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Find ibanez gio soundgear bass from an infinite choice of Guitars & Basses. Get nice offers on eBay! 16 results for ibanez gio soundgear bass.In steady manufacturing since its introduction over 30 years ago, the Ibanez Soundgear ( SR ) sequence is a line of electrical basses first sold in 1987. The SR bass replaced the popular RB "Roadstar II Bass" sequence, and...Ibanez Gio GSR200 (Blindfolded Bass Review). BassBuzz. Ibanez GSR200 GIO 4 String Bass with herbal grey burst for sale on the Music Café in Mukwonago! Played thru a Crate 100Shop on-line for Ibanez GIO Soundgear electric bass guitars at Kraft Music. Bundles get you the whole thing for one low price. Financing options available. Available in 4-string, 5-string, and left-handed models. Get more on your money with an unique Ibanez GIO Soundgear series bass guitar bundle from...All products from ibanez gio soundgear bass guitar category are shipped international without a additional charges. Frequently Asked Question. How much does the transport value for ibanez gio soundgear bass guitar? Delivering merchandise from in another country is always unfastened, alternatively, your parcel may be topic to...

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Бас-гитара GIO banez Soundgear GSR205 5 String Bass Guitar Black. Бас-гитара 2009 Ibanez Soundgear SR-305 5-string bass, rocks!Ibanez soundgear gio gsr100 4 string bass guitar, grey metallic, p style pickup. Ibanez gsr206 6 string electrical bass, walnut flat, full left entrance. Ibanez gio gsr320 electric bass guitar. This resolution makes this bass much more resonant and deep, producing an impressive amount of low finish. tech specs...Ibanez GIO GSR200 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Bundle with Guitar Tuner and Instrument Cable with Fully Adjustable Bridge & Equalizer Phat II EQ (GSR200TR, Transparent Red). Ibanez SR505BM Soundgear 5-String Bass, Mahogany. 4.9 out of 5 stars 26.Find ibanez gio from a vast selection of Bass Guitars. used 2001 Ibanez GSR200 Gio Soundgear 4 String Bass distressed gloss +Ibanez bag.

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Ibanez Gio Soundgear Bass

Buy Ibanez Gsr200 Bass Guitar and get the most efficient deals on the lowest costs on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. 30 pieces found from eBay international sellers. used 2001 Ibanez GSR200 Gio Soundgear 4 String Bass distressed gloss +Ibanez bag.Check out this evaluation of the Ibanez Soundgear SR400, SR505 and Premium bass guitars. Aug 29, 2019. Ibanez Soundgear Bass Review: SR400EQM, SR505E & Premium Series.The Ibanez GSR200 PW 4-string Soundgear bass features a thinner necks with thinner nuts than traditional basses and lightweight, balanced Phat II EQ energetic bass boost featured at the Ibanez Soundgear GSR200 bass adds extra low-end energy to the affordable GSR200 models.Ibanez GIO sequence GATK20. The Ibanez SR300FM 4-String Bass can grasp each and every genre from funk to punk. When Ibanez offered the Soundgear bass guitar nearly 20 years ago, it personified the Ibanez slogan, "Anything But Traditional."This video is ready Ibanez Bass Soundgear GIO. Ibanez Bass Guitar Gets Some Needed Repairs DWOFS STICKER www.paypal.me/Davesworldoffunstuff/8usd Penny Black CD HERE !! www.paypal.me/Davesworldoffunstuff/22usd Become a Patron www.patreon.com/davey4557...

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Ibanez Soundgear Bass Review: SR400EQM, SR505E & Premium Series

The creator is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of revel in as a musician.

The Ibanez SR400EQM is one of many amazing bass guitars in the Soundgear lineup.

Ibanez Soundgear Bass Guitars

Ibanez has proven themselves as one of the height names within the guitar industry over the past forty years, and their Soundgear collection of bass guitars is a big part of the explanation why. For over twenty years Soundgear basses have discovered their approach into their hands of bassists in genres from metal to jazz, rock, blues and nation.

With their sleek construct and expansive tone-shaping controls it's no wonder the Soundgear line appeals to musicians in so many numerous types.

In this assessment I’ll give you a fundamental concept of what to anticipate from an Ibanez Soundgear bass, as well as get into a few of my favorite fashions in the lineup. I really like doing equipment evaluations, however that is one I’ve in reality been looking forward to. Of the entire basses I’ve performed and owned, from Warwicks and Spectors to Fenders and others, Ibanez Soundgear basses have a distinct vibe and really feel like no different.

In reality, my first bass was in Ibanez SR400, nearly 20 years ago. I performed it in metal bands, quilt bands and jam bands, and it handled the whole lot I threw at it. Later I moved directly to an SR505, some of the slickest 5-strings I’ve ever performed.

Over the years Ibanez has established themselves some of the height bass guitar manufacturers on this planet. Soundgear basses have changed a bit, but at their core they’re nonetheless the similar great tools I started out on such a lot of years ago.

Here’s a take a look at some of my favorite fashions, worth trying out if you're at the hunt for a forged bass guitar with versatile sound choices.

Ibanez SR400EQM

The SR400 of these days may be a bit of different from my first bass, which I think was once a ’93 fashion, but it’s still a rock device, and it is available in at a tight price too. Today’s SR400 has a cool quilted maple top over the mahogany frame.

I truly love the usage of warm tonewoods like mahogany in bass guitars. The neck is a 5-piece maple/rosewood combination, and there’s a rosewood fingerboard.

The energetic electronics are one place the place those basses in point of fact shine. The SR400 has a 3-band EQ set up as spice up/cut so you can really dial within the tone you need, additionally because of a pair of Ibanez PowerSpan Dual Coil pickups.

Dial back the mids for competitive tone. Roll back the highs for something smoother. Or, depart them all even and let the bass talk for itself. There’s a lot of sound here to paintings with! A quantity knob and balancer rounds out the controls phase.

The Ibanez SR 400 is a great bass for intermediate players, and even though it’s modified over the years it nonetheless remains a bass I’d extremely counsel. It’s surely one of the crucial easiest basses you will in finding for under 0 and, similar to mine did see you later ago, will take care of no matter you’ve got in mind for it.

Ibanez SR505E

I stopped up with the SR505 because I used to be on the lookout for a 5-string bass that would get me those edgy tones I was used to dialing in with my SR400. The SR505 did the job, after which some. If you might be in the same state of affairs I was in, you need to check out this bass.

The SR505 features an okoume body, and the 5-piece neck is jatoba and walnut. This makes for a strong, thin neck which is welcome on a 5-string.

The pickups listed below are Bartolini BH2s. Bartolina is a well-respected name in the bass guitar international, and these pickups are an ideal addition to a wonderful bass.

Like the SR400, the electronics are where it’s at for many gamers in terms of Soundgear basses. Here we see an important upgrade too. It has a 3-band lower/boost EQ setup at the side of controls for quantity and steadiness, but there’s also a mid-frequency switch and an EQ bypass transfer. Nice!

The SR505 may be to be had in a 4-string and 6-string fashion (SR500 and SR506). In many ways it is like the massive brother of the SR400, but there are some serous leaps here as properly.

Whether you’re serious about a 5-string, 4-string or even 6-string, you’ll find tough basses for serious musicians in the SR500 circle of relatives. They glance superb, and sound even higher.

The Ibanez SR500 Series

Premium Series Basses

I’ve advised you about two of my favourite basses in the Soundgear lineup, in keeping with my opinion. They’re both affordable, and remarkable values of the cash.

Now I’m going to dream a bit of and let you know about one of the vital maximum spectacular basses Ibanez puts out. They’re beyond my value vary this present day, but in case you are a certified participant or a significant novice, you could wish to take the plunge on something special.

These instruments are based totally round the similar Soundgear profile that has become iconic within the bass international, but now made even better. Soundgear Premium basses feature elements that set them excluding anything available on the market.

These basses are already unbelievable, however with the addition of a few distinctive tonewoods and premium hardware, they're out of this international.

The Premium collection showcases Nordstrand Big Single pickups, 5-piece Atlas necks and the MR5S bridge. Electronics include the 3-band EQ, quantity, balancer, mid selector and a bypass transfer.

These are beautiful tools, put in conjunction with top-notch parts and a tremendous consideration to detail. If you love Soundgear basses, and also you’re excited about treating yourself to an important bass guitar, the Premium series is something to imagine.

As for me, I suppose I’ll simply need to keep on dreaming, at least for now!

More on the SR Premium Series

How to Choose a Soundgear Bass

There are a lot of basses within the Soundgear Series, so many that it will get a bit complicated. Ibanez makes one of the easiest bass guitars for novices, and in addition one of the crucial highest for high-level skilled musicians. So, the place do you get started?

I've put together a desk that will help you type all of it out. Just take your absolute best wager as to your skill as a bass guitar participant and follow the column down to look recommended instruments.

Remember: This is just one man's opinion. You can play any bass you need to play, regardless of your talent point.

Note: Most of the basses above also are available in Five and 6-string variations.BeginnerCritical Beginner / IntermediateHigh IntermediateAdvancedPro















Which SR Is Right for You?

It’s value noting that there are two hallmarks of Soundgear basses it's possible you'll love or hate: thin necks and slim string spacing. Personally, I really like this about them, however I did at all times way my Soundgear basses somewhat another way than a few of my different instruments.

Firstly, to me, Soundgear basses lend properly to playing with a select. With versatile preamps, you'll truly dial in some competitive tones in case you’re into tougher rock types.

On the opposite hand, the same preamps mean you can easy out your tone and get some soft finger-style jazz tones. Your right hand technique might feel somewhat abnormal to start with till you get used to the strings, but there are many jazz musicians who love the sound and feel of Soundgear basses.

In the beginning I paired my Ibanez SR400 with a Hartke 3500 bass amp and Genz Benz 1x15 cab. Later, by the point I had my SR505, I’d moved directly to a extra expanded cabinet setup with an extra 2x12.

Between the Ibanez basses and the 10-band EQ on the Hartke, it gave the impression of there wasn’t a valid in the market I couldn’t snatch. This is the type of flexibility and power you wish to have, whether or not you play a particular genre of music, or are seeking to cop different sounds in a canopy band.

The final analysis is these are versatile basses with nice necks and wonderful sound. They have a singular vibe, one it's possible you'll just fall in love with, and they may be able to get the job carried out in on the subject of any style of music.

If you are set on extra traditional, passive basses they may not be a perfect choice for you, but otherwise you’d be doing your self a desire by means of trying out the Ibanez Soundgear bass lineup.

This has been just one bassist's opinion. As at all times, be informed as much as you'll prior to making a decision, and you'll want to discuss with the Ibanez site for the latest information on their guitar.

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