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The Albuquerque Isotopes are a Minor League Baseball workforce of the Triple-A West and the Triple-A associate of the Colorado Rockies.They play home video games at Rio Grande Credit Union Field at Isotopes Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at an elevation of 5,one hundred ft (1,555 m) above sea stage.. In 2003, the Calgary Cannons moved from Alberta to Albuquerque and become the Isotopes taking part in within the PacificSpringfield Isotopes Hat For some explanation why, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball hat---featuring Smilin' Joe Fission ---is now not available in the true global. But this 'Topes cap ($49) is, and...The Springfield Isotopes 1990 is a TGD classic for SS20. The group is shown as enormously underfunded and suffering in festival. Their home games are played at Duff Stadium as Duff Beer sponsors and co-manages the workforce. The Isotopes identify is perhaps in connection with Springfield's nuclear power plant.Springfield Isotopes Trucker Hat. tararenee14 Nov 23, 2020 5 out of 5 stars. The hat seems nice! My boyfriend loves the Simpson's so I got it for him as a gift. Can't wait to peer his response.😁 I also preferred the private word that got here with it😊 Purchased item: Springfield Isotopes Trucker HatSimpsons Springfield Isotopes t-shirts This distinctive piece of Simpsons merchandise refers to the town of Springfield's minor league baseball crew the Springfield Isotopes. The staff name is most probably a reference to the town's nuclear energy plant. Homer Simpson used to be the Isotopes mascot for some time until he used to be fired.

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Marge: This is a Springfield Isotopes hat. When you put on it, you might be wearing Springfield. When you eat a fish from our river, you are consuming Springfield. When you are making lemonade from our timber, you might be consuming Springfield! Bart: Mom, when you give that lecture, you are uninteresting Springfield. Milhouse: We've squozen our whole supply. To the1992 City Champs!This updated unisex crucial fits like a well-loved favourite, featuring a crew neck, short sleeves and designed with awesome combed and ring-spun cotton.This design is a real reside product! Check it! Shop this design on a guys's mens-triblend-tee; Shop this design on a iphone's double-duty-phone-case; Shop this design on a iphone's perfect-fit-phone-case; Shop this design on a accessories's tote-bag; Shop this design on a girls's triblend-34-sleeve-raglan-tee; Shop this design on a youth's kids-tee; Shop this design on a children's shirtLooking for the perfect Springfield Isotopes Gifts? Come take a look at our giant choice of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. CafePress brings your passions to life with the very best merchandise for each and every instance. Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping

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Springfield Ice-O-Topes Authentic Jersey that the crew wore for What If Night on 2/1. No returns on Authentic jerseys. First symbol is of the jersey being worn on What If Night. See following photographs for shut ups of crest and patches. **This is a clean jersey without a quantity or identify at the again.SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - Springfield Thunderbirds president Nathan Costa offered a test of $15,000 to the Baystate Health Foundation for the Rays of Hope from proceeds raised from the sale of distinctiveness red jerseys worn at the 2020 Pink within the RinkRepresent Your Team, Your Town, and Your Style With Hats From Lids.comThe Isotopes' does indeed come from The Simpsons-- particularly, the episode by which Homer's cherished Springfield Isotopes threaten to transport to the town of Albuquerque. This 2001 episode aired atSpringfield is the fictitious town through which The Simpsons is ready. The nuclear energy plant there, from which the Isotopes draw their name, has had 342 protection violations, two soften downs and has blown up. Homer Simpson was the mascot for this tremendously underfunded and struggling staff. But he was eventually fired in choose of the Capital City Goofball.

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User Review 2.33 (3 votes) Season 1

Bart: There’s only one fat guy that brings us presents and his name ain’t Santa.

Bart: KWYJIBO. Ok-W-Y-J-I-B-O. Twenty-two points. Plus triple word rating. Plus fifty issues for using all my letters. Game’s over, I’m outta right here.Homer: Wait a minute, you little cheater! You’re now not going anywhere till you tell me what a kwyjibo is.Bart: Kwyjibo. Ah… a big dumb balding North American ape. With no chin.Marge: And a brief mood.Homer: I’ll display you a big dumb balding ape!Bart: Uh oh, kwyjibo on the loose!

Bart: Look everybody, I'd simply as quickly now not make a large deal out of this. I’m not saying I’m no longer a hero, I’m simply pronouncing that I concern for my safety.

Bart: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, contrary to what you’ve simply observed, conflict is neither glamorous or fun. There aren't any winners, only losers. There are no good wars. With the next exceptions: the American Revolution, World War II and Star Wars trilogy.

Season 2

Bart: Look in my eyes. See the conviction? See the sincerity? See the worry? As God is my witness, I will be able to cross the fourth grade!Homer: And should you don’t, no less than you’ll be larger than the opposite youngsters.

Mrs. Krabappel: What’s the topic? Well I might assume you’d be used to failing via now.Bart: No, you don’t perceive! I truly attempted this time! I imply I in reality attempted.Mrs. Krabappel: There there.Bart: This is as excellent as I will be able to do! And I still failed!Mrs. Krabappel: Well, a 59. It’s a prime F.Bart: Who am I kidding? I in reality am a failure! Oh, now I know the way George Washington felt when he surrendered Fort Necessity to the French in 1754.

Homer: We’re proud of you, Boy.Bart:Thanks Dad. Part of this d-minus belongs to God.

Lisa: Mom, I poured my middle into that centerpiece. Things like that at all times happen in this family.Bart: I noticed that too.

Marge: Oh Bart, we thought for a minute you’d gone clear of us.Bart: I did move away, Mom! I was miles and miles and miles away! Writhing in agony within the pits of Hell! And you had been there, and also you and also you and also you… seeing Lionel Hutz You I’ve never seen sooner than.

Marge: Did you make any money?Bart: Not but however I’m in numerous pain.

Season 3

Lisa: Excuse us, Rabbi Krustofski?Rabbi Hyman Krustofski (Jackie Mason): Oh, what can I do for you my young buddies?Bart: We got here to talk to you about your son.Rabbi Krustofski: I haven't any son! he slams the doorBart: Oh great. We got here all this way and it’s the wrong man.Rabbi Krustofski: I didn’t imply that literally!

Bart: Rabbi, didn't a great man say—and I quote, “The Jews are a swinging bunch of other folks. I imply, I’ve heard of persecution but what they went via is ridiculous. But the nice factor is, after 1000's of years of ready and maintaining on and fighting, they finally made it.” End quote.Rabbi Krustofski: Oh, I never heard the plight of my other folks phrased so eloquently. Who stated that? Rabbi Hillel?Bart: No.Rabbi Krustofski: It was Judah the Pious.Bart: No.Rabbi Krustofski: Maimonides.Bart: No.Rabbi Krustofski: Oh, I got it. The Dead Sea Scrolls!Bart: I’m afraid not, Rabbi. It’s from Yes I Can by means of Sammy Davis, Jr. An entertainer. Like your son.Rabbi Krustofski: The Candy Man?

Mrs. Krabappel: Bart! Are those liquor bottles?Bart: I brought enough for everybody.Mrs. Krabappel: Take the ones to the trainer’s lounge. You may have what’s left at the end of the day.

Lisa: Bart, who’s winning?Bart: “You hate Dad” is up by means of a touchdown.

Bart: You make me in poor health, Homer. You’re the one who instructed me I could do the rest if I just put my thoughts to it.Homer: Well now that you just’re a bit of bit older I will let you know that’s a crock. No topic how good you might be at something, there’s all the time about a million folks better than you.Bart: Gotcha. Can’t win, don’t take a look at.

Bart: If you don’t watch the violence you’ll never get desensitized to it.Lisa: Just tell me when the dreaded part’s over.

Bart: How would I go about creating a half-man, half-monkey sort creature?Mrs. Krabappel: I’m sorry, That could be playing God.Bart: God shmod. I would like my monkey man!

Bart: Milhouse, we’re living within the age of cooties. I can’t imagine the risk you’re working.

Herb: Now I guess you’re all wondering what lies beneath this sheet!Bart: Not actually. We peeked within when you had been in the john.

Season 4

Lisa: I feel like I’m going to die, Bart.Bart: We’re all going to die, Lis.Lisa: I meant soon.Bart: So did I.

Bart: Alright, that’s it. I’ve been scorched by way of Krusty prior to. I got a speedy heartbeat from those Krusty Brand vitamins. My Krusty Kalculator didn’t have a seven or an 8. And Krusty’s autobiography was self-serving, with many glaring omissions. But this time, he’s long gone too a ways!

With the church doors frozen close, Lisa begins praying.Bart: Lisa, that is neither the time nor the place.

Bart: I’d say that the force’s after all gotten to dad, however, what force?

Bart: I assumed dabbling in the Black Arts can be just right for a giggle. How wrong I used to be.

Laura (Sara Gilbert): Well Bart, you have been right about him.Bart: As usual, a knife-wielding maniac has proven us the way in which.

Mrs. Krabappel: Bart, have you ever ever learn The Boy Who Cried Wolf?Bart: I’m halfway via it, I swear!

Bart: Oh! My ovaries!

Bart: Can’t sleep, clown will consume me. Can’t sleep, clown will devour me.

Marge: But Main Street’s nonetheless all cracked and broken.Bart: Sorry, Mom, the mob has spoken.

Bart: Some day I wish to be an F-14 military pilot like my hero Tom. Who lent me this new weapon called a neural disruptor.Mrs. Krabappel: He’s no longer useless, is he, Bart?Bart: Nah. But I wouldn’t give him any homework for awhile.Mrs. Krabappel: Very just right. Thank you, Bart.Bart: Oh don’t thank me. Thank an remarkable 8 12 months army build-up.

Bart: I’ll cross disguised as you.Lisa: What if he wants to carry palms?Bart: I’m prepared to make that sacrifice.Lisa: What if he needs a kiss?Bart: I’m prepared to make that sacrifice.Lisa: What if he—Bart: You don’t want to understand how some distance I’ll pass.

Lisa: Bart are you thinking what I’m pondering?Bart: Probably no longer.

Bart: Don’t concern, Mom. I’ll bust you out of there just as soon as I get a cocktail dress and a crowbar.

Season 5

Devil Flanders: Hey Bart.Bart: Hey.

Bart: Woah! That’s excellent Squishee.

Bart: I know, I’ll just do like Lisa and escape into delusion. it doesn’t paintings Damn TV, you’ve ruined my imagination! Just such as you’ve ruined my talent to, ah…

Homer: You’re our ultimate hope, boy.Bart: I really don’t want to be here, Dad! Besides, I started a hearth this morning that I truly should keep an eye on.

Season 6

Marge: Bart, are a majority of these kids pals of yours?Bart: Friends and well-wishers, sure.

Flanders: I want there was every other reason behind this, however there isn’t. I’m a murderer. I’m a murderer!Bart: Then that’s no longer the actual Ned Flanders.Flanders: I’m a murder-diddly-urdler!Bart: If that’s now not Flanders, he’s accomplished his homework.

Bart: He’s gonna kill Rod and Todd, too. That’s terrible! pause In idea.

Mrs. Lovejoy: I didn’t know rocket sled was an Olympic event.Bart: Well no offense, woman, however what you don’t know could fill a warehouse.

Bart: Jessica, I don’t think we must hang around anymore. You’re turning me into a criminal when all I need to be is a petty thug.

Skinner: Because you've got impeded science you must now help science. Yes. Starting day after today you'll assist me with my amateur astronomy. Taking down coordinates, carrying apparatus and so on. Four-thirty within the morning.Bart: There’s a four-thirty within the morning now?

Bart: Hey guys, just so you don’t listen any wild rumors, I’m being indicted for fraud in Australia.Homer: Pfft. That’s no explanation why to dam the TV.

Homer: Oh boy, that is the existence. Boy, next summer time can you devote some sort of fraud in Orlando, Florida?Bart: I’m way forward of you, Dad.

Bart: Oh please. This is unnecessary destruction with none of my standard social observation.

Marge: This is a Springfield Isotopes hat. When you wear it, you’re wearing Springfield. When you eat a fish from our river, you’re eating Springfield. When you make lemonade from our timber, you’re consuming Springfield!Bart: Mom, when you give that lecture, you’re uninteresting Springfield.

Season 7

Bart: Come on, Milhouse. There’s no such thing as a soul. It’s simply something they made up to scare kids. Like the boogeyman or Michael Jackson.

Lisa: Pablo Neruda stated, “Laughter is the language of the soul.”Bart: I'm accustomed to the works of Pablo Neruda.

Bart: singing You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win pals with salad!

Bart: Wait a minute, should you’re right here then you’ve fallen asleep too!Lisa: I’m now not asleep. I’m simply resting my eye— Uh oh.Bart: Goodbye, Bart!Lisa: Goodbye, Lis. I'm hoping you get reincarnated as anyone who can keep conscious for fifteen mins.

Marge: Bart, what happened?Bart: Well we hit a bit of snag when the universe type of collapsed on itself. But Dad appeared cautiously optimistic.Homer: Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: Hey, I thought Krusty used to be Jewish.Bart: Christmas is a time when people of all religions come in combination to worship Jesus Christ.

Bart: Grampa! I don’t mind whilst you spit at home, but I have to paintings with those other folks.

Bart: Hey Mr. Burns, can I am going with you to get the treasure? I received’t eat much and I don’t know the difference between right and fallacious.

Season 8

Teacher: So, you by no means discovered cursive?Bart: Well I know hell and damn and bi—Teacher: Cursive handwriting. Script. Do you recognize multiplication tables? Long department?Bart: I do know of them.

Belle: When you work the door, the main issues are to greet the visitors and toss out the troublemakers.Bart: Ah! The previous Greet ‘n’ Toss. No problemo.

Rod Flanders: I don’t like this clown.Bart: I wouldn’t take that down if I have been you. It’s a load-bearing poster.

Bart: No refunds! Force majeure! Read the back of your price tag!

Reverend Lovejoy: Friday you will have the chance to birthday party down within the church basement to the decent rock stylings of Testament.Bart: Pfft! All the best bands are affiliated with Satan.

Frank Grimes: If you lived in any other country on the earth you would have starved to demise long ago.Bart: He’s were given you there, Dad.

Season 9

Lisa: Well I know you don’t need to disappoint Dad, but how do you are feeling about lying to him?Bart: Good.

Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon: Surely you children are acutely aware of your Brahman heritage.Bart: As long as you might have absolutely no follow-up questions, sure. Yes, we're.Lisa: Fully.

Bart: Wow! I wish I had an elephant.Lisa: You did. His identify used to be Stampy. You beloved him.Bart: Oh yeah.

Bart: Why are we getting dressed up, Mom? Are we going to Black Angus?Marge: Well, chances are you'll say we’re going to the best steak space in the universe.Bart: So we’re now not going to Black Angus.

After Homer turns at the Christmas lights.Bart: It’s craptacular.

Skinner: Okay, Libya: exports.Bart: Yes sir, you American pig!Skinner: Nice touch.

Bart: Excuse me, I’m on the lookout for any person named Jay Leno.Jay Leno: Somebody wanna get this kid a TV?Bart: Woah. Gee, thank you Mister.

Bart: I pick out my dad.Nelson: Him?Bart: You’d be surprised. He will get pretty aggressive when he’s been drinking.

Season 10

Bart: I feel I read someplace that cows like being killed.

Bart: I didn’t suppose it was bodily possible, but this both sucks and blows.

Bart: Well, I’m flunking math and the other day I was just a little attracted to Milhouse.

Season 11

Homer: Hey! I had Lenny’s name on that.Bart: They have it now.Lisa: Who are “they” precisely?Bart: Who else? Major League Baseball.

Lisa: We’ve gotta pass to the police!Bart: They’ll by no means believe a Simpson killed a Flanders by chance. Even I have my doubts.

Lisa: Bart just let me drop and save yourself!Bart: What do you think I’ve ben looking to do!

Lisa: You folks took good thing about trusting faculty kids!Jim Hope (Tim Robbins): How did you get past Gary Coleman?Bart: Let’s just say he’s a couple of prawns in need of a galaxy.

Bart: How’d you truly get the bucket off my dad’s head?Brother Faith: Well I didn’t son. You did. God gave you the facility.Bart: Really? Hm. I might suppose he would wish to prohibit my energy.

Rev. Lovejoy: I advised missionary work and he jumped on the idea.Marge: Missionary paintings?Bart: He’s dead, isn’t he?

So. You like to sneak into casinos.Bart: I wasn’t going to gamble. I simply sought after a Bloody Mary.

Bart: Way to make a guitar, Sears.

Bart: What happened to you, China? You used to be cool.Chinese Ambassador: Hey, China nonetheless cool!

Season 12

Homer: Nice wiring, Bart.Bart: It labored on the take a look at corpse.

Season 13

Bart: Prank be undone! Destroy the evil one! it zaps him Not me!

Lisa: What’re you doing?Bart: Diggin’.Lisa: Why?Bart: Make a hollow.Lisa: A hollow for what?Bart: More diggin’.Lisa: Okay then.

Bart: Cool! Mom’s on drugs. If we flip her in we can get a form letter from Dick Cheney.

Bart: Lis, ladies are easy. State capitols are onerous.

Homer: Homer, what are you going to do?Bart: Crazy scheme, loopy scheme, scheme.Homer: Get me tools and beer.Bart: Yes!

Season 14

Bart: Mutt and Jeff comics are not humorous. They’re gay! I am getting it!

Krusty: I will even inform the FCC to take a hike. Look at this listing of phrases they received’t let me say at the air.Bart: Aw. All the goods ones. I’ve by no means heard of number 9.Krusty: It’s doing 13 while she’s elevening your five.Bart: Can I stay this?Krusty: Sure. No twelve off my ass.

Bart: All that’s left for me is to turn into the most important under the influence of alcohol this the town’s ever noticed.Homer: Talkin’ gained’t get you there.

Milhouse: You’re gonna depreciate a mafia don’s automobile?Bart: Hey, we’re all gonna be murdered some day.

Milhouse: Do you suppose insects really feel pain?Bart: If they don’t, I’ve wasted numerous my lifestyles.

Bart: These losers are out of peanut butter.Milhouse: I know the way to make some. Peanuts… butter…. Now we simply put the highest on.Bart: Hey, I didn’t get the place I'm placing tops on things.

Season 15

Bart: Please don’t take me! Take Milhouse. We all know there’s no happy finishing there.Death: Your time is up.Homer killing Death: This is for Snowball I and JFK!

Bart: Dad. You blew it. You listened to Lisa and then you definitely lost your stranglehold at the target audience.Homer: I’ll audience you!

Lisa: If Dad ever reads that e-book he’s gonna be so humiliated!Bart: He’ll by no means learn it.Lisa: What in the event that they make it into a movie?Bart: He’ll by no means see it.Lisa: What in the event that they parody it on “MadTV”?Bart: We’re doomed!

Ralph Wiggum: Eighteen, nineteen, twenty… I discovered you!Bart: Ralph, we’re playing checkers.Ralph Wiggum: I don’t such as you, Boy Mommy.

Lisa: There’s spiders in your hair!Bart: That’s what you call dedication to slightly.

Bart: Ah cartoons. America’s only native artwork shape. I don’t count jazz ’motive it sucks.

Marge: Bart, stop fooling with the faraway!Bart: Lisa made me with a witches spell.Lisa: It’s referred to as Wicca and it’s empowering.Bart: Wicca’s a Hollywood fad.Lisa: That’s Kaballah, jerk!

Bart: What do the ones women be expecting? When you signal a freelance with FOX you know you’re going to be betrayed and humiliated.

Season 16

Bart: The Tooth Fairy’s made a donation in my identify to the United Way. That gossamer witch!

Bart: Listen, Lis, I gotta tell you one thing. I’m going to Yale.Lisa: What?! I don’t need to go to the same college as you.Bart: Then I were given some nice information! You’re no longer going to Yale.

Bart: I’ve learned that even made-up corporate shills can lie to you.

Marge: What language is this? Gibby Gabby?Lisa: It’s Albanian. But the manufacturers added subtitles to make it “industrial”.Bart: Mom! I don’t wanna learn. It’s the weekend! he pulls his blouse over his head

Bart: I do know what we will be able to ask Jeeves. Why does he suck.

Sister: In the previous days, we’d use a ruler to take care of incorrigibles such as you.Bart: Thanks for the history lesson, Sister.Sister: These days, we use a backyard stick!Bart: I’ll display you! I’ll move thirty-three inches away.Sister: A backyard’s thirty-six!Bart: Oh. Now you inform me.

Bart: Stupid Catholic school. Suffering for my hip perspective. I’m the true Jesus here.Father Sean (Liam Neeson): So it’s sacrilege you’re spouting now.Bart: What’s it to ya, Irish?

Season 17

Lisa: If you don’t tell Mom what you probably did, I will.Bart: Oh come on. Wouldn’t it's more straightforward if our folks divorced and you compensated by means of marrying much older men. Meanwhile I’ll be a type of weird guys who’s thirty-five and displays up at high school basketball games.

Robot: Tell me, young guy, what is it like to have feelings?Bart: I mentioned I’m human, not a woman.

Pilot: Welcome to Atlanta. Please keep your seatbelt mounted until we've got come to a complete stop.Bart: Nobody tells Bart Simpson what to do! unfastens seat beltPilot: Thanks so much, 38C. Now all of us have to go back to Minneapolis. And I’m very drained.

Bart: No one with a decision will have to ever must be a girl. I’ll train you how one can be a boy.Lisa: You would do that for me? That is so candy.Bart: You’re a boy. Nothing is nice. kicks Lisa within the leg.Lisa: Ow! That hurt.Bart: Sweet.

Season 18

Bart: Can’t you learn my writing? I didn’t say “kick Homer’s partitions.”

Bart: Woah. Even the Army has Humvees now.

Bart about Nelson’s party: Mom, I will be able to’t go. No one else is.Marge: Well if no person else jumped off the Empire State construction, would you now not jump?Bart: Kind of?

Darcy (Natalie Portman): Wow. You truly are ten. I assumed you have been simply kinda stupid.Bart: I’m ten and silly.

Bart: Do you think I’m telling folks not to have a cow because deep down I would like them to have a cow?

Marge: Bart, this is all we will find the money for for now. If it doesn’t work maybe when you’re an adult you'll be able to pay some girl to make you happy for an hour.Bart: You know, I think I will be able to.

Marge: What are you youngsters doing up so overdue?Lisa: It’s seven am.Marge: I used to be on the laptop all night time!Bart: Actually, it’s Saturday.Marge: I performed a day and a night!Lisa: Bart, it’s now not Saturday.Bart: Sh!

Season 19

Kirk: Attention everyone. Luann and I have some giant information.Bart: Is it that you simply’re brother and sister? Because you actually look so much alike.

Lisa: And Ralph is most effective eight years previous. It says in the Constitution it's a must to be 35.Bart: The Constitution? I’m lovely sure the Patriot Act killed it to ensure our freedoms.

Bart: Whatcha doin’, mother? Going crazy?

Bart: Hey, I didn’t know this park was right here.Lisa: You wrote a record on it ultimate week.Bart: The internet wrote it. I simply passed it in.

Bart: Mom, they’re going to kill Lou and make him into food and fringe vests for gay cowboys!

Bart: “Anguished Animals III”? That wasn’t my conscience mooing! That was… Tress MacNeille!

Homer: What may well be more than consuming and drinking for hours in a drizzling parking zone.Lisa: Anything.Bart: No, everything is healthier.

Season 20

Bart: Stupid angry mob, chasing me because I shine a harsh gentle on fashionable society. Now I know the way Dane Cook feels.

Marge: How a couple of circle of relatives trip?Bart: A family day trip? I’ll start. Lisa’s homosexual!

Season 21

Lisa: This Andy sounds like kind of a loser.Bart: How could any person so much like me be a loser?

Bart: No no no. You’re too young to be a witch. Savor the stairs main as much as it. College anorexic, string of dangerous marriages, career disappointments, failed pottery store. And then when you’re outdated and on my own you can hit the witch thing exhausting.

Marge: Look how the snow glistens on the tiniest branches!Bart: Yeah yeah. Miracles are all around us.

Lisa: Bart, I’m dropping my grip.Bart: Put the rope in your enamel.Lisa: What will that do?Bart: It’ll close you up.

Willie: Well accomplished, boy!Bart: Wait. Here comes the mykia.Willie: What’s a mykia? the stump falls on Skinner’s automobileSkinner: My Kia!

Marge: Then again, there’s just one option to get a correct reading. Bart. Pants!Lisa: Just shut your eyes and bring to mind Milhouse.Marge: Yep. One-oh-three on the dot. You’re staying house.Lisa: How did you— ?Bart: I don’t wish to discuss it.

Lisa: Congratulations. You’re officially a sociopath.Bart: Hey, no less than I’m on a path.

Bart: I hate being caught at house.Marge: Play with Lisa!Bart: Mom you don’t play with Lisa. You play despite her.

Marge: Bart Simpson, are you a druggo?Bart: What? No! Not until you carry my allowance.

Season 22

Lisa: Hot streaks are a statistical illusion!Bart: I wish you had been a statistical phantasm.Lisa: Well there’s a ninety-seven percent chance that I’m now not, so do what I say.

Bart: …And absolutely no Brazilian hardwood.Fifth Grader: Is this a rumble or a Harvest dance?Bart: Okay, you wish to have hardwood?Fifth Grader: No no!Bart: Then let’s do that thing.

Marge: Maybe lets get again in combination.Bart: Awesome! I’ll get the white wine.Marge: You can’t buy white wine.Bart: Why now not? Are you having pink meat?

Bart: What am I doing right here, Seymour? The thing I’m planning hasn’t even long gone off yet. Willie falls right into a pit. That wasn’t me and also you’re my alibi.

Bart: I believe I just met the object I’m gonna die on.

Homer: When you get anything you want, you don’t need anything else you get.Bart: What is that this crap? Are you wearing a wire?

Bart: How now mad spirits! / Before we section’Tis I! Mischievous and puckish BartTwas no longer I the avid gamers did disturbTwas the doings of a green naughty herbThe gods have righted each and every wrongCheech the Stoner has his ChongAnd Homer, he's again with MomYou can watch us the next day to come at hulu.com

Homer: Come on, party pooper. Bust a transfer!Bart: Meh. This tune’s a bit of bossy for me.

Bart: Maybe this key would be the key to placing the “key” in anarchy.

Lisa: So the solution to our thriller lies at the other facet of that ice bridge.Bart: It’s summertime. The ice bridge will probably be a water not anything.

Season 23

Marge: I take your sugary goodies and I come up with healthy items. Plain brown toothbrushes, unflavored dental floss, and fun-sized mouthwashes. TSA-approved.Bart: This is exactly why kids desire a union.

Lisa: Isn’t that awfully similar to the cootie patch you probably did final 12 months?Bart: That was preventitive. This is morning after.

Bart: Whatever the process is, I’m no longer .Homer: 1,000,000 greenbacks has changed stupider minds than yours.Bart: I just like the beat. Play me the song.Homer: We’re taking down youngsters who read.Bart: Chapter e-book crowd. That’s a juicy peach. But what’s the cream?Homer: I’m placing together a tween lit gang write.Bart: Tween lit gang write?Homer: Tween lit gang write. But this Babar needs a Zephyr.Bart: A Zephyr?Homer: You’re the Zephyr.Bart: This better not end up like Kansas City.Homer: It received’t be like Kansas City.

Exec: Good night, gents.Bart: Kansas City.Homer: Kansas City.

Marge: So what used to be everyone’s favourite factor at the museum?Lisa: I liked the a professional docents.Bart: I liked the early final time.

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