

[embedded content material]

Type glad birthday and you'll see probably the most following occur: 1) somewhat provide will pop up and the little yellow man will pop up, 2) the fox will come in from the precise pulling a birthday cake out of which is able to pop a bit of white chicken or 3) a birthday cake will pop up in the heart.

Alternatively, glad bday and satisfied b-day paintings as well.

3. Hahahaha or hehehehe

[embedded content]

Note, this should kind ha or he 4 times in a row—either ha ha ha ha or hahahaha (on one line—no returns in between) and it'll provide some of the following animations: 1) The fox and the bird pop up in the heart wearing silly costumes and chortle at every other or 2) the little yellow blobby guy will start cracking up on the proper, left, or heart of the display.

Also works with lolol. Note: This will have to be "lolol"—a normal three-letter "lol" won't recommended the animations. The animation can also be brought about by way of LMAO, ROTFL, and meowwwww. Note: meowwwww must include 5 w's to recommended the animation (H/T to commenter Luke Walker for that one).

4. /ponies + /ponystream

[embedded content material]

If you kind /ponies. it'll urged an overly My Little Pony-like mare to gallop around the screen. This will actually now not display the phrase /ponies, it is going to just send the animation. Note that the suggested must be in all lowercase and you and the individual at the different end won't see the same actual horse animation—there seem to be a excellent half-dozen horses to cycle through.

One galloping pony no longer sufficient for you? How a couple of STAMPEDE! To create this impact, kind in /ponystream for an never-ending parade of ponies. To turn it off (and accept as true with me, you'll want to turn it off), merely type it again. Note: it kind of feels that this animation simplest seems at the display screen of the one that typed it.

5. /shydino

[embedded content]

Like /ponystream, the /shydino prompt is not going to show any of the words in the screen and can only work in lowercase. This one will advised just a little orange area. And then somewhat green dinosaur (or what they are calling a "dinosaur" anyway—some kind of blobby green creature) will gallop on from the fitting facet of the display screen and hide in the back of the home. And that's it. If you wish to have the dino to leave, simply kind the advised once more and *poof* he's back to being extinct.

6. /bikeshed

[embedded content]

Tired of that uninteresting white background? Try typing /bikeshed and it's going to change the colour of your background (and that of your pal) to a few random hue. Note that you won't be seeing the same hues and you can't simply go back to the default—you'll have to close your window and re-open it.

7. /pitchforks

[embedded content]

Like the opposite animations, this must even be lowercase. If you type /pitchforks, you're going to advised either one giant mob of offended pitchfork- and torch-wielding townspeople or a gradual movement of angry townspeople operating across the screen one after the other. Note: the secure stream can go for some time, however will run out sooner or later. If you get in poor health of it, you'll have to shut and re-open your chat window.

8. Konami Cheat Code

[embedded content]

If you performed Nintendo at all back within the day, up, up, down, down, left, proper, left, right, b, a is unquestionably burned into your grey subject. It additionally works in Hangouts. Don't if truth be told kind the code—punch in the code via your keyboard arrows, the "b" and "a" at the end would possibly not sign in (and so they will have to be lowercase). Hit enter and it will trade the background to a NES-y nature scene. If you need to get back for your customary screen, then you will have to shut and re-open the window.

9. Go For a Combo

[embedded content material]

And they all appear to work in combination. Go nuts.

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