Batman And Tmnt Figures

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Batman Meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Action

This is a disambiguation web page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that would possibly another way proportion the same title. If an editorial hyperlink referred you right here, chances are you'll need to go back and repair it to indicate at once to the meant page. Bruce Wayne is the DC Comics superhero referred to as Batman. He has been in multiple crossovers with the Ninja Turtles. 1 Comic characters 2 Video sport characters 3Product Description Based at the hit DC Comics crossover, Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mikey is decked out in Batman's iconic cowl and cape in this awesome 2019 San Diego Comic-Con unique. Accessories include a sewer lid, pizza and additional sets of arms. This determine is restricted to 10,000 items.The comedian e book turned into animated sequence Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has now develop into one thing just as radical: an action determine line. A few these two-pack units have already...Batman & Leonardo 2-Pack: Two leaders unite in this Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2-pack that features Batman and Leonardo. Great adventures look forward to because this action determine pack comprises a big selection of accessories together with extra sets of palms, pizza slices, swords with sheaths, a Batarang, a grapnel gun and a Bat Bomb!

Batman Meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Action

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Action figure review of the DC Collectibles Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo & Alfred 2 pack. Detailed take a look at top, articulation, & equipment. Compared with many other TMNTPre-orders at the moment are live for numerous Batman vs TMNT 2-Packs, which were published by means of DC Collectibles. The new figures are in accordance with the latest DC Comics animated film, which brings together the Heroes In A Half Shell and The Dark Knight to stand off against their mixed foes. The sets are lisBatman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On May 14, 2019, an adaptation of Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used to be released as a direct-to-video film via Warner Bros. Animation, under the identify of Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Here's my evaluation of the Batman and Leo 2 pack from DCC.Follow me on Facebook and Instagram at [email protected] and seek my hashtags at #artlife82 and #b...Alright lovers, Gamestop is the unique house of the new Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action determine line. Each 2-pack comes with a number of accessories and hits stores beginning in September of 2019! Each 2-pack is MSRP: $49.99, however there is also a package you'll purchase that provides you with the entire figures in a single fell swoop!

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Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Jump to navigation Jump to look Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesOfficial promotional cover for Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1,art by Freddie Williams IIPublication informationPublisherDC ComicsIDW PublishingScheduleMonthlyFormatLimited seriesGenre SuperheroPublication dateDecember 2015 - May 2016No. of issues6Main personality(s)Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter Damian Wayne Shredder Ra's al Ghul Bane Krang JokerIngenious teamWritten by means ofJames Tynion IVArtist(s)Freddie Williams II

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a six-issue intercompany crossover comic e-book miniseries that includes fictional heroes Batman and the IDW incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.[1][2]

Publication history

The collaboration between DC Comics and IDW Publishing used to be introduced all through IDW's panel at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. A six-part per 30 days miniseries was once written by means of James Tynion IV and drawn by means of Freddie Williams II.[3][4][5] In addition, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' co-creator Kevin Eastman supplied some of the variant covers.[3][4][5]

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The Turtles and their arch-enemy the Shredder had been transported to an alternate universe by Krang. Here, in Gotham City, they meet Batman and conflict with a series of members of his famous "rogues gallery" whilst attempting to seek out their method home.[3][4][5]


During a combat with the alien conqueror Krang, the Turtles, their master Splinter, and their archenemy Shredder are transported to an alternative universe with a just right number of Foot ninjas. While the Foot try to steal various components from labs throughout Gotham to determine a method of returning home, in addition to abducting a scientist doing research into cross-dimensional commute, the Turtles intercept the quite a lot of thefts, despite the fact that the Foot still departs with their gathered equipment. Batman is perplexed via the inhuman descriptions of probably the most individuals and at the fact that the crimes were committed by way of ninjas. Predicting a break-in at considered one of his own facilities, he takes out the raiding Foot ninjas and has a short lived encounter with the Shredder ahead of the latter retreats.

The Turtles have within the meantime arrange a new base in the Gotham sewers, but Killer Croc stumbles upon their lair while tracking Batman. After defeating Croc and his males, the Turtles are forced to relocate, since their hideout has been compromised. The Turtles retreat to the surface to discover the Batmobile parking nearby. When Batman returns to his car from his war of words with the Shredder, he unearths the Turtles milling about[6] and fights them until Splinter distracts Batman with a smoke bomb. The Turtles start to analysis Batman, and most of them come to admire him, whilst Raphael simply believes him to be a distraction. Having recovered one of Raphael's sai throughout the struggle, Batman takes it to Lucius Fox. Fox's research confirms that the dagger is from some other universe, however it's reverting to this reality's 'native' model of steel. He additionally notes that a bizarre mutagen in a blood sample that Bruce provided him with is incompatible with their laws of physics and anything else mutated by way of it'll thus revert to its non-mutated state.

Learning about a stolen power generator that would let them power the apparatus they want to go back home, the Shredder and the Foot make a care for the Penguin to acquire it, just for the Foot to kill the entire Penguin's men. However, the Penguin convinces Shredder to spare him by way of arguing that he can give useful local knowledge.

Unbeknownst to Batman, Splinter has adopted him into the Batcave and learned in their state of affairs and Batman's identity. Reuniting with the Turtles, Splinter leads his sons to the Batcave to invite for lend a hand.[7] Although Batman is first of all adverse, Splinter catches Batman off guard through calling him via his actual identify, which helps them shape an uneasy peace. Splinter and the Turtles due to this fact lead an assault on the Iceberg Lounge, where the Shredder intends to activate a portal that may go back him to his world, also making plans to create a permanent link between their worlds in order that he can conquer New York and Gotham. However, when the Turtles and Batman assault, the Shredder destroys the portal and kills the scientist who helped him build it, revealing that he also knows of the mutants' approaching reversion. Raphael engages the Shredder in fight, but the Shredder injures Raphael and escapes, handiest to be met by the League of Assassins and Ra's al Ghul, who offers him an alliance.[8]

With the Shredder unaccounted for, the Turtles stay in the Batcave and Wayne Manor. In his growing impatience, Raphael snaps on the lack of progress made to find a cure, accusing Batman of being merely "a rich boy playing at being a hero" without a thought about true loss and sacrifice and storms off in a huff. While Raphael is walking via Gotham in conceal, Batman pulls up beside him within the Batmobile and takes him to Crime Alley, where he tells Raphael concerning the demise of his oldsters and how that loss drove him to develop into Batman. As Raphael considers this, understanding how unsuitable he used to be about Batman, he apologizes and after all begins to simply accept Batman, the other Turtles alert him to an power surge in Gotham that they identified as some other portal, built and activated by Ra's and the Shredder. At the portal they meet Casey Jones, who has tried to deliver his buddies some fresh mutagen to stabilize their condition, however was once stopped by means of the villains, who stole the substance and took it with them to a spot called "Arkham".[9]

Batman, Leonardo, and Raphael meet with Commissioner Gordon at the roof of the GCPD and be informed that the Penguin has turned informer, revealing that the Shredder and Ra's are meaning to attack Arkham. As Leonardo collapses because of the decaying mutagen in his machine, Damian returns to the Batcave to seek out Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Casey within, resulting in a temporary fight between them till Batman returns to verify that the Turtles are his allies. As Damian experiences that the League of Assassins is coming to Gotham en masse, Casey finds that he was supplied with equipment that might permit the Turtles to return to their dimension and Batman tells the Turtles to get house earlier than Leonardo's condition gets irreversible. Despite Splinter's warning, Batman and Damian head to Arkham, confident that they may be able to beat the Shredder, only to be confronted by means of a mass of mutagen-contaminated Arkham inmates (Mr. Freeze as a polar undergo, Bane as an elephant, Two-Face as a baboon, and so forth.), who move in for the attack.[10]

During the ensuing fight, Batman is trapped by means of the mutated Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Confronted through al Ghul and the Shredder, he learns that the 2 archvillains intend to use the mutagen in every main city of the arena, throwing human civilization in chaos and thus paving their ascent to total global domination. Watching all of this via safety digital camera within the Batcave, the Turtles come to a decision to stick and chance their lives to save lots of Batman, in spite of being given the chance to escape again to their own dimension with Casey. The Turtles arrive simply because the Joker is ready to kill Batman, and whilst Splinter fights off the remainder inmates, the Dark Knight battles the Shredder within his latest Intimidator fight armor and the Turtles engage Ra's al Ghul. Although the Shredder significantly injures Batman and damages the Intimidator go well with, Batman manages to knock his opponent to the ground and Splinter finishes him off. With the Turtles beating him down, and the League of Assassins disarmed and captured by means of Damian and the G.C.P.D., al Ghul escapes.

Just as the Turtles marvel how they're going to get again home, a dimensional portal opens and disgorges Casey and April O'Neil. The Turtles spherical up the Foot ninjas and Shredder and ship them again to their original dimension. Before they go away, Raphael gives Batman his mask and tells him that he can now depend on the Turtles' help if he ever displays up in their dimension. Batman and Robin go back to the Batcave where they learn from Commissioner Gordon that the placement at Arkham is being stabilized till the mutagen has decayed naturally, turning the inmates back to normal inside every week. Damian recollects that it is the anniversary of the loss of life of Bruce's folks and volunteers to go away, however Bruce insists that he keep and they paintings at the Intimidator Suit in combination. The ultimate panel displays Raphael's masks mendacity at the chair of the Batcomputer.[11]

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

On September 14, 2017, the upcoming newsletter of a six-issue sequel miniseries used to be announced, with the primary two problems being released on December 6 and December 20, respectively. This storyline options Bane as the central antagonist. James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II, who labored at the previous sequence, go back as contributors within the mission.[12]


Months after the events of the first crossover, a combat for new management of the Foot Clan ensues between the Elite Guard and Shredder's descendant Karai, for the reason that Turtles threw Shredder in prison after returning home.[11] The Turtles confront Karai and the Elite Guard in a New York City Subway tunnel, the place Karai escapes and Donatello is rescued via his brothers after failing to defeat the Elite Guardsmen. Back at the lair, Casey and April mend Donatello's wounds and warn the Turtles to not depart the sewers, as Bebop and Rocksteady have shaped a third faction of the Foot that wishes the Turtles lifeless. Donatello tells Splinter of his shame of no longer being as just right of a fighter as his brothers and wonders how somebody like Batman can steadiness being a technological genius and master combatant. Hitting upon this idea, he sneaks out of the sewers to Harold Lillja's laboratory, where he activates an experimental multiversal teleportation device to send a message to the Dark Knight, hoping to learn some knowledge from him. The Elite Guardsmen assault Donatello within the lab and destroy one of the vital fragile generation all over the battle.

Meanwhile, in Gotham, Batman and Robin likewise take care of a shift in power inside the League of Assassins, since a faction not trusts Ra's as their chief following his defeat through the Ninja Turtles.[11] They learn of any other Lazarus Pit underneath the town and in finding the faction's new chief, Bane, emerging from it. Before the Dynamic Duo can interact the now stronger villain, the Foot's assault on Donatello reasons the teleportation machine to malfunction and Donatello and Bane to change places.[13]

Per week later, the 3 heroes organize to seek out all the parts important to build the multiversal portal back to Donatello's house size. Batman obtains one part from Ra's (who offers it willingly, if only for the slender likelihood of having the ability to rid himself of Batman and Bane in one pass) while Robin and Donatello get the last section from Mr. Freeze. Batgirl and Lucius Fox end developing the portal and inform the trio that they're going to turn it on as soon as for a minute every 24 hours to avoid another intruders. Batman leaves Batgirl in command of protective Gotham as the three input the portal.

Once they enter the Turtles' dimension, they discover that Bane has just about conquered the town and taken over a large majority of the Foot Clan, including Bebop and Rocksteady. They reunite with the Turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey in the sewer. Raphael expresses outrage at Donatello's mistake that resulted within the metropolis's chaos, but Splinter calms him down and welcomes Batman into their home. April shows the gang pictures she were given of Bane on her phone to determine his movement patterns. Batman observes that Bane's Venom tank on his again is nearly empty and proposes they attack in the subsequent 24 hours, where Bane will likely be at his most susceptible. Back at the Foot lair, however, Bane has Bebop and Rocksteady deliver him the disgraced scientist Baxter Stockman to create extra Venom.[14]

Damian remains in the Turtles' lair and plunges Donatello back into despair via cruel criticism, which sparks a duel between him and Raphael. Batman, Leonardo, and Splinter reconnoiter Stockman's laboratory, the place they find Bane in the middle of withdrawal from his lack of Venom. However, Bane isn't that incapacitated as to leave out their arrival and leaving to get the others; and as soon because the heroes are long gone, he and Stockman start up the next section of their plan to inject the entire Foot Clan with a newly synthesized Venom-mutagen compound. Thus, when the Turtles, Batman, Splinter, and Robin return to the laboratory, they walk correct into an ambush; when Bebop and Rocksteady trigger the entice, they by accident divulge Stockman to a mix of mutagen and fly DNA, turning him right into a human fly. Quickly the heroes in finding themselves surrounded not only by way of Bane, Bebop, and Rocksteady but additionally the remainder of the Foot Clan, they all hugely enhanced with each Venom and mutagen.[15]

Facing these insurmountable odds, Batman attempts to execute an escape tactic, however Robin dashes that prospect with a reckless attack on Bebop, thus triggering a mass brawl. During the preventing, Bane singles out Raphael beats him down, and prepares to break him over his knee, as he had completed with Batman as soon as sooner than.[16] Splinter intervenes, saving his son, but his concern for Raphael diverts his attention for a crucial second, enabling Bane to carry the lab's ceiling crashing down on him. Bane and his cohorts retreat to maintain their restricted Venom supply, enabling the Turtles to get well their significantly injured father.

Back within the lair, a despairing Donatello starts to believe that brains and talent by myself won't defeat Bane. He presents a pattern of Venom-mutagen he used to be ready to swipe from the lab, along so as to synthesize it for their own use; however Batman and most of his pals categorical their misgivings, forcing him to abandon that plan. As the two groups begin to work on an assault strategy late into the evening, then again, Donatello secretly sneaks out of the lair with the compound and injects himself with it. In the interim, Karai and her last Foot loyalists start to stage their very own attack on Bane's new headquarters, the Statue of Liberty.[17]

As a bunch of Bane's Foot ninjas start to assemble with the intention to finalize their grasp's hold at the city, they are attacked at their assembly position by Donatello, was a savage rage monster through the Venom-mutagen. However, Batman and Leonardo have spotted his absence and followed his path and now desperately looking to communicate him down. They prevail, after much effort, by appealing to his medical facet, once they expose that they have found a flaw in Stockman's Venom method; Donatello, now restored to sanity, notices that Stockman's concoction is imperfect, thus the usage of itself up more swiftly than the standard Venom version.

In the meantime, April, Casey, and Michelangelo whole the development of an interdimensional portal and activate it, allowing Raphael, Robin, and Splinter to move into the DC fact, the place Batgirl and Nightwing are looking forward to them. They descend to the Lazarus Pit underneath Gotham and divulge Splinter to its essence to heal his life-threatening accidents. With Splinter and Donatello fully recovered, the 2 away groups regroup in the Turtles' hideout, simply as Bane begins a city-wide broadcast through which he declares that he has taken control of all of New York and demands that its citizens either sign up for his army or subjugate themselves as his slaves. Donatello develops an anti-Venom, which he makes use of to purge himself of the drug and which he then intends to free up from a fuel bomb amidst Bane's army on Liberty Island, thus stripping them in their benefit in one stroke. Still, figuring out the Foot Clan will remain loyal to Bane except he is beaten, Batman proceeds to Rikers Island and frees the Shredder from his cell.[18]

Donatello enacts his plan through flying the Turtle Blimp in opposition to the Statue of Liberty and releasing the Anti-Venom gasoline from its balloon to depower the Foot Clan. While the rest of the gang emerges to free the captive citizens and tackle the rest of the turned Foot, assisted through Donatello's electroshock weapons and Karai's loyalist faction, Batman, Splinter, and Shredder struggle Bane at the Statue of Liberty. Shredder regains keep watch over over the Foot and the heroes defeat Bane, Bebop and Rocksteady using teamwork and a massive dosage of elephant tranquilizer. Much to the Turtles' wonder, Shredder willingly is going again to prison after the combat, with Batman revealing that he helped at the condition that he would have a previously rematch with the Dark Knight.[11] When announcing their goodbyes, Batman reassures Donatello that his errors and his efforts to rectify them have simplest served to turn him where his true strengths lie and the Bat-Family and Bane go back to their homeworld. Soon later on, Donatello reveals in his dormitory a note from Batman containing a workout regimen for the Robins, which Donatello enthusiastically begins to implement.[19]

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

The newsletter of a 3rd and final installment of the successful crossover storyline was once announced on February 15, 2019, for May in the similar year.[20][21][22] In this sequence, Krang is installed as Batman and the Turtles' primary adversary.


The tale begins in Gotham City, however strangely items a abnormal amalgamation of the DC Universe and the Turtles' universe. Batman used to be raised by Splinter along the Turtles as a family, Casey Jones is an officer within the Gotham City Police Department, and different influences from the Turtles' truth also are present in quite a lot of elements of Gotham's scenery.[23] All this is due to Krang's merciless meddling with the material of the Multiverse.[23]

In a new background tale, it is shown that when Bruce was 8 years previous, his oldsters purchased the Turtles appropriate after their fateful cinema seek advice from, simplest to come across Joe Chill simply having hijacked a truck filled with mutagen. Thomas and Martha had been run over by means of the speeding truck, however Bruce was once slightly driven to safety via his father. A canister of mutagen was thrown out of the truck and shattered, and in his shock over his parents' loss of life, Bruce by accident toppled into the sewer. The Turtles and Splinter, a sewer rat, had been therefore transformed into their known mutant paperwork and took Bruce into their fold.[24]

One stormy night many years later, the "Laughing Man" (the Joker fused with the Shredder) and his "Smile Clan" (consisting of Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn fused with Karai), Deadshot, Clayface (Clayface fused with Rocksteady) and Killer Croc (Killer Croc fused with Bebop)) adopt a raid on Gotham's herbal history museum, the place a odd crystal, said to be extradimensional, is displayed. When the GCPD arrives, all of the officials - excluding Casey - have succumbed to the Laughing Man's offer to join the Smile Clan. Batman takes notice of the raid and proceeds to the museum, adopted by the Turtles; they set up to take out most of the henchmen, but the Laughing Man gets his arms at the crystal. As Batman struggles with him, he has a brief imaginative and prescient of the Laughing Man's true face - the Joker - sooner than the villain and Harley break out by detonating the museum's roof.

Later of their sewer hideout, Batman laments the distraction which allowed the Laughing Man to break out, the extraordinary familiarity he felt when he beheld the Joker's face, and some peculiar dreams he has had for some time about a young human male who is oddly familiar to him, even though he does not recall his identify. Splinter - his butler - gently rebuilds Bruce's self belief, however the group is all of sudden confronted via a unusual customer - Raphael from the Mirage truth - who tells them that Krang is messing with them all with a purpose to weaken and in any case destroy them, and they have to do something about it.[23]

At first, Batman and the Turtles do not imagine the "intruder", but via giving them a size portal activator, Mirage-Raphael provides them with the approach of confirming his story. Krang has invaded each the Mirage and the DC Universes in an effort to fuse them right into a truth which he may just regulate at will; to be able to have them out of the way and to gloat at them over his success, Krang defeated the Anti-Monitor and equipped the Technodrome with anti-matter generation (as well as grew to become the Anti-Monitor's corpse into a giant exo-suit for himself) and captured the Mirage-Turtles and the Pre-Crisis Batman. The Pre-Crisis Batman controlled to free himself and the Turtles, however in the resulting combat with Krang's robotic soldiers, handiest Raphael managed to flee and, after a long journey through the Turtle-Multiverse, find the mixed-up new reality.[25] Now, Batman and the Turtles will have to come to phrases that their international is an artificially created illusion. Batman departs for the ruined Wayne Manor, the place he runs into Alfred, who remains to be guarding the home. As they meet, each regain the memory of their true origin, and Batman - now again to his authentic grim self - enters the cave under Wayne Manor to organize for the approaching struggle.[24]

In the interim, Mirage-Raphael suggests that the first step to appropriate this interdimensional mess is to touch April, an assistant worker at Baxter Stockman's laboratory.[24] However, Krang is absolutely mindful that Mirage-Raphael is on the verge of foiling his plans,[23] and recruits the "Laughing Man" beneath the pretense of giving him the method to triumph over Gotham.[25] The Smile Clan ambushes April, however the five Turtles intervene. In the course of the combat, April is available in contact with Donatello and, like Batman, regains her true recollections. However, Mirage-Raphael is captured, and the Smile Clan disappears, however no longer before Mirage-Raphael can provide his counterparts the trace that your next step to set things right is that the Smile Clan should transform the Foot Clan. And so the Turtles seek out the Oroku Saki and attempt to persuade him of his true starting place.[24]

In a short time, the Shredder succeeds in reawakening the true memories of his Foot Clan infantrymen and destroying the Laughing Man's operations in New Gotham, even though tensions upward thrust between him and his erstwhile allies since Batman believes that they will want the Joker as the final piece of their plot to spoil Krang's plan, whilst the Shredder simply desires him useless. Meanwhile, the Laughing Man turns to Krang for support, who offers him a Mother Box to summon his droid armies from the Technodrome, in exchange for Batman and the Turtles' death.

Later on, the Laughing Man assaults Gotham City Police Headquarters to do away with Casey Jones, however is confronted via the Turtles and Casey, who has had his reminiscence and equipment returned to him by means of April just in time. After the Turtles taunt him and show him the face of his new rival, the Laughing Man retreats. Batman contacts Commissioner Gordon thru a hologram, thereby restoring the latter's memories, and relates his plan to trap the Laughing Man to Ace Chemicals - where the place the Joker was once "born" - so as to restore his memories.

Later at Ace Chemicals, the Joker and his last henchmen raid the facility until the Shredder appears. When Batman intervenes, the Laughing Man throws a grenade which destroys the catwalk that he is standing on. Batman tries to save him, however the Laughing Man refuses and willingly drops himself into a tank of chemical substances below. The Joker emerges as his old, twisted self once more but, reveling in the concept of inflicting final chaos, he turns on Krang's Mother Box, opening a portal during which Krang's army starts to flow.[26] In the midst of this chaotic fight, Batman wrests the Mother Box from the Joker, but a surprising imaginative and prescient of the death of Jason Todd makes him notice that this might not be enough to win the fight. While Batman removes himself from the scene of the combat, which is joined by means of the reformed Foot Clan, the IDW-Turtles pass in the course of the portal and finally end up within the Technodrome, the place they unfastened their Mirage-counterparts and the unique Batman.[27]

In the meantime, Splinter, April, and Alfred move in search of their wayward pal and to find him near the activated Bat-Signal, right as Krang and his Technodrome seem within the amalgamated universe to destroy New Gotham and rebuild this reality from scratch. Just as the two Donatellos learn the way to reverse the changes that Krang has made to the Multiverse, the alien tyrant finds them. But prior to he can do the rest, the Turtles activate the Mother Box, and throughout the portal step Batman and the allies that he has summoned: Nightwing, Batgirl, the Red Hood, Damian Wayne, and Tim Drake.[27] As the combat rages, the wear and tear the 2 groups have inflicted on Krang's dimensional amalgamation tower starts to start up the separation of the 2 realities. This forces the Pre-Crisis Batman and the Mirage-Turtles to disengage from the struggle and get sent house through dimensional portals, lest the common splicing would rip them aside as well unless they are back of their local realities.[28]

After their originals are long past, Batman initiates the detonation of Krang's tower and thus the overall stage of the separation procedure. Krang makes a last-ditch strive by means of without delay bombarding Batman and the Turtles with the unleashed power, but their newfound sense for relations allows them to triumph over this effect. Right after they evacuate the Technodrome via increase tubes, the Technodrome - with Krang still inside of it - is torn apart via the explosion. Before the Turtles, Splinter, April and Casey fade again into their fact, Batman expresses his gratitude to Splinter and his sons for having made him a part of their family. Following the whole separation of both realities, Batman invitations the rest of the Bat-family to the Batcave for a spherical of pizza and a time off.[28]


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures

The good fortune of the original miniseries inspired the concept for a similar crossover tale, titled Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures,[29] with Batman's DC Animated Universe incarnation encountering the Amazing Adventures comedian version of the 2012 CGI collection' Turtles. Author Matthew Okay. Manning (Beware the Batman) and artist Jon Sommariva (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures) have been named as participants within the undertaking.[29] The idea was first introduced at the San Diego Comic Con in past due July 2016,[30] and was printed as a six-issue miniseries starting November 9, 2016.[31]

In this crossover, interdimensional portals open at Arkham Asylum and maximum of Batman's rogues' gallery succeed in New York City and unleash their own emblem of mayhem upon the Turtles. Noteworthy is the confrontation between the respective heroes’ best-known enemies Shredder and The Joker; his get away from Arkham comprises an in-joke where he's interrupted by way of Harley Quinn while studying a guide by way of M. Hamill (a nod reference to Joker voice actor Mark Hamill).

In different media

Film Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

On May 14, 2019, an adaptation of Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released as a direct-to-video film by Warner Bros. Animation, beneath the identify of Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.[32][33] The adaptation is in accordance with the same occasions of the primary quantity, but the plot was rewritten after the writers redefined the Turtles as present in the similar universe as Batman.[34] The plot subsequently focuses on the 2 groups coming together to thwart the plans of Ra's al Ghul and the Shredder to throw Gotham into chaos through using mutagen blended with the Joker's Joker venom.

Because of the changes within the plot, the adaptation features notable differences between it and the primary miniseries:

Several characters are neglected, including Lucius Fox, Splinter, Casey Jones, and April O'Neil. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is added into the plot. She supplies help to Batman, together with relaying information about the robbery at Powers Industrial and the sighting of the Turtles all the way through the crime. The Turtles and Batman share the similar universe reasonably than other universes/realities as within the comic guide miniseries, which eliminates mentioned miniseries' plot point of the Turtles' determined need to go back to their very own universe, as staying within the DC universe will finally end up killing them, for the reason that mutagen that created them is thought of as an anomaly. The Penguin makes an attempt to thieve the next merchandise at Wayne Enterprises, but is thwarted by means of the Turtles. The break-in at Arkham is relayed purely through James Gordon; the Penguin plays no section in it. As Splinter isn't involved, the discovery of the Batcave is made by way of Donatello via research into Batman. The battles between Leonardo and Ra's al Ghul and between Batman and the Shredder happen at Ace Chemicals; the break-in at Arkham and the struggle with the mutated inmates is defined as a distraction to conceal the principle villain's efforts to steal the final component and whole their plan. The Joker does not kill Batman, but as an alternative injects him with a dose of mutagen combined with his Joker venom, which results in the Turtles, Robin, and Batgirl attempting to remedy him with an untested anti-mutagen. The Shredder's defeat ends up in him falling into a vat of chemical compounds. The final scene, after the credits, implies he survives but has suffered a metamorphosis similar to that of the Joker.Video games Injustice 2

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been made playable DLC characters in the DC crossover combating game Injustice 2.


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