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Opal Aura Quartz Cluster - Large. Regular price $120.00 Amethyst Energy Generator. Regular value $25.00 Amethyst Tower. Regular price $10.00 — Sold Out. Crystals. Malachite. Regular value $10.00 Amethyst. Regular worth $5.00 Labradorite. Regular value $5Check out our aura quartz opal variety for the perfect in unique or customized, hand-crafted items from our retail outlets.Aura quartz is an strange type of quartz formed from the combination of titanium and niobium. It is partially natural and in part artifical. It is partially herbal and in part artifical. These crystals have shimmering iridescence and metallic rainbow sheen that makes them completely enthralling to the human eye.Opal Aura Quartz. Opal Aura Quartz. Natural Arkansas quartz floor handled with platinum to give a white rainbow finish. Crystal measures 2.45" X .65" X .48". $20.00. Availability: Out of stock. SKU. 13-DON-56. Add to Wish List. In stock products send within one industry day.Angel Aura Quartz is a crystal formed from the molecular bonding of Platinum or Silver to a natural quartz's floor. Sometimes it's bonded with gold and different hint metals. It is a gorgeous crystal and you'll be able to to find it in very few places. Angel Aura Quartz is sometimes called Opal Aura Quartz.

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This fabulous quartz assists in meditation, promotes well-being and is helping to search out ones path. Platinum enhanced quartz is also known as Opal Aura or Angel Aura. This stunning quartz allows one to free up ones inhibitions to be open to new industry and personal relationships. Provides inspiration and creativeness.Angel aura quartz, often referred to as opal aura quartz, is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to clear quartz. With the iridescent reflection of good rainbows, it stimulates both body and spirit thru its robust vibrations. Angel aura quartz is a gemstone that facilitates conversation and reference to higher nation-statesOpal Aura Quartz - Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum; creates a pearly sheen with faded rainbow iridescence. Opal Aura has an excessively intense, strong power that cleanses the aura, and stimulates, balances and clears all chakras, integrating the sunshine frame into the bodily size.These faceted opal aura quartz spheres are natural magic - similar to the vibration of this stone. They are powerful, and on the same time, so beautiful. The faceted lower plus the angel, or opal aura treatment, adds such good multi-hued prisms of sunshine to each and every one. Clear quartz magnifies all energies.

Aura quartz opal | Etsy

Aura Quartz - Metaphysical Properties & Types

Mystic Aura Spirit Quartz Crystal ~2.5-1.5″ Rainbow Opal Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster | Iridescent Aurora White Angel Aura Cactus Quartz. These mystic aura spirit quartz crystal / white angel aura cactus quartz crystals are so beautiful! The mystic aura spirit cactus quartz clusters are ideal for crystal decor and pocket stones.Opal aura quartz crystal is used for focusing your energy and aim throughout meditation. The healing crystal is superb for individuals who want to seek or manifest their desires. This is a natural opal aura quartz crystal pebble. So please expect some irregular shapes, chippings, natural marks, fractures, tough edges, inclusions, andWe must upload that aqua aura isn't the one of this crystal sort. There are many others reminiscent of rainbow quartz, opal aura, flame aura, attitude aura, and others. Aqua aura is made using a different procedure referred to as vapor deposition and performed in a vacuum chamber. It is a somewhat sophisticated procedure that comes to the quartz crystals and gold.Also referred to as Angel Aura Quartz and Rainbow Aura Quartz, Opal Aura Quartz is a crystal that mesmerizes many because of its astounding good looks. The gem is created in a captivating lab procedure, the place herbal quartz crystals are enhanced with pure platinum. This process gives the quartz an exquisite, luminous, rainbow glow.Opal Aura Quartz is likely one of the most beneficial stones on the earth of crystals. It is a beautiful piece of gem this is powerful and mind-blowing on the identical time. The stone is created through an alchemical process where clear quartz is completely bonded with vaporized trace metals in a high-temperature vacuum chamber.

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Aura Quartz Meaning and Uses

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Introduction to the Meaning and Uses of Aura Quartz

Few can withstand the wonderful thing about Aura Quartz crystals with their shimmering iridescence and metal rainbow sheen in colors that defy nature yet enchant the senses. Though artificially enhanced by means of fashionable techniques, these crystals make the most of the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy. By electrostatically bonding precious metals from the Earth onto the outside of herbal Clear Quartz issues or clusters, a brand new, unified colour layer is created, a permanent mix that intensifies the houses of the unique elements, in addition to emanating a unique spectrum of delicate energies on its own. [101 Hall, 40][Hall En, 143][Simmons, 33, 47][Eason, 243]

Aura Quartz crystals had been a part of the New Age movement since the 1980’s, prized for their skill to amplify the consciousness and heal the bodily and spiritual frame with their ordinary excessive vibration. While most practitioners favor natural, untreated stones for his or her metaphysical paintings, many consider Aura Quartz, with its natural parts and synergistic energies, to be the exception to the rule. [Simmons, 33, 47][101 Hall, 40][Eason, 243]

The following is an inventory of one of the most well-known varieties and their properties. It is by no means whole, as new combos are often being created. All Aura Quartzes lift the general properties of Quartz, as well as the metal(s) with which it is paired.

Angel Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum and Silver, once in a while Gold or other trace metals; exhibits a gentle blue, rainbow and silvery iridescence just like the gossamer wings of angels. It carries an overly loving and candy power, stimulating the spirit and elevating one’s mood. Meditating with this crystal lets in one to enter a state of serenity and peace, purification and relaxation, and to move beyond the frame to perceive and receive help from one’s angel guides. Angel Aura assists in remembering lessons from past incarnations and attuning to one’s spiritual goal. It is a fabulous assist for recognizing good looks, from Nature and Spirit, from inside of, and in others. Use Angel Aura at the Throat Chakra for loving communications, in romantic pursuits, in taking good care of children and the aged, and in all healing scenarios. It may also be used to align and purify all chakras, bearing in mind the Rainbow Light Body activation and integration. Angel Aura is an all-healer, harmonizing one’s power box with the bodily body, and is thought to be particularly helpful for autism, Asperger’s syndrome and the nervous gadget. It is excellent for anxiety, panic assaults, phobias, and for use in Reiki therapeutic, reflexology and shiatsu. [Simmons, Ahsian, 33-34][Melody En, 649][Eason, 179]

Apple Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Nickel; presentations a recent, yellow-green colour harking back to a Granny Smith or Golden Delicious. This healthy crystal is a protector of the spleen, the organ answerable for purifying the blood and boosting the immune gadget. Worn over the bottom of the sternum or taped over the Spleen Chakra, it fights energy drains and overcomes psychic vampirism. It assists in severing ties with previous companions or mentors who retain a psychological or emotional grasp regardless of physical separation. It is extremely really useful in multidimensional and cellular reminiscence therapeutic, and is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the frame into steadiness.

Aqua Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold; produces an electrical or sky blue crystal with refined flashes of rainbow iridescence; named for its wealthy aquamarine color, and possibly the preferred of the Aura Quartzes. It has a excessive, intense vibration used to reinforce different minerals for therapeutic, and a potent stone when utilized in frame layouts for activation of all the chakras. It has a relaxed, relaxing impact on the emotional body and is phenomenal for releasing negativity and pressure, soothing and healing the aura. It is particularly stimulating to the Throat Chakra, bettering one’s talent to express emotions in a constructive, certain manner and inspiring one to speak their reality from the guts. Aqua Aura activates soul energy, freeing one from limitation and growing space for something new. It deepens non secular attunement, and can be an assist for conscious channeling and all forms of inter-dimensional communique. Aqua Aura safeguards in opposition to psychic assault, power drain and non secular vampirism, and offers profound peace during meditation, opening gateways to the angelic realm. It is believed to strengthen the thymus gland and immune gadget, and to assist treatments for genetic issues, asbestosis, autism, Asperger syndrome, cerebral palsy, and in balancing polarities. It is highly recommended in multidimensional and cell memory therapeutic, and is an effective receptor for programming and bringing the frame into balance.

Champagne Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Indium, or with Gold and Iron/Iron Oxide; presents as light smoky gold metal; also called Smoky Aura Quartz. It is a high vibrational crystal of transmutation and religious team spirit, serving to one to flooring energetic and psychological adjustments into the frame and to position one’s religious beliefs into practice. Champagne Aura stimulates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, and is an excellent talisman for those new to religious paintings or therapeutic to consider their very own instincts and gifts, and to hook up with their private healing guides and angels. It re-energizes those that have labored in those professions for years and have encountered blocks to their progress or misplaced enthusiasm, to reclaim their determination and keenness. It is particularly helpful for NLP and life-coaching. As a business reinforce stone, Champagne Aura assists in all spaces where negotiation and the solution of struggle is needed. It encourages philanthropy and charity, and will carry sudden joy to apparently unpromising eventualities. This crystal assists the organs of the body to find balance and is assumed to be especially beneficial to the thyroid and endocrine device, expanding assimilation of minerals and supporting metabolic serve as and hormonal balance. It could also be thought to reawaken the body’s immune system to struggle off super-viruses and sophisticated prerequisites where causes of the body attacking itself don't seem to be transparent. [Hall III, 269-270][Eason, 113]

Cobalt Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Cobalt; exhibits brilliant shades of steel blue, violet and gold mixed. Wonderful for making each day special. Even a small cluster gets rid of restlessness and discontentment, and brings in particular moments of pleasure. It is an excellent help to creativity and is particularly just right for adorning the home or including selection in cooking. Cobalt Aura is stimulating to the Throat Chakra and removes the limitations of self-expression that can dangle one back in lifestyles, relationships or the place of work. This crystal will increase one’s natural clairvoyance and healing powers, and when held or worn steadily, can ease the transition from personal spiritual paintings to formal training or turning professional. It is thought to combine the body’s own healing powers with upper therapeutic, particularly when an illness is unresponsive to remedy or a affected person is exhausted from prolonged scientific intervention. It is empowering to agoraphobics, and could also be used to help in absorption of nutrients and minerals, to support the functioning of enzymes, and in remedies for sicknesses of the kidneys, pancreas, liver, and spleen. [Eason, 243]

Flame Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Titanium and Niobium; produces very deep blue, violet and golden metallic crystals; also known as Titanium Aura Quartz. This crystal is superb to be used in spiritual initiations and rituals, and for deepening meditation and religious attunement. It creates a multi-dimensional power shift, drawing kundalini power up the backbone and throughout the delicate bodies, adjusting its effect to supply what each and every soul wishes for evolution. It may also be used during meditation to promoted touch with ancient Greek civilizations. Flame Aura stimulates the Third Eye and Higher Crown Chakras, bettering focus and extending the ability to “learn” other people at an lively and refined level and to grasp the guidelines that used to be communicated. It is a really useful stone for developing and keeping up a state of homeostasis inside the bodily and emotional our bodies, and is also useful in the treatment of diabetes, cellular and bone cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, and in stimulating the immune machine of AIDS patients. [Melody En, 651][Hall II, 313][Hall En, 144]

Opal Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum; creates a pearly sheen with faded rainbow iridescence. Opal Aura has a very intense, strong energy that cleanses the aura, and stimulates, balances and clears all chakras, integrating the light frame into the physical dimension. It allows get admission to to at least one’s private etheric realm where data regarding balance for this lifestyles cycle is presented. It is a crystal of pleasure, and prefer a rainbow, signifies hope and optimism. It facilitates a deep state of meditative consciousness, grounding the tips gained into the bodily body, and conjures up a total union with the divine and cosmic consciousness. Opal Aura could also be a stone of romance and love, and can convey both into one’s lifestyles. It is extremely beneficial in therapeutic hurt and trauma, for multi-dimensional healing, and is an efficient receptor for programming. It is also used for cleaning and adorning the organs, boosting the immune gadget, and for bringing the frame into stability. It is also concept to appease burns. [Melody En, 654][Hall, 231][Hall En, 93]

Rainbow Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Titanium; produces brilliant multi-colored metallic crystals. Rainbow Aura turns on the entire energy centers within the frame, clearing a path for the Life Force to manifest right through the subtle our bodies, bringing in a colourful power and zest for existence. It is especially supportive for those in dysfunctional relationships, by means of letting one see what lies forward and helping to release negative feelings equivalent to resentment or grief. It brings deep insights into one’s relationships at all ranges, and aids letting pass of karmic ties that may be hindering relationships in the current life. This reworked courting then becomes vital and harmonious. Rainbow Aura is a grasp healer for any situation, and is extremely advisable in multidimensional cellular reminiscence healing. It is an effective receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance. [Hall, 230-231][Hall En, 144]

Rose Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum, sometimes with additional Gold or Silver; reveals a beautiful raspberry rose metal sheen. The gentle power of Rose Aura is uplifting but no longer overwhelming, and produces a wonderful frequency that stimulates the pineal gland and the Heart Chakra to transmute deeply held doubts about self worth. It is a favourite among younger girls, particularly if they have suffered from frame picture issues, abuse, or who have been abandoned or rejected in love. This crystal makes a formidable connection to Universal Love, and bestows the present of unconditional love of the Self. It permeates the whole body with its power and restores the cells to absolute best balance. Rose Aura may ease the onset of puberty in women and early menstrual difficulties in teenagers; also concept to help problems with teenage pregnancy, especially if the younger lady is unsupported via a spouse. It is great for emotional and multidimensional therapeutic, ameliorating anger, and soothing burns. [Hall, 231][Hall En, 25][Eason, 51][101 Hall, 40]

Ruby Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum, every so often with additional Gold or Silver; very similar to Rose Aura, however a difference in alchemical procedure produces a richer, ruby-red metallic sheen. A favorite amongst ladies, Ruby Aura brings in love, interest and vitality, and turns on knowledge of the guts. It cleanses the Base Chakra of old survival problems, and is a protective crystal against aggression and violence, helping to heal the consequences of physical abuse, particularly in youngsters. It transmutes negative emotions akin to rage or resentment, and is spiritually uplifting, opening to Christ awareness. Ruby Aura stimulates power, is an excellent receptor for programming, and brings the body into balance. It is believed to learn the endocrine device and aid in therapies for sciatica, lower again and slipped discs. It additionally acts as a natural antibiotic for fungal infections and parasites. [Hall, 231][Hall En, 54][101 Hall, 40][Eason, 51]

Sunshine Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Platinum; creates a brilliant yellow crystal with an iridescent gleam. Its power is robust and very lively, superb for stimulating and cleansing the Solar Plexus Chakra. It heals old hurts and traumas, and overcomes a way of sadness with existence, or bitterness on the loss of opportunities. Placed in the heart of any healing crystal structure, Sunshine Aura infuses the entire system with health and energy. At a spiritual degree, it's expansive and protective, inspiring optimism, herbal joy and spontaneity. It encourages laughter and liberating one’s interior kid. Sunshine Aura is regarded as powerfully certain for doing away with toxins, relieving constipation and assisting digestive issues. It is thought to be maximum advisable in aiding treatments for the pancreas, liver, spleen, gall bladder and the nervous machine. It helps to convey the body into balance, and may be utilized in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder and to help absorption of nutrients A, D and E. [Eason, 370][Hall, 232][Hall En, 93]

Tangerine Aura or Tangerine Sun Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Iron; produces a vibrant, shimmering yellow-orange iridescence. This crystal has a dynamic power, attached to raised forces and deeply supportive of non secular exploration. It is superb for visualization and gaining profound perception. A six-sided form is perfect for opening a blocked or un-awakened Third Eye, and heals the Third Eye and Soma Chakras after psychic trauma or restriction. Use to disperse dark moods and uplift the spirit. It makes yet another responsive and imparts the facility to face life’s demanding situations with equanimity and cheerfulness. Tangerine Aura unites the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to offer a cleansing, energetic drift all over the frame and to stimulate one’s creativity. It aligns clarity, perception and viewpoint with energy to help the mind analyze and categorize. Tangerine and Tangerine Sun Aura stabilizes the hyperlink between the physical and subtle our bodies, penetrating each mobile with potent power to recharge and invigorate cell function and begin refined DNA adjustments. It imparts great physical and mental power, enhances sexuality, helps make stronger and oxygenate the blood, liver and spleen, and is assumed to help in overcoming anemia. [Hall II, 314][101 Hall, 40]

Tanzine Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Indium, once in a while with further Niobium; paperwork as blue, indigo and red crystals with a cushy, steel sheen; also called Azure Aura, Celestial Aura, and every now and then mistakenly “Tanzanite” Aura. It is, at times, known as Indigo Aura, despite the fact that Indigo Aura is enhanced with Gold and Iridium. Tanzine Aura facilitates multi-dimensional steadiness and profound non secular interconnection, believed to convey reference to Raziel, the Archangel of mysteries and esoteric wisdom. It opens and aligns the Soul Star and perfect Crown Chakras, drawing cosmic energy into the physical frame and to Earth. It is superb for meditation, and enkindles a targeted “no-mind” state that enhances sensual enjoyment of the world. Tanzine Aura provides deep religious comfort, dissolving emotional blockages and changing them with unconditional love and the sense of being a part of a better soul group. Tanzine Aura is credited with regulating the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal glands bringing equilibrium to the system. It supports optimal metabolic and hormonal balance and excellent assimilation of minerals, resulting in bodily and mental well-being. It may be idea to lend a hand in all problems with the head and neck, including vision, memory, and age-related effects at the mind. It may be helpful in treating despair, ADHD, epilepsy, and brain damage after strokes, accident or viral infections. [Hall II, 312-313][Hall En, 180][Eason, 215]

The newly created “Aura” layer of those Quartzes is everlasting and won't wash or rub off. It is, then again, only at the surface, so using saws or grinders to side or polish the crystal can reduce through it and reveal the unique Quartz. Because of the method, Aura Quartzes can be brittle and must be handled with care. It must also be noted that some Aura Quartzes in the marketplace are dyed, relatively than alchemicalized, and will have to be bought with caution, as some dyes can induce an antagonistic hypersensitive reaction if worn on delicate pores and skin. [Simmons, 33][101 Hall, 40]

Aura Quartz Uses and Purposes

Angel, Opal and Rose Aura Quartzes are particularly protective and uplifting all over being pregnant, and are great to assuage morning illness or fears related to complications. Place on the womb to hook up with child, and keep as a relaxing stone all through childbirth. Wonderful for unmarried moms all the way through pregnancy and primary years of baby’s life to channel messages and data from one’s angel guides. [Eason, 179][Eason, 51]

Aqua Aura Quartz is a marvelous reinforce stone for the career-minded, expanding the bounds of possibility and transforming restrictions into new alternatives. A stone of efficient communique, wear or carry Aqua Aura to wreck via closed doorways, glass ceilings and written rules. It is thought of as particularly advisable to those within the trip trade and in pharmaceutical research and building. [Eason, 232][Hall En, 143]

Rose and Ruby Aura Quartzes are ideal talismans of affection, hobby and self-esteem. They provide a different spice up for writers of romantic fiction, and inspire those who paintings with fragrances, beauty products or products and services, modeling, hairstyling and type to lend a hand convey out the unique good looks and aura of others in a way that complements their self-image and self assurance. [Eason, 51]

Sunshine Aura Quartz brings out the certain, vivid aspect of any situation. Place within the center of a room, workspace, or party to carry joy and laughter, success and enthusiasm. Also just right for dispelling gentle in naturally darkish or gloomy places, or for dwelling in areas where the winters are lengthy and days are dark for several months. Wear or elevate Sunshine Aura to fight despair, pessimism or over-seriousness. [Eason, 370]

Tanzine Aura Quartz improves instinct, connecting with one’s interior supply of information, in addition to the Akashic knowledge of humankind everywhere. It is a valuable crystal for mediums, especially trance mediums, clairvoyants, psychic investigators and paranormal researchers. It could also be supportive of those that lead workforce meditations or guided visualizations, and for newbies within the psychic world to really feel secure and secure. [Eason, 215]

Tanzine Aura Quartz is phenomenally excellent for dissolving negativity that has built up over many years from a mentally abusive relationship. It supplies emotional and religious therapeutic for kidnap victims, hostages after their liberate, those dealing with near-death stories, and for someone who has suffered a violent crime. [Eason, 215]

A cluster of Champagne Aura Quartz in the home no longer only beautifies the world, but acts as a center for spiritual team spirit, even within the busiest households. It is helping create a sacred house and draws a protecting family father or mother or domestic angel. [Eason, 113]

Champagne Aura Quartz protects in opposition to detrimental spirit essences and entities, and is a superb crystal to carry when serving to someone who has been worried via dabbling in dark magic out of interest, or by accident stirred a dangerous spirit via experimentation. Keep a Champagne cluster on the central desk during a séance to stay unfavourable energies at bay. [Eason, 113]

For the various uses of the other varieties of Aura Quartz, please see their particular person listings within the phase above.

Aura Quartz Healing Therapies – Overview

(Please word: Information on this internet web site isn't any change for consulting a well being care professional. All knowledge contained in this web site, together with data relating to scientific and well being conditions, products and coverings, is for informational purposes best. Please see your physician or well being care professional ahead of starting any alternative treatments, diets, dietary supplements or workout techniques.)

Aura Quartz Physical Healing Energy

Clear Quartz is an especially powerful therapeutic and effort amplifier – soaking up, storing, freeing, and regulating energies of the body. Enhanced by means of precious metals, Aura Quartzes develop into very high-vibrational stones which might be master-healers for any condition. They raise a excessive degree of Life Force, cleaning and embellishing the organs, stimulating the immune and effort programs, and bringing the frame into stability. They are regarded as especially really helpful for the thymus, pineal and thyroid glands, oxygenating the blood, and for treatments of the liver, pancreas and spleen. See the person listings for additional advantages of each stone. [Hall En, 230][101 Hall, 40]

Aura Quartz Emotional Healing Energy

Aura Quartz crystals provide a calm, stress-free impact at the emotional body and are soothing and therapeutic to the aura. They are remarkable for freeing negativity and pressure, previous wounds, and long-held doubts about one’s self-worth. Attuned to loving energies of the Universe, they lend a hand one see and connect to the wonder that surrounds us all. These crystals are uplifting to the spirit and advertise natural pleasure, hope and optimism.

Aura Quartz Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

Aura Quartz crystals are peculiar stones for therapeutic crystal grids, activating the Light body and grounding it in the bodily frame. Laid alongside the chakras like a rainbow, the quite a lot of colors raise the vibrational charge of the chakras to accommodate expanded awareness. They align and purify the entire device, making an allowance for “Rainbow Light Body” activation and integration. [101 Hall, 40][Ahsian, 34]

Because of their multi-colored rainbow hues, most Aura Quartzes can stimulate and cleanse all chakras with simply the single stone. See the individual listings for any additional chakra(s) which are stimulated via particular stones and their colors.

Aura Quartz Spiritual Energy

Aura Quartzes are crystals of spiritual elevation, exceptional for his or her powers of guidance and growth of the soul. They provide serenity and peace throughout meditation, deepening one’s attunement to the Divine and opening gateways to the angelic realm. They assist in remembering classes from previous incarnations and increase the attention of one’s non secular objective for this lifetime. Aura Quartzes are extremely protective all over religious journeying, and can also be an efficient aid for mindful channeling and all types of inter-dimensional communications.

Aura Quartz Color Energy

See theCrystal Color Energy segment of this site for the properties of individual Aura Quartz colors.

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Meditation with Aura Quartz

Meditating with Aura Quartz allows one to enter a deep state of serenity and peace, purification and leisure, and to head beyond the body to receive lend a hand from one’s angelic guides. Placed over the Heart Seed Chakra at the base of the breastbone, Aura Quartz releases obstacles to religious enlargement and frees the soul to explore the multi-dimensional world. [Simmons, 33][101 Hall, 41]

Aura Quartz Divination

Platinum Aura Quartzes are divination crystals. They come with types akin to Angel, Opal, Ruby, Rose and Sunshine Auras, and paintings perfect for purchasing a glimpse of the prospective in a scenario which may have either certain or destructive outcomes. Usually the level of light throughout the crystal as soon as the question has been posed will provide an indication of the probable end result. Sometimes they're used to decide the solution to a query that may be spoke back by way of yes or no. For this, dangle the stone in your proper hand and center of attention completely at the question. Say it aloud, then examine the aura of the crystal. If it seems bright the solution is yes, if dull then the answer isn't any.

Aura Quartz and the Angelic Realm

Aura Quartzes raise the power of rainbow Light, and are wonderful stones for opening one’s awareness to the frequency of angels. See theGuardian Angel Crystals and Angelic Help Crystalssections of this site to find your parent angel, and angels who are attracted to the dominant colour of your Aura Quartz.

Aura Quartz Goddess Crystals

Angel and different Platinum-based Aura Quartzes honor Allat, the Arabian Moon Goddess, and the mother form within the triple goddess with Al-Uzza and Manat. As a mom and fertility goddess, she nurtures and protects. These crystals also honor Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Joy and Fertility; and Callisto, the Greek Moon Goddess.

Aura Quartzes honor Whope, the Lakota Sioux Goddess of Peace. She isn't just the goddess of harmony, but also of meditation and friendship.

Aura Quartzes also honor Estsanatlehi, the Navajo Fertility Goddess; and Cerridwen, the Welsh Goddess of Inspiration and Knowledge. She rules the presents of prophecy and magic, and powers dying and rebirth. She is the mum or dad of spiritual transformation.


There are several techniques to search out an acceptable birthstone. The conventional one is listed first. These are from the popular lists that most people are aware of. The 2nd way is to seek out your natural birthstone through the colour wheel of lifestyles. You can click at the Natural Birthstone graphic underneath to be informed more. Finally many of us use the traditional stones of the Zodiac.

In this phase you are going to in finding data on all three approaches.

Aura Quartz Traditional Birthstone

Aura Quartz isn't a traditional birthstone

Aura Quartz Natural Birthstone.

See the Natural Birthstones section of this site to match your birthdate with Aura Quartz crystals of the color that is right for you.

Aura Quartz – Zodiac Stone

There isn't any particular zodiac stone related to Aura Quartz.

Aura Quartz Talismans and Amulets

Aura Quartz is a Seeker Transformer crystal. Seekers include a crystal energy construction that aligns the natural power of the crystal to the herbal energy of the human mind find learn how to new horizons and new functions. They’re pointers, directors, and compasses; the recent start crystals. These are talismans of the scientist, the adventurer, the hunter, wanderer, and explorer. They’re additionally crystals of the coed and the researcher.

Transformer crystals improve efforts to modify our situations, possibilities, well being, outlook or relationships. By transforming ourselves we turn into our lives. We discover ways to dance, discuss a brand new language, develop more potent, or change into a better spouse or kid. Seeker crystals with the earth power of the Transformer are superb talismans to assist our efforts to grow, increase new functions and alter our lives.

Aura Quartz Feng Shui

Aura Quartzes akin to Ruby, Rose, Tangerine, and Champagne Auras utilize Fire power. Fire power is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination and process. It is Yang in nature. It is the power of warmth, motion, emotion and fervour – of concepts, of concepts, and intercourse. It is traditionally associated with the South space of a house or room, and with the Fame and Reputation area of your residing. Use its power to provide your lifestyles the boost it needs to reinforce your standing in the community and inside your circle of relatives.

Sunshine Aura Quartz has subdued Fire power, most often used in the middle of a house or room to convey cheerfulness, gentle, and energy to all of the area. Yellow is the colour of the middle of the 12 months, the middle of house, the sun, and lightweight power.

Apple Aura Quartz makes use of Wood power, the power of growth, enlargement, new beginnings, nourishment and health. It complements energy, brings abundance, and assists in keeping us growing physically. Use inexperienced crystals to make stronger any house used for consuming, within the room of a small child, or in a spot of your home where you might be beginning a new venture. Wood power is historically associated with the East and Southeast spaces of a home or room. It is related to the Family and Health house, and the Prosperity and Abundance space.

Aura Quartzes such as Aqua, Cobalt, Flame and Tanzine Auras utilize Water power, the energy of stillness, quiet energy and purification. It embodies potentialities unrealized. It is yielding, formless, but robust. The Water component brings power of regeneration and rebirth. It is the power of the circle of existence. Use blue energy crystals to give a boost to any area that you simply use for repose, calm mirrored image, or prayer. Water power is historically associated with the North space of a home or room. It is related to the Career and Life Path space.

Aura Quartzes corresponding to Angel, Opal and Rainbow Auras utilize Metal energy, the energy of intelligence, contraction, therapeutic, and creativity. It is the power of togetherness and crystallization – of ideas, ideas, and teams. It is tricky, sharp, and continuously destructive, but an very important component in all lives to search out our way with out being a victim of others. The metal part brings the power of concentration and backbone to our lives and our dwellings. Use those crystals to enhance any area used for focus, accumulating power, or working with a group. Metal power is historically associated with the Northwest and West spaces of a house or room. It is associated with the Helpful People and Blessings, and Travel area of your lifestyles and residing, and with the Creativity and Children area.

Aura Quartz Lore and Legend

There are not any historical legends for Aura Quartz as this can be a trendy innovation, though alchemical processes have been around since antiquity. Its emergence within the 1980’s as a New Age crystal gave it a permanent home within the hearts of metaphysical healers and practitioners, as well as those who simply find it stunning.

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