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PAW Patrol. 556,429 likes · 5,769 speaking about this. For these heroes, no activity is too giant, no domestic dog is too small! Weekdays @ 12p/11c simplest on Nickelodeon! Facebook is appearing data that will help you higher understand the function of a Page. See actions taken by the individuals who organize and post...PAW PATROL is the story of six rescue puppies who respond to the name when their neighbors want lend a hand. Whether the hassle requires Rubble's digging talents or Chase's prepared sense of scent, there is not anything to worry with PAW Patrol on the case.The PAW Patrol doggies are taking part in on the seaside when they uncover sea turtle hatchlings. Marshal gets a new BFF when a gosling he names "Fuzzy" takes a liking to him. / When Mayor Goodway unintentionally takes off in a sizzling air balloon, Ryder and the Paw Patrol will have to make a dramatic rescue to...There are PAW Patrol characters, sure. But have you ever heard about the FAN MADE ones? Do YOU know about the most well liked fan made PAW Patrol characters? Take this check to find out which one maximum resembles you!Among the contributors of the workforce are firedog Marshall, police doggy Chase, and fearless Skye. All of the animals have particular abilities, gadgets and cars that lend a hand them on their rescue missions. Whether rescuing a kitten or saving a train from a rockslide, the PAW Patrol is at all times up for the challenge...

PAW Patrol TV Review | What's the story?

Image: PawPatrol. PAW Patrol is a Canadian animated television sequence which revolves round the lifestyles and adventures of six rescue dogs and their captain Ryder. Ryder is a 10 12 months outdated tech-savvy boy who works with a dog pack to save their neighborhood, Adventure Bay, and solve any drawback that can...What is the name of the chicken on Paw Patrol? Chickaletta Chickaletta Featured Character (January 2018)Mayor Goodway's Purse ChickenNameChickalettaGender:Female ♀ PAW Patrol participants Ryder is the human chief of the PAW Patrol. Marshall is a dalmatian. Rubble is an English bulldog.The Paw Patrol are a charming group of canines led by way of a noble and steadfast German Shepherd named Chase, and because 2013, they have got rescued their means into the hearts of many. Just who is on the Paw Patrol, and what breeds impressed the sort of band of champions? Paaaaw Patrollll.The PAW Patrol is the titular group of the series with the same name. Ryder. Ryder: A 10-year-old human boy who is the leader of the PAW Patrol. His task is to present the pups venture instructions and to construct their equipment. He drives an ATV. He lives with the six authentic domestic dogs at the Lookout.

PAW Patrol TV Review | What's the story?

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PAW Patrol Dog Names. Names with an asterisk gave the impression in the best one thousand names in line with Rover's knowledge. The Kitten Catastrophe Crew: the cat versions of the PAW Patrol, those kitties work for neighboring Mayor Humdinger. Are you taking into consideration a name from PAW Patrol on your canine?Paw Patrol is a Canadian-made animated TV show for pre-schoolers a few team of canines protective the beach town of Adventure Bay. Meanwhile the Paw Patrol Lifesize Lookout Tower, a 60-centimetre-tall reproduction of the cartoon lookout from which every episode of Paw Patrol begins, is nonetheless in...PAW Patrol is on a roll! „ —Ryder's signature chanting. The construction canine who is a english bulldog. One of the youngest members of the PAW Patrol and is but every other persona who is there Katie also owns a cat named Cali. Like Chase and Skye, some lovers like to ship Katie and Ryder...The Paw Patrol travels to Barkingburg to assist resolve a spooky thriller; after stealing a Cali the cat wanders off into the woods all through a sleepover; Daring Danny X will get greater than he bargained for The PAW Patrol joins Carlos to explore an historical temple filled with risks. When Carlos falls into a pit, a...Watch online and download PAW Patrol Season 1 cartoon in top quality. Various codecs from 240p to 720p HD (or even 1080p). HTML5 available for mobile units.

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PAW Patrol - Encyclopedia Dramatica

   “  Alright! PAW Patrol is on a roll!  „   

—Ryder's signature chanting

PAW Patrol is a Canadian CGI animated show from the identical man who brought you Bob The Builder for Nickelodeon. The show is mainly like every other caricature that includes speaking anthropomorphic animals and was once likely made to create more furries and other silly shit like that. Somehow, it managed to develop into highly regarded to the level of being but every other cash cow for the same network that already milks some other widespread caricature. The show, regardless of being aimed toward preschoolers is but every other goal for autistics, pedophiles, and babyfurs.

Besides creating the next era of furries, this display's handiest different objective is to sell toys although that is slightly glaring by the design of the characters. The show tries laborious to be tutorial, but in the end it most effective exists for those two reasons as just explained. PAW Patrol was once also most likely created as an excuse for Keith Chapman to show off his "inner furry" facet without getting butthurt. That or he knew that talking dogs combined with other silly shit would equal to extra profit.

What the show is about

Premise of each and every episode

The display takes position on Adventure Bay, a the city which is basically filled with idiots who obviously have no idea the right way to organize it. Each episode revolves round six rescue canine (or as the show likes to mention "pups") lead by means of a tender boy named Ryder who despite his younger age by hook or by crook has the talent to solve ALL of the town's issues while taking care of the doggies. Each domestic dog is supposed to resemble some real global activity like that's creative and that stated pup owns each of their own car. Ryder will get a decision, sends the doggies to do the task, and that's pretty much each episode in a nutshell.

Catchphrases of the PAW Patrol

Each member of the Paw Patrol has their very own "catchphrase" which say they in each episode.

   “  PAW Patrol, in a position for action, Ryder, sir!  „   

—Chase, the police doggy says this line every time they meet to do their "missions".

   “  I'm fired up!  „   

—One of Marshall's catchphrases.

   “  Don't lose it, reuse it!  „   

—Rocky's catchphrase.

   “  Rubble on the double!  „   

—As obviously said, this is clearly one of Rubble's catchphrases.

   “  This puppy's gotta fly!  „   

—Skye's main catchphrase.

   “  Let's dive in!  „   

—Zuma's major catchpharse.

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The PAW Patrol Description image Ryder:

A ten-year-old boy who it sounds as if lives on his own and takes care of everyone's issues. He's an inventor kinda like that different genius kid Nickelodeon owns and is just about the handiest human in the display with a mind.


Known as the "police pup" and the primary lead of the PAW Patrol, Chase is a German Shepard who is Ryder's major "partner". He is through no wonder the puppy who is chosen the maximum ceaselessly. Some lovers say he has a overwhelm on Skye for some fucking explanation why.


The hearth pup who by means of no fucking marvel is a dalmatian. Is very clumsy and is steadily there just for "comedic" reasons.


The building dog who is a english bulldog. One of the youngest contributors of the PAW Patrol and is but every other character who is there for the sake of comedic aid, And snowboarding-related bullshit.


This doggy serves as the recylcing dog and is a grey and white mongrel. He is regularly petrified of water for some explanation why.


Serving as the "aquatic rescue dog" (in different phrases the water canine), Zuma is a chocolate laborador who "loves getting wet" in contrast to Rocky


This domestic dog serves as the aviator and used to be previously recognized for being the sole feminine member of the PAW Patrol. Feminists used to bitch about her being the simplest feminine until Everest was presented.


The snow puppy who is clearly a husky. One of two of the participants of the crew to not live directly with Ryder. Parents of grasping children bitched about Everest toys now not being made as soon as she was presented until they were released about 8 months after she was once presented.


He frequently serves issues in the jungle and is yet any other member who is simplest referred to as for such emergencies. He is a brown and white chihuahua.

Robo Dog:

Some robotic dog that Ryder himself invented. Doesn't serve much function even though.

Other Characters Description picture Cap'n Turbot:

Some biologist who is regularly at sea and calls the PAW Patrol repeatedly. Sometimes is even thought to be a "member" regardless of not being directed concerned about each and every project.

Mayor Goodway:

The idiotic mayor of Adventure Bay who obsesses over her "pet" chicken Chickeletta. Often has a butthurt contention with any other mayor in the show via the name of Mayor Humdinger.

Mayor Humdinger:

Essentially the main "antagonist" of the show. Owns a host of kitties which he known as the "Kitty Catastrophe Crew". Often the cause of a lot of the issues the PAW Patrol has to fix.


A tender tomboyish girl who operates the Adventure Bay Pet Parlor. Basically, she's the one who cleans and grooms the PAW Patrol. Katie additionally owns a cat named Cali. Like Chase and Skye, some lovers love to send Katie and Ryder in combination even if it is obvious that they're simply kids.

Alex Porter:

Your standard averge little kid and the grandson of Mr. Porter. Very rambunctious and impatient and loves college for some explanation why. Despite being a human, he loves to believe himself as part of the PAW Patrol.


Some dude who claims himself to be a really perfect snowboarder. Owns a ski lodge which is with ease referred to as "Jake's Mountain". He also occurs to be the owner of Everest who lives with him despite being a part of the PAW Patrol.

Farmer Yumi and Farmer Al:

As their names obviously state, this couple happens to be the farmers of Adventure Bay. Yumi, while obviously being a farmer additionally occurs to be the domestic dogs' "Pup-fu sensei". Both her and Farmer Al normally do what every standard farmer does together with caring for livestock and growing vegetation. As with the remainder of the adults in the collection, they're one in all the primary individuals who ask for the PAW Patrol to assist them. Usually as a result of their cattle won't cooperate and concentrate for some fucking reason why.


Ryder's 10-year-old pen pal who lives in the Jungle and like Ryder likes to head on adventures. Much like how Jake looks after Everest, Carlos is the caretaker of Tracker. Aside from that even though, Carlos is not that interesting of a personality.

The Fandom

As with many cartoons aimed toward a younger demographic, Paw Patrol is yet any other example of a display that is obsessed through autistic basement dwellers who're into other shit like My Little Pony, Furries, and the other Nickelodeon cool animated film with a cancerous fanbase. As such, Paw Patrol has it's personal proportion of cringey fanfics and other shit you'd be expecting from a lot of these other people. Some enthusiasts additionally like to mention Chase and Skye are a couple despite the fact that the show is for fucking preschoolers. Of route, this comes as no marvel since transport fictional characters is not anything new and simplest proves how autistic these types of persons are.

Marshall Gone Missing

This specific fanfiction is fairly widely known to the general public who know what Paw Patrol is. As the title just about sums it up, it's only a fanfic about Marshall working away and shit like that. For some fucking reason, it became slightly "popular" with fanatics of the show because of how much they love Marshall and feel he does not get liked sufficient by the remainder of the PAW Patrol even though that clearly is not true as a result of it's a kids display. If you have an interest in studying it, click this link. Encyclopedia Dramatica is not answerable for the AIDS you could have gotten studying this.



Keep in thoughts that she's intended to be 7.


Cause you understand...for Kids!




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Just an example of the many terrible "drawings" arvinsharifzadeh does.

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Typical Fanart of Paw Patrol from Babyfurs.


Typical ChaseXSkye Fanart.


Some Paw Patrol OC somebody made.

Videos in the case of the fandom

Yes, creepypastas of Paw Patrol exist.

How the fuck did this get over 32 million perspectives?! Pkrussl explains extra of the Paw Patrol recoil on DeviantArt Seth Green is an enormous fan of Paw Patrol, And sand-nigger cats.

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Related Links - It even has it's own WikiFur Page! Some Notable "Fans"

Videos Relating to the display

Theme Song to Paw Patrol

Jim Gaffigan if he was on Paw Patrol.

The display changed into so popular it were given it is own TV Movie one way or the other. The conventional more or less toys that Paw Patrol promotes to youngsters.

This roughly shit makes up a large part of the YouTube channel.

Just an instance of what goes on in an ordinary episode of Paw Patrol.

Yes, this is an actual factor.

Birthday birthday celebration nowadays, furry cons the next day.

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Cap'n Turbot along with his Squid Outfit


Many fanatics want this couple to be canon.


Mayor Goodway loves obsessing over chickens.


The so known as "Headquarters" of the PAW Patrol.

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Yes, there was a scene of Inflation on this so known as "kids show"


Does it marvel you that babyfurs love this?

Paw PatrolBoyDiapers.jpg

Same factor as in the past said from the final image.


"These paws uphold the law....and your money!"


A Babyfur shows off their Paw Patrol assortment for some fucking reason why.

PawPatrolAre living.jpg


See Also

Canada DeviantArt - Just don't even call to mind looking out up Paw Patrol on there. Dogs Disney - Essentially ripped off Paw Patrol through creating a identical display known as Puppy Dog Pals. Dora the Explorer - Nickelodeon's different preschool-based money cow. PAW Patrol eventually replaced it after Dora the Explorer ended with an episode about the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Furries - What enthusiasts of PAW Patrol will become in the long run. Jimmy Neutron - Another Nickelodeon cartoon featuring an clever kid. Also the source of many memes. Manchild My Little Pony - Some PAW Patrol fans also are Bronies. Peppa Pig Plastic Crap - How the display in point of fact makes it's money. Pokemon Sonic SpongeBob - The original Nickelodeon cash cow. Constantly gets aired just as much as Paw Patrol on the primary network. The Loud House - Nick's different large new "hit" animated display. Has an overly equivalent lulzy fanbase. Unikitty - Cartoon Network's "answer" to PAW Patrol founded on that persona from The Lego Movie. Viacom

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