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Quiz advent. This used to be at the start for my staff chat, so you understand its a exertions of affection with simplest iron clad meme-proof takes. I do not know a single Taylor Swift track, so you all Will Not Have To Know Anything (there are lyric questions, simply no longer spotting track titles alone of any artist).All possible questions. Find out which house. Here is a quiz that can ask you all the questions on Pottermore created through J.K. Rowling and not just the randomly selected ones!The Sorting Quiz on Pottermore determines the player's house ( Gryffindor , Hufflepuff , Ravenclaw , or Slytherin ). Originally, the participant would take the quiz to be looked after within the third second of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone...What's your hogwarts house - Find out which Harry Potter House you actually belong in! Take this official Pottermore Sorting Hat take a look at that you just frequently see. Please let us know or if you wish to give a contribution in making or writing question subject material, please touch us on our contact page.All imaginable questions. Find out which house you may be chosen for. Jason aggregate, "We've obtained a house and we now have purchased food so that places us a million cases more than individuals who don't have anywhere to are living and do not have the remaining to devour and would not have any cash, and all the...

Pottermore Sorting Quiz (all possible questions) | Harry Potter Amino

Hello, I have not gotten into Pottermore beta but because my electronic mail has not arrived. But, earlier than I get in I wish to ask you guys one thing. I took the sorting quiz on-line at some web site years ago and I were given Ravenclaw. I've been obsessed with Ravenclaw and I truly wish to be in Ravenclaw.Some Pottermore questions integrated, and I can upload directly to this as soon as I will be able to! This is my first quiz (and I believe it is beautiful just right), but I'm hoping you all adore it! Welcome to the Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz! This quiz is from Pottermore, if you didn't know, and subsequently does not belong to the Daily Prophet.Full Pottermore Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz (All Possible Questions) Hi everybody! In this video, I'm taking every other Pottermore So i did the House Sorting quiz on Pottermore's web page & i got Slytherin. But this time i am answering each conceivable query fromFULL POTTERMORE ILVERMORNY HOUSES SORTING QUIZ (ALL The Questions!) smetankagalka (25).

Pottermore Sorting Quiz (all possible questions) | Harry Potter Amino

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Pottermore House Quiz - What Is Your Harry Potter House? How. Details: That's what you will in finding out in this prolonged model of the legitimate Pottermore House Quiz. Imagine being one of the new students at Hogwarts. Assembled at the Great Hall among your fellow initiates, your path to becoming...Make positive to awnser all the questions trully and no longer only by means of what you suppose gets you in in your favourite house. What is GotoQuiz? A greater more or less quiz web site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just top of the range quizzes that you'll create and percentage on your social community.Harry Potter house quiz is a unfastened Hogwarts house check that tells you the Potter House, which best suits your character. Just solution a few questions, and you'll get the house that fits your character. If you're a true Potterhead, take the Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz to get taken care of into your...We had been all dissatisfied when Pottermore's Sorting Hat quiz went offline, but fear no longer: It's in spite of everything back! Pottermore has been present process some large changes during the last few The Sorting Quiz itself is extra simple (and turns out shorter?) than it was, with questions displayed in a dropdown menu.Pottermore Sorting Quiz (all possible questions) - GoToQuiz. Jan 28, 2016 - The Pottermore Sorting Quiz Is Back to Tell You Which Hogwarts House You However, the website online used to be relaunched with out the preferred feature in

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This Sorting Quiz Will Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Truly Belong In

"); $("body").append("" ) $.each(assoc, serve as(a,o) var factor = o[0]; var p.c = o[1]; $("#potbar").append("") setTimeout(function() $(".potbar-" + factor).css("width", percent + "%"); , 250); ); 33); return end result; "quiz": "rounds":[ "id":"1393b500", "questions": "7536b71a": "answers":[ "id":"ce169cee", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 3, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"Phoenix Feather" , "id":"f72fd47f", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 3 , "text":"Dragon Heartstring" , "id":"b9f7c9e7", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 3, "Hufflepuff": 3, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Unicorn Hair" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"You’ve made it to Hogwarts, which means you’ve already bought a wand from Ollivander’s. What material is at its core?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"0fe92770", "questions": "eee00f16": "answers":[ "id":"5dd7ce46", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 5, "Hufflepuff": 2, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 2 , "text":"Tell the professor immediately – cheating is wrong, no matter what." , "id":"84280f77", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 5 , "text":"Nothing, but if I hadn't come top of the class, I'd definitely tell the professor." , "id":"7b2fd89e", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 5, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Encourage the other student to admit what they'd done to the professor." , "id":"c7dcbda9", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 5, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Give them a high five for managing to sneak the quill into the exam." ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"During the end-of-year exams, you notice that one of your classmates was using an enchanted quill. You come top of the class anyway, but they are second. What do you do?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"24427e4b", "questions": "98de2a84": "answers":[ "id":"0b07559a", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 3, "Slytherin": 10 , "text":"Weak" , "id":"8b7d38b8", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 10, "Hufflepuff": 3, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 2 , "text":"Ignorant" , "id":"47429ab1", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 10, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Unkind" , "id":"39d835fa", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 10, "Slytherin": 3 , "text":"Boring" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"You would be most hurt if a person called you...", "image_credit":"" , "id":"7be38232", "questions": "a4553023": "answers":[ "id":"9c725eaf", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 7, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Expelliarmus!" , "id":"694882bd", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 7, "Hufflepuff": 2, "Gryffindor": 3, "Slytherin": 3 , "text":"Protego!" , "id":"7b856497", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 7, "Slytherin": 3 , "text":"Stupefy!" , "id":"bf0f7ba2", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 7 , "text":"Crucio!" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"You're locked in a duel with a skilled opponent. They fire an unknown spell at you, and you shout…", "image_credit":"" , "id":"842806a4", "questions": "8a818fb6": "answers":[ "id":"8dd624a8", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 5, "Slytherin": 2 , "text":"Sneaking into the Forbidden Forest at night on a dare." , "id":"7762d4ec", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 5 , "text":"Getting caught cheating in my Divination O.W.L." , "id":"9d01f618", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 5, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Being put in detention after I was caught in the library after hours." , "id":"791ff762", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 5, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"Nothing! I'd never do anything to warrant a Howler." ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"It's your fifth year at Hogwarts, and you've just received a Howler from your parents. What for?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"c7542b6f", "questions": "9db4bb58": "answers":[ "id":"7d1efc79", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 3, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 2 , "text":"\"Pity the dwelling, and above all, those who are living with out love.\"" , "id":"490ce88b", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 3, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"\"Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.\"" , "id":"cda2b94b", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 2, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"\"It issues now not what anyone is born, however what they transform.\"" , "id":"b790e6bd", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 3, "Slytherin": 3 , "text":"\"It does not do to stay on goals and omit to live.\"" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"Which of these Dumbledore quotations speaks to you?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"9bf1f54c", "questions": "45dc1310": "answers":[ "id":"1203a62b", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 5, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"I love surrounding myself with people – the more friends I have, the better!" , "id":"83608f65", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 2, "Gryffindor": 5, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"I have a few very close friends that I would trust with my life." , "id":"d89a0edd", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 5, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 2 , "text":"I tend to be wary around new people, so don't make new friends often." , "id":"dd32572f", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 5 , "text":"I find myself becoming friends with people who can help me to succeed." ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"Which of these most accurately describes your relationship with your closest friends?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"e14e066c", "questions": "8d2ade2d": "answers":[ "id":"09e702c4", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 7, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"My ability to absorb new information." , "id":"212d3411", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 7, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"My ability to make new friends." , "id":"248e3f00", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 3, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 7, "Slytherin": 4 , "text":"My ability to get what I want." , "id":"10a54f59", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 3, "Gryffindor": 3, "Slytherin": 7 , "text":"My ability to keep secrets." ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"Which of your skills are you most proud of?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"5c6e564a", "questions": "88964b9c": "answers":[ "id":"58f8a887", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 7, "Slytherin": 7 , "text":"Seeker. I want the glory!" , "id":"4782b7bb", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 7, "Hufflepuff": 3, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"Chaser. I like to be involved, and work as part of the team." , "id":"ee2807e8", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 3 , "text":"Beater. I like having all that power." , "id":"3603e2e3", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 7, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"I'll be in the crowd, making sure supporter morale is high!" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"The first Quidditch match of the season is approaching, and you can't wait to get involved. What role are you playing?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"57752fed", "questions": "98378e68": "answers":[ "id":"1386b267", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 3, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 3 , "text":"Owl" , "id":"74005106", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 3, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Cat" , "id":"5dc62646", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 3, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"Toad" , "id":"9bca8740", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 2, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 2 , "text":"Nothing. I can't be trusted to look after a pet!" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"You're allowed a pet at Hogwarts: an owl, a cat, or a toad. Which do you bring?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"5abf04ad", "questions": "179ed02e": "answers":[ "id":"ab612f7c", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 3, "Slytherin": 3 , "text":"The Forbidden Forest" , "id":"0544c9d2", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 7, "Hufflepuff": 3, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"The library" , "id":"821857a7", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 7, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"The kitchens" , "id":"53863980", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 3, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 7, "Slytherin": 7 , "text":"The Room of Requirement" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"It's Saturday, you've finished your homework, and you have some free time. You decide to spend some time away from your common room. Where do you go?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"5975e1fc", "questions": "6609f91b": "answers":[ "id":"dcd8bed4", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 10 , "text":"Myself, surrounded by riches." , "id":"30e1630c", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 10, "Gryffindor": 5, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Myself, surrounded by my loving family and friends." , "id":"1e96a461", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 10, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 3, "Slytherin": 5 , "text":"Myself, knowledgable above all." , "id":"e7241616", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 5, "Hufflepuff": 2, "Gryffindor": 10, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"Myself, experiencing a marvellous adventure." ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"c2231cd7", "questions": "8a80fc9f": "answers":[ "id":"5d6fc406", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 8, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 2, "Slytherin": 8 , "text":"The Elder Wand" , "id":"794109f4", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 8, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 2 , "text":"The Resurrection Stone" , "id":"d3ea8f01", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 2, "Gryffindor": 8, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"The Cloak of Invisibility" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"Choose a Deathly Hallow.", "image_credit":"" , "id":"99b34cf9", "questions": "d92f9202": "answers":[ "id":"fe8174a9", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 10, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 5, "Slytherin": 6 , "text":"I'd join the Ministry – I want to make a difference in the world." , "id":"41820199", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 2, "Hufflepuff": 2, "Gryffindor": 10, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"I think I'd travel for a while before committing to a career." , "id":"31c7cb17", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 10, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"I'd settle down and start a family as soon as possible!" , "id":"90280c10", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 4, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 10 , "text":"I'd continue to work hard in order to achieve as much success as possible." ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"Which path do you intend to follow after leaving Hogwarts?", "image_credit":"" , "id":"e50616aa", "questions": "bbcebaec": "answers":[ "id":"148806bd", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 10, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"Gryffindor" , "id":"75cb9c8f", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 0, "Hufflepuff": 10, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 0 , "text":"Hufflepuff" , "id":"d9cd4cd2", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 10, "Hufflepuff": 1, "Gryffindor": 1, "Slytherin": 1 , "text":"Ravenclaw" , "id":"e63157e5", "weighting": "Ravenclaw": 1, "Hufflepuff": 0, "Gryffindor": 0, "Slytherin": 10 , "text":"Slytherin" ], "is_image_question":false, "is_2col":false, "title":"And finally: We know that the Sorting Hat takes into account your preferences. So which Hogwarts house do you feel you identify with most closely?", "image_credit":"" ], "results": "generic": "title": "replace", "desc": "replace" , "name":"What’s Your Hogwarts House Percentage?" , "i18n": "you_got":"You Are", "replay":"Take the quiz again", "retry_last":"Retry last question", "social_prefix":"I am", "twitter_rel":"BuzzFeedUK"

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Pottermore House Quiz All Questions : pottermore, house, questions, Harry, Potter

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Harry Potter Sorting House Quiz Pottermore - QUIZ

Pottermore House Quiz All Questions : pottermore, house, questions, Harry, Potter, Sorting, House, Pottermore

Harry Potter Sorting House Quiz Pottermore - QUIZ

Pottermore House Quiz All Questions : pottermore, house, questions, Harry, Potter, Sorting, House, Pottermore

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Pottermore House Quiz All Questions : pottermore, house, questions, Pottermore

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Harry Potter Sorting House Quiz - QUIZ

Pottermore House Quiz All Questions : pottermore, house, questions, Harry, Potter, Sorting, House