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1 Action League Now! 2 All Grown Up 3 The Amanda Show 4 Are You Afraid of the Dark? 5 As Told By Ginger 6 Avatar: The Last Airbender 7 Butt-Ugly Martians Eight CatDog 9 Catscratch 10 ChalkZone 11 Danny Phantom 12 Doug 13 The Fairly OddParents 14 Hey Arnold! 15 Invader Zim 16 Jimmy Neutron 17 My Dad the Rock Star 18 My Life as a Teenage Robot 19 Oh Yeah! Cartoons 20 Pelswick 21 Rocket Power 22Ending credits to Spongebob Squarepants Season five DVD from 2005. The Nickelodeon logo at the most sensible left was once there in the beginning.Closing credits or end credits are a listing of the cast and crew of a selected motion picture, tv program, or video game.Where opening credits seem at the start of a piece, ultimate credits appear with regards to, or at the very end of a piece. A full set of credits can include the forged and group, but also production sponsors, distribution firms, works of song licensed or written for1 Opening Credits 2 Episode Credits 2.1 Bow Wow Wedding Vows 2.2 Share and Share a Spike 2.3 Spike the Wonder Dog 3 Ending Credits 3.1 Bow Wow Wedding Vows 3.2 Share and Share a Spike 3.3 Spike the Wonder Dog "Rugrats" Created by means of: Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, Paul Germain Written by way of: Scott Gray Music by way of: Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh Directed through: Dean Criswell Written by: Monica PiperFor a short lived time in summer time 2005, there was an announcer (perhaps a female grownup or an older child) that mentioned "Next on Nick, [SHOW NAME]." On airings of The Amanda Show with the split-screen credits and an episode of Pelswick, it has the humming sound from the 1996 Nickelodeon Productions "Lightbulb" logo.; Availability: Probably extinct.This brand used to be principally used to plaster the Nickelodeon

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us CreatorsFrom Noggin ChannelCredits. Category web page. View supply. History Talk (0) This category is for the movies, brief motion pictures, video games and TV series' full credits. v - e - d Film credits; Sony Pictures movies: Columbia Pictures films Nickelodeon Movies films Barnyard (2006) • Charlotte's WebWALTDiSNEYPICTURESParamount /\\ VI/\\CO/\\/\\ CO/\\/\\P/\\NY NICKELODEON films PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS Walt Disney Pictures and Paramount Pictures Presents A Nickelodeon Movies Production in association with United Plankton Pictures a Pixar Animation Studios film THE SpongeBob SQuarePaNtS MOVIE Co-Directed and Produced through Stephen Hillenburg Directed by way of Mark Dindal Screenplay through Jon Hurwitz

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"End Credits Theme from Rugrats" Track Info. The Best of Nicktoons Nickelodeon 1. Nick Nick Nick1st Logo (April 1 1979-July 6 1990) Logo: At the House in the Credits, We see the words "A NICKELODEON PRODUCTION (YEAR) Warner Emex Sattelite Inc". Variant: on a VHS referred to as Pinwheel Songbook, most effective the Warner Amex understand is seen. Later Variant: on Reruns of the Show, The texts are changed via the speech bubble formed Nickelodeon logo, coming out of the window. FX/SFX: The finish of theOn Mr. Meaty, the humming sound performed over the end theme (this audio variant also appeared on split-screen credits of Mr. Meaty where this emblem used to be plastered by the 3rd Nickelodeon logo). The 1999 Kids Choice Awards variant had a deep-sounding synth music (sounding almost like it used to be performed on a didgeridoo) adopted through a cymbal crash andOriginal PARAMOUNT PICTURES and NICKELODEON MOVIES Present A KLASKY CSUPO Production RUGRAtS in Paris THE MOVIE directed by PAUL DEMEYER STIG BERGQVIST produced by means of ARLENE KLASKY GABOR CSUPO written by way of J. DAVID STEM & DAVID N. WEISS written by way of JILL GOREY & BARBARA HERNDON and KATE BOUTILIER govt producers ALBIE HECHT JULIA PISTOR government producers ERYK CASEMIRO HAL WHITE co-producersFull Credits with "The Wilma Andrews Movie" 1 Opening Logos (1999 Release) 2 Opening Logos (2012 Release) 3 Opening Credits 4 Closing Credits 5 Scrolling Credits 5.1 VOICE TALENTS 5.2 STORYBOARDS DEVELOPMENT 5.2.1 Story Supervisor 5.2.2 Additional Story Mastel by 5.2.3 Story Artists 5.2.4 Additional Storyboards 5.Three ART DEVELOPMENT 5.Four MODELING & SURAFING 5.Five LAYOUT DEVELOPMENT 5.6 CHARATCER

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Jump to navigation Jump to search "End credits" redirects here. For the Chase & Status song, see End Credits. For the Eden EP, see End Credits (EP). "End titles" redirects right here. For the UNKLE album, see End Titles... Stories for Film. Example of final credits

Closing credits or end credits are a list of the cast and staff of a selected motion picture, tv program, or video game. Where opening credits appear at the start of a work, remaining credits seem on the subject of, or on the very end of a piece. A full set of credits can come with the forged and workforce, but additionally manufacturing sponsors, distribution corporations, works of song licensed or written for the paintings, quite a lot of criminal disclaimers, comparable to copyright and extra.

Typically, the last credits appear in white lettering on a solid black background, frequently with a musical background. Credits are both a sequence of static frames, or a unmarried listing that scrolls from the ground of the display screen to the top. Occasionally ultimate credits will divert from this usual form to scroll in any other course, come with illustrations, extra scenes, bloopers, comic story credits, or post-credits scenes.

The use of closing credits in film to listing complete manufacturing crew and cast was not firmly established in American movie till the late 1960s and early Nineteen Seventies. Films in most cases had opening credits simplest, which consisted of simply primary forged and group, despite the fact that sometimes the names of the solid and the characters they played can be shown at the end. Two of the first major motion pictures to contain extensive remaining credits – however virtually no opening credits – have been the blockbusters Around the World in 80 Days (1956) and West Side Story (1961). West Side Story confirmed only the identify initially of the film, and Around the World in 80 Days had no opening credits in any respect.

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Acknowledgment – Expression of gratitude for help in growing a piece All individuals fictitious disclaimer – Statement that the persons portrayed in a work of media are not in response to actual folks Billing – Performing arts time period Character generator Credit – Acknowledgement of those that contributed to a work Digital on-screen graphic Lower 3rd – A graphic overlay positioned within the lower space of a tv display Opening credits – The list of crucial individuals of a movie TV, or online game production proven originally of the work Post-credits scene – Short sequence that looks in spite of everything or part of the general credits Title sequence WGA screenwriting credit score machine – Credit device for movement photos and television programs


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