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Top 22 Best Otaku & Gamer Girls In Anime – FandomSpot

Otaku (lit: Your House) has over the years advanced into a fascinating time period.

In commonplace English utilization we love to outline an Otaku as somebody who’s truly into Japanese culture (like a weeb, despite the fact that I've my very own personal definition for that!)

But in its purest form, an Otaku is a geek. A gamer. A geeky game-y lover.

But after all, there’s more to it than that. NEETS, Gamers, hikokomori are all related personalities. And let’s be fair. A lot of us anime and gaming lovers would imagine ourselves Otaku, so how great wouldn't it be to see ourselves in the media we love right?

Well look no additional as a result of I’ve indexed out my favorite anime women that fit the mold of geeky gaming characters.

22. Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon)

Anime: Sailor Moon

Before Sailor Moon was Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon used to be a large fan of Sailor V: a superhero and popular culture icon with her personal show and recreation.

Usagi Tsukino used to be relatively a fan and often wished she could be a superhero like Sailor V.

Every day she would go to the arcade to check out and play the new Sailor V game together with her weigh down, and whilst it’s tricky to name Usagi a gamer girl (she’s like in reality, in point of fact unhealthy), it wouldn’t be right to exclude her from this checklist. So right here she is.

At the ground.

21. Haruhi Suzumiya

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Incredibly well-known, Haruhi wishes little creation.

She’s the leader of the SOS brigade, a college membership searching for aliens – something’s she’s obsessive about.

Extroverted and tasty, it’s a wonder that she options in many listicles of Otaku Girls.

There’s a couple of issues here:

She has a one track mind towards the magical (obsession, take a look at) She doesn’t care for somebody she considers ‘standard’, which is sort of everyone (lives in their own global, test) She cosplays in each different episode (Otaku mode, take a look at!) 20. Nao Kamiya

Anime: [email protected]

The all-inclusive anime/video-game/Ok-Drama/MMO/Arcade Game/Manga/Audio Drama collection [email protected] may be all-inclusive in its selection of waifus by means of together with a cute Otaku woman.

NaoKamiya joins 765 Productions, the company that trains all the idols within the sequence, because she feels she’s too masculine sufficient.

A secret Otaku, she wants to be ok with being feminine and so tries to change into probably the most female factor she will bring to mind – an idol.

19. Maddy Iroaya

Anime: MegaMan NT Warrior

Maddy is without doubt one of the main villains in the original MegaMan NT Marrior run.

In this exchange long term, the Internet has evolved to this kind of point that individuals use ‘NetNavi’ to go back and forth via an alternate online world which is in a position to have an effect on our actual world.

Alongside together with her NetNavi ‘Wackoman/Colorman’, Maddy is presented as able to keep an eye on the whole of Tokyo’s traffic system, causing car crashes left, proper and heart.

And even threatening the lives of our major characters.Oh my!

18. Erika Karisawa

Anime: Durarara!!

Erika is part of Dollars, an internet gang with a gaggle break up between doing excellent and doing violent crimes.

Erika, however, used to be a part of a much more bad crew prior to now where she used to be an interrogator.

Her partner Walter, meanwhile, used to be an arsonist.

Both Walter and Erika get alongside on account of their Otaku vibes. She’s greater than into anime and manga, it seeps into her everyday lifestyles and was once even informed by means of Dollars to stick within the automotive during a raid as a result of she would be too recognizable!

17. Sensei

Anime: Denki-gai no Honya-san

Sensei is a clerk on the Umanohone manga store, though no longer a trainer in any sense of the word.

She picked up her nickname because of her determination in turning into the following great mangaka.

And she positive does paintings exhausting at it too, staying in a single day at the back of the store residing off comfort store onigiri and bottled tea, forgoing a shower in favour of washing her hair within the sink and spraying deo on her armpits.

Sound acquainted?

16. Yuuki Asuna

Anime: Sword Art Online

Asuna just wanted to try out a new game that her brother were given, however was once trapped in Sword Art Online alongside another 10,000 unfortunate individuals.

Death within the recreation international approach loss of life in actual lifestyles and because of that Asuna locked herself in a tavern for several weeks.

But lifestyles is a game (and here recreation is existence), staying in a locked room endlessly simply won’t do – so Asuna goes out and proves herself to be a worthy adversary, slaying monsters at fantastic rates for EXP.

After beating SAO, she continues to game hanging her avatar into ALfheim Online the place she were given the nickname ‘Berserk Healer’ from her tactic of rushing in headfirst with a rapier despite being a healer.

15. Tamiya Nika

Anime: Switch Girl

A not unusual otaku lady archetype is the person who ‘switches’ between two her two personalities.

In public, the lady is excellent, beautiful, and outgoing.

But in non-public, she’s messy, lazy, and best cares about manga.

I make an apology that this isn't an anime but too preferrred to forget about, Switch Girl is a manga and live-action collection centring on Tamiya Nika, the most fashionable and fashionable lady at her college.

However at home her room is stuffed with trash, unwashed mugs and mounds of manga that experience fallen off the cabinets.

Awkward to the intense in this form, she by accident displays her overwhelm that she likes him by sniffing his neck with out knowing; then to slip and fall on most sensible of him simply as her mother and sister barge into the room.

14. Fubuki

Anime: Arcade Gamer Fubuki

The spiritual successor to the golden-age generation ‘Game CenterArashi’, a display a couple of boy who becomes the greatest arcade gamer on the earth, Arcade Gamer Fubuki is a self-reflective parody of the whole gaming anime genre.

Arashi himself does show up as a superhero and as the person who gave Fubuki her ‘gamer’s spirit’…and panties.

Fubuki is an arcade gamer, but she’s handiest in reality good when her skirt gets blown up and he or she does a magical lady transformation using her ‘passion panties’.

In this state she’s in a position to very best any individual, briefly changing into Japan’s best gamer and within the working for the sector’s B.A.G (Best Arcade Gamer) title.

However an evil group is the usage of the same competition for nefarious purposes. Can Fubuki and her panties stop them?

13. Narumi Momose

Anime: Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otakus

Narumi Momose and HirotakaNifujiare an otaku couple.

However, Narumi used to be presented to the way of life by Hirotaka, who she has identified her entire lifestyles before getting in combination and tries to hide it from her circle of relatives.

Hirotaka, meanwhile, does no longer care and open flaunts how nice he is at his games.

Though she’s nowhere as aggressively open about it as her boyfriend, Narumi loves manga, anime, games and the like.

When Hirotaka asked her out, he did so by means of saying he’d grind for her. A match made in heaven.

12. Aoba Suzukaze

Anime: New Game

Aoba is the latest hire at Eagle Jump, a online game corporate in Tokyo.

Though young, she’s a talented artist and quickly rises through the ranks to turn into lead designer, taking up the location of her idol Kou Yagami.

Despite clearly being a gamer, you by no means in reality get to see her game.

And when she does, there’s nothing to mention she’s particularly just right at them.

Then once more, game design isn’t about winning games. It’s about knowing about them, and Aoba definitely does.

11. Shiro

Anime: No Game, No Life

Shiro is an eleven-year-old extreme genius who alongside her brother Sora are known as BLANK, two human avid gamers who had been transported into a universe made completely of video games dominated by way of Tet, the god of video games.

How did she get there?

Well, the siblings near to defeated each and every human player on-line and the one enemy left used to be a literal god.

Despite her intelligence, she finds it tricky to read the strikes of actual other folks, finding spontaneity confusing and depending on Sora for lend a hand.

Their goal is to subdue the entire civilizations in Tet’s world so they are able to challenge him yet one more time.

10. Kaho Hinata

Anime: Blend S

Kaho Hinata is among the waitresses at Café Stille, a maid café the place everyone plays a stereotype.

Kaho, one of the vital youngest and most naïve workers, performs the tsundere, a personality which might now not be further from her exact person.

She’s bubbly and lovely, but she’s additionally identified around town as a really perfect gamer.

She visits the arcade nearly on a daily basis and simply gathers crowds of onlookers as she dances away on DDR (despite the fact that they might be taking a look at greater than her scoreboard!).

Once she were given locked within the café overnight however all she may consider was whether or not she’d have sufficient battery on her console to closing her till morning.

9. Kirino Kosaka

Anime: Oreimo

Kirino is some other a type of ‘ideal in public, otaku at home’ archetypes.

She’s also probably the most lovely however tense little sister archetypes.

In public, Kirino is a top achiever.

She has beautiful just right grades, is excellent at sports activities and is beautiful enough to mannequin section time (the usage of all of the cash for her figures, manga and video games of course!).

She manages to hide all this from her circle of relatives and especially from her brother Kyosuke, who she could by no means get together with – that is till she misplaces an 18+ sport and Kyosuke reveals out her secret.

8. Umaru Douma

Anime: Imotou Umaru-Chan

Umaru, despite being the main character of a sequence named after her, is a gorgeous boring archetype.

Another ‘perfect-in-public, Otaku at house’ + Little sister, Umaru actually has two bureaucracy that no one however her brother realizes is the same particular person.

In her otaku form, she’s a two-foot-tall chibi hamster who throws tantrums at all times.

The strength of her character comes from how flexible it is.

People collect round Umaru (one of the crucial Umarus) and she or he does all she can to forestall them from seeing the other side.

It’s great for the tale, but now not essentially too interesting for her personality.

7. Patricia Martin

Anime: Lucky Star

“Otaku are the pleasure of Japanese culture! My crucial project is to absorb up to I will be able to and take it back to America!”

The first of two Lucky Star entrances right here (don’t even act shocked), Patricia ‘Patty’ Martin is an alternate student from America finding out at Ryoohighschool along side the remainder of the solid.

Having learned all her Japanese from Anime and Manga before going to Japan, she speaks like an anime personality – even for an anime character.

Surely no American exchange students in Japan are like that during actual existence…proper?

6. Tsukimi Kurashita

Anime: Princess Jellyfish

Tsukimi is a part of five girls who stay at the Amamuzukan, an apartment development in Tokyo whose inhabitants all occur to be Otaku.

Basically women leading to them calling themselves the ‘Amars’ (Nuns).

Our primary ladyTsukimi is the youngest of the gang.

She loves jellyfish, something her overdue mom instilled in her, and desires to turn out to be the most productive illustrator in Tokyo.

Unfortunately her introvert power is just too strong, and he or she couldn’t even make it to an exhibition on Jellyfish in Art.

Truly a role-model for Otaku far and wide.

5. Kou Yagami

Anime: New Game

Kou Yagami is Aoba’s function mannequin and the original character clothier for Eagle Jump.

She dedicates her lifestyles to creating video games and is notorious in the company (which is all stuffed with ladies) for her loss of poise.

She remains overnight at the corporate most days, slumbering below her table in her underwear.

More regularly than now not, any individual walks in on her before she wakes up.

Her skills as a fashion designer are known all over, and at the end of Season 2 she’s invited to work in France as a fashion designer. Lovely finishing.

Season 3 isn’t out but as of this writing, however the Manga has some beautiful fascinating scenes of the shut-in otaku being flustered by way of French kissing customs!

4. Tomoko Kuroki

Anime: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular

Tomoko is the stereotypical otaku.

She’s socially inept, lives alone, perverted and has difficulty talking to other folks of the other intercourse.

She does nothing but stay at home to recreation and skim manga. She’s a NEET. She’s an Otaku.

The complete show revolves round the fact that she tries to get out of this social droop, but she’s unable to.

To her receive advantages, it’s no longer her fault. She began high school with 50 YEARS of dating revel in and had dated one hundred boys already!…on her dating SIM but it’s the thought that counts.

3. Gabriel Tenma

Anime: Gabriel Dropout

Fallen angels are available all shapes and sizes.

Lucifer, once the best hand guy of God was once dispelled from heaven after a great revolt.

Cast apart, he become the chief of Hell. It’s no longer a simple feat!

Unless you’re Gabriel, the shining, preferrred example of an Angel, best possible in her class, sent to Earth to be told about humans and save them from eternal struggling.

Arriving on Earth, the angel is unintentionally introduced to online MMOs.

She hears the cries of avatars who wish to be healed. How could an angel resist helping the needy?

She helps. And is helping, and helps.

And by the time she realizes the net international is not real, it’s too overdue she’s addicted.

Now she has no interest in returning to heaven and even sporting out her angelic tasks. She just wants to sit down at house and game. And actually, who doesn’t?

2. Konata Izumi

Anime: Lucky Star

Konata is the chief of the Lucky Star gang – if you'll be able to name it main.

She doesn’t do much. In truth, she does nothing.

She sits at home all day reading manga and playing video games instead of doing her homework, in spite of in fact being fairly sensible and athletic.

In the outlet episodes, Konata tries to get a part time task and what higher process for someone like her than running at a cosplay café?

A 2d lucky superstar access, but one that cannot be not noted. Konata is the quintessential Otaku from the quintessential slice-of-life faculty lady anime.

1. Tachibana Sylphynford

Anime: Himouto Umaru-chan

Probably a stunning selection for first position, taking into account the display’s primary personality Umaru used to be only placed 9.

But Sylphynford is, no less than in my view, a much more attention-grabbing character.

Going round striking sailor moon-esque poses and ending every sentence with desuwa, it’s almost as even though she’s realizes she’s in an anime.

However what actually units Sylphynford apart from other Otaku women is the nature writing.

Unlike Umaru, Sylphynford feels no want to hide her two sides – she’s ideal, and he or she’s an Otaku.

In reality, her Otaku facet is what helps to keep her grounded to Japan.

Raised in Germany by her European Father, she was once presented to Japanese culture by way of her brother, Alex, who moved to Japan to dwell with Mom when Sylphynford was still a kid.

Absorbing all method of Japanese tradition, she sooner or later moved over as smartly.

Otaku culture offers her the ones candy recollections of formative years and like many third culture Asians she dedicates her existence to perfecting what she feels maximum essential to her – being an Otaku.

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